The Unknown Season 3 Episode 4


Previously On The Unknown.

Credit Temitope Daniel.

“You came to spy on our Engineer, isn’t it?”

. “Can’t you talk?” Another voice boomed near him.

“I know what he wants, once I throw one at his ankle, he will speak up.. “You are Mike, aren’t you?” He questioned.

He shivered. “That’s… that’s my name.” He replied.

. “Are you The Unknown?” One of them questioned.

He dimmed his eyes. “I am not.” He said slowly.

“Why do you keep lying?”

“Anthony, do you think we should visit that officer?”

“Officer Craig?” He questioned.

“I think that’s his name. But, would you want officers to catch The Unknown?”

“No. He’s not a bad person. He saved me from those guys and brought me to a safe place.” He replied.

“Do you know whatever you say about him will give them some hints to get him?”

“I know. But, if we don’t visit the officer, he might later come here himself.”

“He might?

Vivian smiled and turned her head as she heard knocks at the door. “I will be right back.” She said to Anthony and walked out quickly.

Flipping the gate open, it was someone she didn’t expect.

“What’s wrong, Bibie?” She asked as she sat down and looked into her eyes.

“Imagine that thing! Imagine that thing! That I took along with me. That useless P.A, She caught Prince attention. She’s just silly!”

“Caught his attention? What did she really do? I can’t follow you now.”

“Do I know if she winked at Edward? I just know that one started appreciating her beauty and was just staring at the fool.”

“So, where’s she now?” She asked Beatrice.

“She left angrily.

Beatrice looked at her. “It will be better if it’s left this way or I might just kill her!”

Lizzy looked at her. “Kill? Beatrice, come off that.” She stood up. “We’ll leave for our lunch soon.”

Beatrice hissed. “I don’t even know, I’m sick and tired of this!”

“The prince was just playing around, don’t worry.



“Is this where you live?” Craig asked Vivian as she stood by the door, wondering what brought him and Doris.

Vivian was still in shock. She was wondering how he got to know that was her place. At least, Frank wasn’t with them, so, how come he got to know her house? “This is where I stay.” She replied.

Craig smiled. “This is actually a coincidence. I came with my colleague to check on Miss Matthias Victoria that lives in this house. We have been investigating on the perfume- Forever Mine and her house address stated here.” Craig said.

Vivian smiled. “Ooh.. she’s gone to her work place. In fact, I just returned back home with my son.”

“Okay… the lady that came with you that day was Victoria?”

She nodded. “Yes.”

“That means you all use the perfume in this house, right?” Craig asked.

“Yes, we all use it. By the way, she usually order for herself, myself and my son.”

“That’s nice. But, can we kill a bird with two stones then? Can we come in and ask you and your son about these criminals now?”

Vivian gave a long breath.


Henry shook his head off. He had just been imagining since. He imagined the door breaking and the criminals coming in. He had no helper right there and felt his end had came. What if all his imaginations really come true? What if he was just killed by those evil guys?

His heartbeat raced faster again as he quickly dialed Nicholas mobile number. “Nick.” He said as he jacked his head left and right, who could say if the guys were around?

“Henry, what’s happening?”

“Engineer Ashley suspected me and I have been kidnapped by his men.” He quickly said.

“You have been kidnapped? Where are you right now?”

“I don’t even know, Nicholas. I can’t tell exactly because I wasn’t myself till I got here. The guys even thought I am unconscious presently, please help me.”

“That’s a tedious task. Don’t worry, I’ll come over to assist you, Henry.” He ended the call.

Henry breathed faster as he dipped the phone into his pocket quickly and laid on the floor as if he was still unconscious.


“Please take your seats.” Vivian said to Doris and Craig as she asked them in

They sat down. “How are you now, Anthony?” Craig asked

“I’m fine, Sir.” He replied almost instantaneously.

Craig smiled. “So, you said you never saw his face, did you?”

Anthony looked at Vivian before looking back at Craig and Doris. “I didn’t see his face because he was masked.”

“What did the guys really do to you?”

“I was beaten, they were about to shoot me when I heard another gunshot and Mr Gregory fell down.”

“Gregory? You know his name?” He squinted his face with a smile.

“I heard his friend call him Gregory. It was The Unknown that saved me from them and brought them to the station.”

“Did you perceive that your scent on The Unknown? I mean did you notice you two using the same perfume?” Doris cut in with her question.

“No. I don’t think so.”

“That means you can’t identify this criminal if you see him?” Doris asked.

“What do you mean?” Anthony questioned them.

Doris and Craig looked at each other and back at him. “Yes, can you recognize this criminal?”

“You are getting it wrong.” Anthony stood up. “The Unknown is not a criminal and I am sure you know it.”

Craig chuckled. “He looks like he’s not a criminal because he saved your life, what of the person he shot by the leg? Is it right for someone to shoot another?”

“That means you wouldn’t have shot him if you were the one, right?”

