The Unknown Season 4 episode 3


Previously On The Unknown..

Credit Temitope Daniel

Vivian’s eyes were heavy and blurry. She narrowed her eyes in order to see very well but for the mean time that she woke up, all was blurry to her. She notice a figure standing before her but she couldn’t see the face well.

“P…prince.” She stuttered as she called him. Her vision was better now.

“Yes, my only one.” Prince Edward smiled.

She managed to sit up despite her pains. “Edward!”

“Yes, Vivian. How many times do you want me to keep answering you?”

“Where’s my son?”

“Nothing’s wrong with that boy. So, he’s really your son, right?”

“What have I done to you? Why have you decided to do this to me?” She began to cry.

“Why have you failed to answer me? Why have you refused my proposal? Why, Viv, why?”

“Leave me alone and let me see my son!” She exclaimed.


“What’s that, Nick?”

Nicholas couldn’t answer. His eyes was fixed on those who were discussing as he listened attentively if he could hear them properly.

“Just get down and enquire what’s happening, Henry. Be quick!” He shouted

“My mum was taken away by some people.”

“She was taken away?” He asked again.

“Yes.” Anthony wiped his face and gripped Henry’s shirt. “Please help me tell The Unknown to save my mum, please.” He cried more.

“Vivian? Taken away? That Prince is a bastard!” He marched on the accelerator almost instantaneously.

** ** **

“Have you now thought of it? Will you give me an answer now?” Prince stormed into where he locked Vivian.”

“You can kill me, I won’t answer you! Can one ever prove love by beating someone up?”

The Prince brought out a gun and pulled the trigger.

** ** **

“Don’t dare to move.” Nicholas said as he broke the door in.

The Prince froze.

“She’s been shot!” Henry quickly said from behind.

. “No..!” He exclaimed as he carried her.

“Manage the fool.” He said as he took Vivian out quickly. She was already unconscious.

“Are we off to the station?” Henry asked Nicholas.

“Hmmn… I don’t wish. But, there’s no choice.” Nicholas replied.



Nicholas dropped Vivian inside the vehicle and entered as quick as possible too. He kept glimpsing at her continuously, thinking if it would be nice to take her to the station or better take her somewhere peaceful to treat her wounds.

He was agitated. He wouldn’t like it when he dropped her at the station and Craig would be a source of disturbance to Vivian. He knew Craig, he would want her to say everything about The Unknown as if Vivian knew who The Unknown really was.

There is no choice, if the Prince must suffer for his sins. He thought and sped on. No matter what, he belived he would scape through.

** ** **

Craig stormed the vehicle as he was still deep in thought. He was doubting himself and at the same time nodding to his absolutely trust in himself.  How on earth can three people stand in two pairs? How would The Unknown have the same scent as Nick and still be using the same pair of glasses?

He felt he should ask Doris, but, who could say if Doris even knew? He had thought as he looked away again and felt telling her wouldn’t change anything on ground.

“I’ll get to the root of this!” He had thought as he nodded.

** ** **

Nicholas rushed down from the vehicle. He waited for Henry to park his vehicle so he could pick a leaflet as quick as possible and settle Prince Edward at the booth of the vehicle.

He had always believed people like the Prince shouldn’t be admist reasonable people, forest should be their home.

He got the leaflet and wrote on it as quick as he could, stating it that he was the one who came around to drop the Prince and Vivian. As soon as he was through, he bundled Prince Edward to the booth of the car and got into his own car as quick as possible. Who could tell about the officers’ arrival?

** ** **

“Who do you think that can do this to your Mum, Anthony?” Vickie asked Anthony.

Anthony kept quiet for a moment before he spoke. “Maybe the Prince. He came here to see Mum but she didn’t give him an audience.” Anthony replied.

“Same Prince? That guy?” Vickie questioned.

“Yes.” Anthony replied as be wiped his tears.

“Alright, the officers have been informed already.” She said as she cuddled the boy.

“Whoever the person is, Vivian will be free soon.” She said.

** ** **

“Stop here.” Craig ordered as he saw Prince Edward’s car parked near the station. “Doris, accompany me.” He said as he alighted from the vehicle and Doris followed.

He suspected the vehicle on the first sight. That was how Frank and Gregory were bundled to him, who could tell if The Unknown had brought some other evil doers?

