The Unknown Season 3 Episode 15 Final


Previously On The Unknown..

Credit Temitope Daniel

. “Who’s it?”

. “Prince Edward.”

She hissed aloud, making it known that she heard them

“Do you know this girl just left us here and went inside the house?” Prince Edward said to Osmond looking so livid.

Osmond chuckled.

“I can’t take this any longer. I’m a Prince and I don’t have to be begging around before she decides to date me

“That was an insult to our personalities, Edward.” Osmond said.

“There’s no other choice but to get this girl kidnapped to learn her lesson until she tells me Yes!” Prince walked on to his car angrily.

. “I have packaged all the evidences. In fact with gloves in my hands because they may decide to test the finger prints on the media card.” He said.

Henry grinned.

“So, these are the evidences we have against the two, Henry. What we have left is for us to get them, probably into the forest again and get Craig and Doris with their officers to arrest them there.”

Nicholas held Henry’s hand and closed his eyes as he made some silent prayers and stood up. “Yes, let’s go.” He grinned.

“Just calm down, Edward. Should I contact the guys now?”

“Yes, Osmond. Contact them and tell them to come over as soon as they can! We have to get this lady and teach her a lesson in a right way. Then, I’ll show her to the King as my wife-to-be. If it is by force, I’ll make it by force.”

“Are we set?” Prince asked.


“The job is just to kidnap her and bring her to me for proper lessons.”

Nicholas laughed as he stepped on the accelerator and followed the two vehicles till he got to the road alongside the bush where everything was taciturn and decided to strike.

“Henry, go and deliver these evidences to Area-F station and make sure you do this gently and neatly so that you won’t be caught. As soon as you leave Area F station, call me so that I can beep Craig and Doris.” Nicholas said as he dropped Henry some distance away from the scene.

He parked and drew each of the men on the floor as usual till he got to a more secured place and tied them to the tree, expecting Henry’s call so he could call Craig.

Soon his phone beeped and it was Henry. He grinned happily as he picked up the call.

“You must be surprised to hear my voice. We have seen him and we have taken him. Release our Engineer Ashley and Bennie before we release your accomplice unto you, The Unknown.” He heard and the call ended.



Nicholas hated himself. Why on earth would he have allowed Henry to visit Area-F station? But, he had deflated the tyres of Jerry’s car, how did he get another car that soon? He had thought deflating two tyres would make them remain at the same spot for a while because they had just a single spare tyre to change one of the deflated tyres.

He was totally down as he heard all that. He finished tying the two evil men to the tree and rushed to his car and plopped down. He shut the door and began to think of ways he could use to get Henry out of the big problem he had gotten him into. He was sure Jerry and his men would never take him to the previous house because they know he knew the place already.

He sighed, placing his head on the steering and breathing heavily. He raised his head again and yawned as he looked outside. “I know what to do.” He said and pulled out of the forest.

** ** **

“That was perfect, guys!” Prince Edward grinned as he shook hands with the guys he sent to get Vivian.

“I told you, Edward, didn’t I?”

Edward smiled. “It’s now simple. There’s no problem any longer because I’m not going to release her until she accepts my proposal and we go off to the King, immediately.” He said with confidence.

“But she’s still fast asleep and are you sure she will concur, Edward?”

Edward laughed. “A beggar has no choice, Osmond. By the time I’m through with her, she’d have no choice but to follow the master.”

The two laughed. “Guys, I have dropped your balance with your boss, we’ll see you later.” Osmond dismissed the guys and faced the Prince.

** ** **

The diary.

The whole event continued as King Dennis continued living with his beautiful wife- Margaret for months until the good news let loose. It was several months after the wedding the new King had with his wife Margaret conceived.

This had made Harry’s brain turn upside down. He had always thought that he would get Margaret back, no matters what, but, the plan was falling through already as he heard about her conception. “Impossible!” He muttered at first as he left the dining set when he was about to take his lunch.

He walked to his room, deep inside the thought, wondering if Margaret was gone forever. “This can’t be! Even with this foolish pregnancy of yours, if you don’t be mine, you must die!” He said, parading his room around and still thinking of what to do.

Just then, an idea came in and he smiled.

** ** **

Nicholas drove like he had never driven before. He didn’t take things easy even with the motorcyclists on the way as he drove recklessly. He had to save Henry. If anyone was meant to die, that would be him, not Henry, he thought as he parked some distance away from Jerry’s building.

He knew no reasonable human would bring Henry back to that house, but he believed he could get to wherever Henry was taken to, through that house.

He had waited for twenty minutes, just by the bush where he was sure vehicles wouldn’t be able to see his own parked vehicle and himself. He just kept praying for God’s assistance for that mission. He had thought Chief Sam’s case would be the most difficult of all the cases he would treat, but Engineer Ashley and Bennie’s cases too had been breathtaking!

Soon, he saw a green jeep that sped off and halted at the front of Jerry’s building. He rose up from where he had hidden and peeped at what would happen.

He saw two guys that came down from the vehicle and looked around before going into the house. Where did they get this Jeep? He thought as he yawned again. He didn’t even know what was making him yawn, probably because he hadn’t taken much breakfast.

He swooshed out a long breath as he saw the guys come out of the building and hop into the vehicle as quick as they could and the vehicle took off again. That was what he really pictured and loved, he hopped into his own vehicle and drove after them slowly.

They should know where Henry is.

** ** **

Henry was tied to a pole inside a small store of the house. The evidences he had with him had been snatched from him by Jerry and his men. It was as he had suspected, Nicholas and Henry worked together. “It’s today I’ll get The Unknown.” He muttered as he smiled.

He had put two guys at the front of the store, expecting the Messiah that would come to take away his sins without suffering too.

Henry really wished he had a way he could use to tell Nicholas not to come and rescue him. He knew himself that Nicholas would definitely think of a way to save his life and would come to do that. He knew the security around the house he was brought was very tight. Perhaps, because he had escaped before .

He hung his head in fear, expecting a miracle to happen through someone else but not Nicholas because he knew how dangerous it would be for him to come. He didn’t even know, he wasn’t sure if Nicholas wouldn’t reveal the truth to Jerry about where he had hidden Ashley and Bennie.

His heart that was beating so fast kept praying continuously. The guys that were at the door hadn’t left the place since he was locked up. What exactly is happening! What will happen! He breathed heavily as he tried to move his body, but it was tied to the pole already.

If a miracle would happen, God let it be soon.

** ** **

Vickie rushed inside the house. She was in total shock and had been in it since Anthony called her and told her about what had happened. Anthony had woken up and wasn’t himself for a while before he finally came alive and reached for Vivian’s phone that had dropped on the floor.

He called Victoria’s and told her about all that had happened. He was told to remain in the house as Victoria rushed over with some officers who were already outside and around the house.

“Are you okay?” She quickly asked as she met Anthony on the floor, crying profusely.

Anthony couldn’t respond and she never expected the response. “The young boy is in shock, let’s get out of here first.” One of the officers around said.

Victoria looked at the tall officer. He was holding a gun and was in his uniform. He had also been turning around like a binatone fan, if he could see any criminal to shoot at, but unfortunately he found none.

“Did you see their faces? Who were they?” Victoria asked Anthony.

“I don’t know… I.. ” Anthony began to stutter.

“Let’s go, you’ll have to tell me later.” Victoria said as she wiped his tears and hers too. “We’ve got to go.” She said and pulled him up as they all evacuated the house and rushed to the station to start the investigation and the search.

** ** **



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  1. Exquisite tales! I like the intelligence the emotionals and the troubles that need be solved.