The Unknown Season 4 Episode 8


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“What do you… em.. what do you mean by ro..royal family?” She stuttered as she asked.

“I am serious. I am a nurse who has worked with the King sometimes back, I have seen the mark on his body before, it is there.” She said again.

Vickie chuckled. She never wanted to believe that Nicholas was from a Royal family. Did he know? Did he just keep it away from them? “It can’t be!” She suddenly exploded.

“Do you know anything or have anything against it?” The nurse asked.

“Don’t just worry, nurse. Please can I be left alone with them?” She asked.


The diary.

. “How are you feeling now?” He enquired from her.

. “I’m getting better.” She replied.

“That’s a nice thing to hear, my Queen. Any news from the Doctor?” Dennis asked her.

“The Doctor said I’m carrying a baby already.” She said softly that only a person near her could hear.

“A what?” Dennis sprung to his feet as the book he had buried himself in just dropped on the floor. “Baby?’ he asked again.

Margaret chuckled. “Yes.”

“Dennis screamed for joy.

** **

Nicholas is The Unknown!… the words reechoed in Craig’s ears again. He tweaked his nose and shook his head. “It can’t be..”

“I think I have to know his house today!” He whisked to his feet as he pulled a call across to Doris to get dressed and meet him outside her apartment as soon as she could.

Craig went on to get dressed too and marched out of the house.

** ** **

Nicholas chuckled. “As I have said, Henry, it seems you just have to go there disguising as someone who’s in need of an employment opportunity. Let us do it in such a way that you won’t be fluent at speaking your English Language, you will start to dress like a real illiterate.” Nicholas smiled.

“That is cool. If I really behave like an illiterate, it might bring out two results.”

Nicholas smiled as he shook his head.

“Another thing that might imply is that if he finally employs me, he might think I am an illiterate and would just say something he would feel someone like me won’t understand, and that will favour us.”

Nicholas burst into laughter. “Henry is the best!”

Henry chuckled. “Haven’t I tried enough? Please don’t disturb my cool brain, Nicholas.”

“Don’t worry. If you dare fall into any trouble, don’t bother to call me!”

Henry laughed. “You won’t do that for me now… will you?” He winked.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door.



Doris was doubting that Nicholas could be The Unknown as she knocked at the door. She turned her head and glimpsed at Craig who was eager to enter into the room. She shook her head again. Though The Unknown might have the qualities of Nicholas, does that now mean Nicholas is The Unknown? She wondered.

There was a total silence. She hit her soft hand on the door again, as she wondered if anyone was even in that room. Absolutely, there should! She had heard Nicholas voice as she got to the front of the door, he wouldn’t behave as if he didn’t hear at all, would he?

She gazed at Craig this time. She felt pretending would be better there, though she wasn’t sure that Craig heard a voice when they got to the front of the door. “Is anyone in the room?” She said softly.

“Sure. I heard a voice, Doris.” Craig replied as he knocked on the door too.

So he knows! She dimmed her eyes.

** ** **

Vickie just dropped down the chair at the front of the Doctor. She was eager to hear what report the Doctor would make after he had come to check on Vivian again. She had been lost in thought earlier, as if she was the mother of Anthony, or the one who was in love with Nicholas.

She had asked herself a million times and even more, how Anthony could be a product of the royal family. Or did Vivian just lie to her that it was Nicholas thay was responsible for the pregnancy back then? No! She had been contemplating.

“Hope there’s no issue, Sir?” She asked the Doctor as she looked around the office, assessing the various medical tapestry on the walls.

“She hasn’t stopped bleeding, young lady.” The Doctor said.

Vickie hurtled a gaze at the Doctor instantly. “I thought you said she was getting better, earlier? Why this issue of blood now?” She questioned.

“Yeah, I thought I would just stop very early but now that I just checked her up, there’s still a heavy flow and she’s getting weaker.” The Doctor said.

“So, what’s the next thing to do, Sir?” She asked instantly.

“Em.. I think we have to get blood from the blood bank as soon as possible.” The Doctor replied.

Victoria gushed out air from her nostrils as she rested her back and swiveled the chair a little. “Doctor, hope after that all is well?” She asked.

“Sure.” The Doctor nodded.

“Alright, no problem.” She stood up.

“Thanks. I’ll just find out if the sample of her blood is available now.” The Doctor said.

“Thanks, Sir.” She tilted her head.


** ** **


Harry was very angry. He couldn’t place his hand on the actual reason but it looked as if it was because of Margaret’s pregnancy. He had gotten to the front of Katherine’s house and rubbed his head.

What do I do now? He wondered as he stretched his hand and knocked at Katherine’s door. He didn’t want her to ever be happy for once. Even if he wouldn’t get Margaret, then her life should be useless!

“Hey, Kate!” He waved as Katherine opened the door slowly.

“Prince, come in.” She moved backward and opened the door wider as she saw him.

“No.” Harry waved. “I guess we should just take a walk for some minutes.” He said.

“Alright, let me just get dressed. Katherine left the door open and rushed inside to dress up. Soon, she came out and locked the door.

