In the early days of our forefathers, fetish priests and idol worshiping was a significant aspect of the African culture; in fact, it became the center of all happenings in our villages and towns.

Until a great revival hit the earth leading to the rapid outbreak of the move of the Holy Spirit.

Christianity became an unquenchable fire which lit throughout the European continent, and Africa was not left out.

When the Pentecostal fire touched the land of Ghana, everything changed, our very prestigious and significant fetish priests where gradually loosing their relevance.

I mean seeing ordinary men who have never had any contact with the supposed “gods” of the land, neither had they mastered the crafts of witchery; raising the dead, opening the eyes of the blind, healing all kinds of diseases and casting out demons whiles preaching a strange name called JESUS CHRIST.

I have come into contact with some of the men of old who saw this happenings with their very eyes. One of them told me that a whole shrine of a fetish priest literally caught fire and burned down to ashes just when a preacher man on a crusade grounds had finished praying, and that led to the conversion of the fetish priest.

Most of the fetish priests in those days got converted and even became preachers of the same Gospel they once opposed and those who chose to keep on opposing the move of the Spirit, were either crushed to death or afflicted with incurable diseases.

As time went by, our fetish priests with their so called “gods” of the land were chased out of town into the forests and wild bushes.

It got to a time in my country where finding a fetish priest was almost impossible, you had to travel for miles into the outskirts of town to find them.

Years passed by and there were churches almost in all the regions in Ghana and as I speak to you, there are more Churches than hospitals, schools and almost all social institutions BUT, something strange is happening…

The fetish priests who were chased out of town are coming back.. Am saying this with jolts of shock running through my veins…

I switch on my TV and all I see are fetish priests advertising their products, promising money, healing, deliverance, promotion, the fall of your enemies and marriage…

What happened??

They now own TV stations and airtime to perform magic and charms, they are on Facebook, WhatsApp and almost all social networks, marketing demons in the midst of “mighty” Churches.

What happened??

In a time when Prophets and Pastors have taken over every corner, revivals, conventions and prophetic programs are more rampant than any other activity in the nation, how could they have joined us here again?

In a time when we scream fire fire fire more than we greet good morning, how could they be comfortable with us unlike their forefathers?

What changed?
What happened?
Where did we go wrong?

Then God began to speak to me…

The early Church overtook and displaced these demon worshipers with my Word, then I quickly intercepted… “But is it not the same Word that is been preached in various churches?

(With the appearance on His face, I knew I had to shut up and listen)

Whiles the preachers of the early Church stood to testify of me and asked men to believe in me and be saved Imediately, today’s Church promises men a breakthrough in a year from now; what if they die before the year elapses?

Whiles the early Church preached repentance and sanctification, today’s Church is preaching self relevance and denomination.

Then, you couldn’t enter my Church whiles in sin(without my Spirit convicting you), but now the churches are led by sinners and backsliders, men of double lives and hypocrisy.

My son…

The reason why the fetish priests have joined you with idolatry today, is because the preachers of today are not doing anything different from what their forefathers were doing…

All they have to promise and talk about are earthly matters… Healing, riches, marriage, promotion and the striking of ones enemies were also been provided by the fetish priests of old and since that has become the focus of today’s Church, they have to join you and do business together, after all, you are selling the same products.

My true Apostles of old chased them out of the land with eternal matters, they preached the coming of my Kingdom, they preached the life of Holiness and the crowns and mansions it could get you in Heaven, they preached the existence of Hell and how it will dissolve your soul for eternity, they preached how a man’s character could evolve instantly by opening himself up for Jesus.

They came with eternal matters and that’s why my power was with them to confirm their words with signs and wonders..

The reason why the snake of Moses could swallow the snakes of Pharaoh was because Moses came with an eternal assignment to draw my backslidden nation to me but Pharaoh only wanted to use them for earthly benefits…

Ever since time began, the greatest Power of the Most High is invoked only to accomplish an eternal assignment…

Just like Jesus, men who preach eternity, walk in authority!

My Son…

This nation is in trouble, because they have not only joined you, they are working with most of your well known preachers and dont be deceived by what you see or what they say; search deep into them and you will find who they really are!

The Church is supposed to be an eternal bride, prepared to meet her eternal groom, in an eternal land called Heaven; so if that preacher and that Church is not preaching and preparing you for eternity, you better marry and enjoy marriage here on earth fast, because that will be all for you!

Do you know why there are more marriage ceremonies in the Church today than crusades??? It is a Prophecy!

I rest my case…

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