Things My Granny told me


She was loving, caring, and friendly. She was very supportive to everyone because she understands God and wants to be His angel one day. I feel she is right now wherever she is

“God is with you where ever you are and where ever you go”, she tells me. My granny would always remind me that I make the choices in my life. No one else makes them for me. She would say to me, “The number one key is to think of God and talk with Him because talking with God can change your life if you let it. You determine your future.’’ That was how my granny inspires me so much.

There is something special about the way she cares about me and tells me how to speak to people. She wants to know what I am going to do in my life. My granny always said to me, “I will always be there even when you are in trouble.” She brings me love, care, and all the support I need to stay with God and to be a young man with God’s strength.

That’s when I said to myself I need to change. So what’s stopping me? My granny was right… and I changed. I stopped being disrespectful, intrusive, and always want to be by her side.

That is the number one reason why my granny inspires me so much, in a positive, respectful, caring, loving and reliable way.

Her smile can light up a room
Her presence is of grace
Her opinions are heard without one word but by the look upon her face
Her touch is so gentle
Her heart as big as the moon
Her spirit is kindhearted and warm
Her hair a river of gray
Her eyes radiant as the sun
Her time she’ll take no matter how long until the work is done
Her kisses are so soft
Her hugs preferred from the rest
She will always live me even if i do wrong, and till date i’ve never seen that kind of love, yet, and she’ll always be the best

I miss you Maame