Craig kept quiet as he kept looking at him. “If he didn’t shoot, I might have been shot by the guys that day, if he didn’t come around, you won’t be questioning me today because I would have died. The Unknown is not a bad person and doesn’t worth that word- criminal.”

Doris and Craig looked at each other. They began to wonder how he could talk in that manner. He was smart and wise. “Anthony, you won’t understand.” Craig said.

“You are actually the one who’s not understanding me. If he didn’t come around, I would have died. My mothers and I also listened to the news and we heard that this same man handed Chief Sam over to you, what if he killed him himself? Or, did you ever know Chief Sam killed some people?”

“Anthony, enough!” Vivian said from her seat. “I’m sorry, officers. But, he’s just talking the way his feelings are.”

Craig and Doris smiled faintly and nodded. “I hope you’d still visit us if we need to know any other thing?” Craig asked.

“Sure, officers.” Vivian nodded.

“Thanks.” Doris and Craig stood up, ready to leave.


Nicholas stepped into his vehicle. He didn’t even know how to go about it. He needed the ‘Confidential’ diary with Engineer Ashley and needed to get Henry out of the problem he had gotten him into. He knew all was his fault, not Henry.

He sped on and his car screeched to halt at Della Companies. He came down from the vehicle and kept his eyes unblinking from the company for minutes, thinking of the best thing to do.

He wanted to go in, but, he didn’t want Nancy to know about his mission there again. He finally found a way to get his obstacle out of the way. He picked his mobile phone and called her. “Please meet me at Stephanie’s Kitchen, we have to talk.” He said to her.

“Alright.” Nancy who was in love replied happily.

He had parked his car in an unnoticeable place and could see everyone coming in or going out of the company. As soon as he saw her walk out of the company,  he got set to hurry into the company.

As Nancy entered into a cab, Nicholas rushed to the company and demanded to see Engineer Ashley. He was directed to the Secretaries’ office. He hurried there with a smile and greeted the secretaries. “Please, I am Frank and I want to see Engineer Ashley.” He smiled.

He was directed to his office as soon as Engineer Ashley gave them the go-ahead to let him in. Thank God Nancy didn’t tell the colleagues she was going to meet Nicholas, they would have suspected.

It was only one of them that knew his face well, others couldn’t recognize him again.

He hurried to his office and stood by the door as he eavesdropped the conversations between Engineer Ashley and his guy, Jerry. He was sure they have suspected him. He didn’t even know how to go about it, he just felt all would be well.

He knocked.

“Come in.” Engineer said and ended his call with Jerry quickly.

Nicholas walked in.


“Anthony, that was brilliant of you, absolutely brilliant.” Vivian grinned as she walked inside the house again. She had gone to lock up the gate and was pleased with Anthony.

Anthony smiled. “I’m happy, Mum.”

“I’m happier. At least we have told them to reality and I could see it in them that they were hit by all you said.”

Anthony grinned. “They still need to know more, they have been on the wrong path, treating the wrong thing.

“That’s true. So, what will you eat?”

“But Mum, did you quit your new job again?” Anthony asked her.

She kept her lips sealed as both stared at each other.


“Good day, Sir.” Nicholas grinned as he walked in.

“Welcome, Frank. Are you not the one sent by Bentley Group Of Companies to get the designs from me?” Engineer Ashley asked Nicholas.

“Yes Sir, I am.” He lied quickly as he grinned.

“Sorry, I had to rush home to pick it up.” He said as he checked his table and couldn’t find it. “Alright, let me get it in my car.” He said as hurried up.

“Alright, Sir.” Nicholas bowed.

Ashley rushed out to get the design plans he went home to pick earlier. Then, Nicholas walked to his table and checked for the Confidential diary. He knew he would definitely bring that one out of his car. He saw it and picked one of the big brown envelopes on the ground. He tucked it in and sat quickly, putting it on his laps. He thought that if he kept it, then, he might suspect him.

Soon, he came in with the plans and gave it to him. “Greet the Director for me.” He smiled as he gave Nicholas.

“Yes sir.” He collected them and walked out quickly. If a man isn’t a fool, why didn’t he ask me to follow him and collect it downstairs? Nicholas had thought as he smiled and rushed away.

At least, he didn’t suspect that he wasn’t with an envelope earlier and now with an envelope. “Foolish man.” He muttered as he walked out of the Secretaries’ office and saw a man in suite. He halted as he called him. “Please, aren’t you the one from Bentley Group Of Companies?” He asked.

The man moved closer to him with a grin. “Yes.”

Nicholas felt fulfilled. “Engineer told me to give you this and that you should greet the Director.” He handed the plans over to him.

“Thanks so much, God bless you.” The man collected the plans and walked on while Nicholas walked behind him. “Bunch of fools.” He thought within himself as he waved at the security men and rushed back to his car.

He sat down inside the car. He had promised not to leave the place until he saw Engineer’s car come out of the company so he could trail him to where Henry was. He felt that was the only solution to the problem.

Before then, he opened the diary and began to read from it.

It was fifteen minutes later. Engineer Ashley walked out. As he moved his car, Nicholas followed him.

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