The Weapon Of A Woman Episode 5


My head,my brain, my instincts,everything now focused on Dupe’s body, she was coming closer with a seductive look,a mind that was so desperate to have me, I myself was on the verge of laying with her
But should I call this a temptation, a test or a setup…
“Dupe you can’t do this, please I’m married”That all I could force out my mouth as I foresee what is about to happen at that moment
“please, please!!! “I began to shout until I heard a pat on my thigh
“Dave, Honey!! ” the voice which sounded like that of my wife went into my ears
“Yes yes!!!! “I jerked from my lost sleep
**So I have been dreaming all these while***I thought to myself
“Why are you shouting Please Please? “my wife said as she was trying to calm me down
Alas!!,the time was 2am in the midnight
“Am I shouting?”
“Yes you are dear, what happened? ”
“nothing, it’s just that I had a dream and it was scary! ”
***Thank *GOD* it wasn’t a reality show, it could have made me loose my marriage unto the altar of sin***I began to preach to myself
“yes dream, a very scary one” I said panting profusely
“and how did it went?”she asked
“I went … Ehmm.. We went to…. Just forget it honey, it is nothing”i shut up to avoid future grudges
“Okay but tell me now?”She insisted
“Dear don’t worry it nothing”I said
“well if you insist, but hope it not a life threatening one?”
“Ahahah,not at all”i said faking out a smile
“Well no problem, let get back to sleep”i said as she laid on me
Weeks later, on my way back from work, I saw an incoming call on my phone from an unknown number
***who could it be?***I thought as I picked it up
“hello,”the voice said
“Hello, good Evening”i responded
“yeah,is this Dave?”the voice said
“Yeah, and who am I speaking with?”I said calmly
“Well this is your hmm”the voice cajoled
“which Hmmmm, please talk”i said
“Okay Dupe”she said
“Oh it’s you Dupe, good evening”i greeted
“I’m fine, I don’t know if you can branch at the nearest hotel when you’re coming back from work?”she bursted
“**this lady wan *kobalize* my life nioo** I thought
“Hotel??” I said as I gave a shout
“Oh I’m sorry, I mean a bar,”she quickly corrected
“for what?”I asked
“Just to reconcile with you and beg you about what happened the other day I came to your house “she said giving a faintly heard smile
“oh that one, I’ve even forgotten everything about that”i said
“Ok, for me to be sure that you have forgiven me,then you’ll come to meet me there?”she said…
“but it doesn’t need for me to come before you believe me that I’ve forgiven you”i buttressed
“you right but that what I want”she insisted
“Hmmmm, okay, is that all?”I asked
“Yes Dave, but don’t let my friend know o!”she said in an alarming manner
“but why?”I said
“nothing, you know we ladies can be funny atimes”
“Okay is that what you want?”I said as I changed the gear of my car to number 2
“okay, I’m on my way”i said as I hung up the call and I changed my direction from home and headed to the nearest bar which she said
*#It was now that I realize that marriage doesn’t last long when based on love, love doesn’t keep or make a marriage or relationship last longer, wait o, I’m not saying love is not good, In fact it is needed in both relationship and marriage but there are two things that makes a relationship last which are mutual understanding and self discipline because you can love another lady more than your wife, it is these two things that will keep relationship and marriage last….#*
As I was going, two different voices were whispering into my hear, one saying there is nothing,it just normal meeting and the other saying “Dave please don’t go, it may cost you your life… ”
For me, I just put the second voice on a wavy level and listened to the first one
But not knowing that my doom is about to meet me…. (To Be Continued..)