“What’s happening, Craig?” Doris asked as she hastened up to be on the same pace with Nicholas.

“I just suspect… wait, this is Prince Edward’s car.” He said as he saw the plate numbers of the vehicle.

“Yes, Craig. It’s customized already. But, what’s our business?” Doris asked.

“Why’s he here? Let’s check the vehicle, I suspect that The Unknown brought this here.” He said to Doris.

“The Unknown? The Unknown would have sent text message if he was the one.”

“You know him that much?” Craig narrowed his eyes.

“Craig, please free me oh.” She laughed as she approached the car. “Craig!” She alarmed quickly.

Craig rushed to the car too and looked inside. “I told you.” He said as he pulled the handle of the door and it opened. “Is this not Mrs Priscilla again?” Craig said as he stared at Vivian.

“She’s the one.” Doris said out of shock too. “She’s been shot.” She quickly said as she saw the wounded arm.

“Take care of this, Doris. I’m pretty sure someone should be in the booth of this car.” Craig said as he hastened to the booth of the car and met Prince Edward.

“Prince? What’s happening?” Craig looked away.

** ** **

Larry walked into the Palace and picked a seat. Thank goodness that King Dennis was not on seat, an opportunity to face Katherine again.

He looked forward and saw Katherine who had buried herself in the magazine she was reading and cleared his throat to gain her attention. At least, they were the only two in the Palace that moment.

Katherine jacked her head up as she heard the clearing of voice and distorted her mouth as she saw Larry. She knew the man she was looking at would enquire for nothing more but money! “Welcome, Larry.” She said as she stood quickly so she could leave his vicinity before he would start threatening her again.

“At least..” Larry stopped abruptly as he made Katherine halt. He smiled and continued. “At least you’ll let me greet you too before walking out on a whole Prince and King’s brother.”

Katherine turned around. “Alright, I await, King’s brother.”

“I know why you’re running away from me, woman.” Larry chuckled.

“Why would I run away from you, Larry? Even if you had fire carried on your head, don’t you know that I’ll help you bring it down?”

“Really? You think you can bring the fire down? Where’s the King?” He quickly asked.

“Em.. Larry..” Katherine began to stutter.

“What’s wrong? I need you to bring down that fire in the presence of the King.” Larry went on his feet.

“Larry, calm down.” Katherine quickly said as she moved closer to him.

“But you just proofed your bravery, why are you nkw acting like a coward?”

“Don’t say anything to the King, Larry. Why do you like raising my blood pressure? Why?”

“I never intended that, Kate. I just want you to send something to my account very soon.”

“What? Again? Larry! I have been doing this for more than twenty years now! Why?”

“You want everything to be exposed, isn’t it?”

“What are you exposing?” King Dennis stepped out.

** ** **

“Thank you so much, Henry.” Nicholas smiled as the car sped on.

“What are you thanking me for? We are already partners in crime, buddy.” He chuckled.

Nicholas laughed. “Anyways, I appreciate your help today. At last, we’ve sent Ashley and Bennie to where they belong.” He heaved a sigh of relief.

“Not only that, but Jerry and his men!” Henry laughed.

“And even the evil Prince.” They laughed together. “I’m so pleased we achieved many things today, but Vivian is still giving me a big concern.”

“Doris and Craig will take care of that buddy.” Henry smiled.

“I know. I just pity her because I don’t know why she’ll be the one facing this! Only God knows when she’s been going through all this! Only God!”

“Don’t let this disturb you, Nicholas.”

“But I felt guilty as I saw her, I don’t know why.”

“Guilty? But where’s her husband sef?”

“That’s the only mission left for us to accomplish today, Henry. You’ll have to visit her place and talk to the lady we saw earlier, she might be able to tell us more about her life.”

“Really? You won’t go with me?”  Henry asked.

“That small boy might know me. By the way, I haven’t seen the face of the other lady well, what if she’s a person who knows me too?”

Nicholas’ phone buzzed.

“Hello.” He said as he bent his head. “Ooh… when and where?” He asked.

“I’m on my way.” He said as he ended the call and narrowed his eyes.

“Who just called you?” Henry asked.

“Craig. He said I should come and check on him. I suspect something.” He said as he searched his pockets.

“What?” Henry asked.

“My glasses is not on me anymore.” The car stopped instantly.

“What do we do?” Henry asked.

** ** **

Story continues