I just knew what to do – leave Kwabena to continue his search for a fair dame. He agreed in a heartbeat. He also gave me one ‘friendly’ advice – to do ‘something’ about my complexion. I was disgusted!

Days later, I met him at Ababio Express, a hypermarket near Asokwa with a fair lady. He was lost for words when we met, but I said nothing. Now that he had gotten what he wanted, it was time for me to do same.

In my search for love, I had sidelined my academic pursuits. It was time to go back and make them my priority again, I reasoned.

Soon I was in my final year and having a hard time with my project supervisor. Dr Anaba was a principled man. That we all knew. But I never imagined that he would make things near impossible for me. After submitting the fifth chapter of my project work to him and seeing him cancel everything I toiled to put up, with him telling me to start the project from the scratch on a hot Wednesday afternoon, I got fed up with school and cursed the founders of tertiary education. I decided to go to my Nana and have a hearty chat with her. She lived in Krofrom, a suburb not too far from where I school. Three blocks to my Nana’s house, I met Elisa, a girl I used to play with whenever I was on holidays at my Nana’s. She had grown!

We sparked up a conversation with some old memories we had both shared together and I felt so relieved. She was training as a nurse in one of the renowned Nursing training colleges in Kumasi. It was a welcome delight to realize she still had her keen sense of humour. She invited me to her elder sister’s wedding the next weekend, and since I had nothing planned on my schedule that day I gladly accepted her invitation.

At the wedding, which was held at a popular hotel around Asokwa, where I formally lived, Elisa, my friend and tour guide for the august occasion made it a point to introduce me to everyone present. I caught the attention of her cousin, Joe. He looked very familiar. He drew closer and engaged me in a hearty chat like he had known me all his life. Later I remembered that one of my childhood friends, Obaa Akua, had introduced me to Joe years back in secondary school. He however failed to make me out. I couldn’t blame him though, I had actually put on weight and looked curvier than I used to. As soon as I got home, I got in touch with Obaa Akua. Our conversation gradually and inevitably maneuvered to her secondary school sweetheart, Joe. Obaa, as she was affectionately called, did not hesitate to give a detailed description of what was left of her relationship with Joe.

“That scoundrel just disappeared after playing with my heart. He did same to three girls in my school.” she ended.