“You look unhappy, My Prince.” She said as she soon as she set her eyes on him again.

“I don’t want it to happen! I don’t know why she’s being happy! I don’t!” Harry just exclaimed out of his thought.

“What?” Katherine asked, more seriously.

“I don’t know exactly why that Margaret is happy. Now, she is pregnant! She must not give birth oh!”

“The Queen?”

“Who’s the Queen? That one is not a Queen! Kate, I want you to help me at revenging. She’s nothing but a traitor! I want to finish her!”

Katherine sighed. “Whatever you wish to do, I’ll help you. I also hate traitors and can’t withstand someone like her.

The Prince grinned. “Thanks, My love.”

** ** **

“Who can that be?” Nicholas asked Henry quietly.

Henry just hit his hands together silently too. The two were glimpsing at each other and at the door. Nicholas was confused, he wasn’t sure if he should open the door. That shouldn’t be Doris! He wondered.

Doris or Stella were the ones who could just come in search of him, he knew no other person. Could they have shown Craig the way to his house? Even the door? Or did they even bring him? He wondered.

He shook his head at once as he concluded within himself. “I’m not going to open the door.” He muttered. He couldn’t trust Craig, he knew he might be the one at the door.

** ** **
On the other hand, Craig and Doris were just staring at themselves. “Dial his mobile number.” Craig whispered.

It really seemed Craig was getting more serious to know who The Unknown really is. He leaned against the wall and watched Doris as she brought out her mobile phone and dialed Nicholas’ mobile number.

It began to ring and the two moved closer to the room to hear if any phone would ring. Surprisingly, no phone rang. “And did we really hear a voice from this room?” Craig muttered, clenching his wrists.

“Hmmn.. Craig, I think we should get going. At least, if you get to someone’s place and the person isn’t around or probably not ready to unlock the door, you leave!”

Craig gazed at Doris. “Alright, let’s just go.” He said as he led the way and both walked out.

** ** **

It was already after five minutes Nicholas could open the door and confirm if the two were still at the door. He really wasn’t sure of those by the door, but it seemed it was Craig and Doris! Most especially, Doris had called him already and he was hearing the whispers of the two as they spoke previously.

Thank God he heard and could quickly mute the ringing volume of his handheld, they might have waited even longer to know if he was really inside the house. “Isn’t it dangerous to get out of the house?” Nicholas asked Henry as he calmly locked up the door.

“That was most likely Craig, am I right?”

“I guessed as much. One thing I’m not sure of is if my identity wouldn’t have been leaked out to a lot of people now. I guess Doris too now knows.” He sat down.

Henry sighed. “God will help us till the very end of all these! Honestly, I don’t know why they are in search of you even when you have been exposing the evil doers.”

Nicholas chuckled. “I have been doing what they should have done and what they should do. They can’t get concrete evidences against them like I have been doing, but they won’t want to heed, they won’t!”

“Just be more careful, I mean very careful..!”

Nicholas curved his lips into a smile. “Thanks, Henry.”

He suddenly looked by his left and felt a sudden vibration in his body. Something was going to happen! Yes! He hurtled a gaze at Henry as he felt another vibration. “Henry!” He called out.

Henry jacked his head up as he looked into his eyes. “Nick, what’s it?” He asked.

“I’m having an unusual feeling that something will happen, or probably happening.” He said.

Henry chuckled. “It’s normal, just forget it. All will be fine.”

“No!” He exclaimed. “I’m not referring to Craig and Doris now, I think this is referring to Vivian.” He said.

“Vivian?” Henry asked again.

** ** **

“You let down your guards easily!” Osmond hit his hands together at once as he spoke to Prince Edward.

Edward looked at him and hissed. He tweaked his nose and swooshed out a long breath from his nostrils. “I will surely get that guy called The Unknown! Honestly!”

“How come? I never knew such could happen!” Osmond said.

He just came around after Edward had called him to come so he could pour out his mind for a while. He had been completely exasperated that he wished he could grab The Unknown by his throat and send his six feet under the earth.

He sighed again as he rolled his eyes. “I was caught unaware! I never knew! I didn’t even plan for that! I never did!”

“You really wish to get The Unknown, Prince Edward?”

Edward nodded at once.

Osmond laughed and clapped his hands together. “I think that lady is a bait we can use to get that bastard.”

Edward raised his head slowly. “I think so. We have to be updated, Osmond. We have to know the hospital she was taken to so as to know the next step aftermath.” He spoke.

“Good!” Osmond laughed.

** ** **

“Henry, I think we have to go to that hospital now.” Nicholas sprung to his feet.

“Things aren’t sorted out that way, man! Just be patient. I was told the other time that she was alright, which vibration did you now feel?”

“I know myself. I know who I am and I know what it means. Would you love to go with me or not?”

“What of those we aren’t sure of? Who knows if they are still around?” Henry asked as he stood up.

“I care less about them now. I just want us to leave now.” He said as he walked out and Henry followed him.

He got to the compund and looked around, he didn’t see anyone. “Let’s go!” He said and hopped into the vehicle.

As he drove out and continued driving on the track, a car began to follow him.

** ** **

Story still continues…

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