The Unknown Season 2 Episode 8


Previously On The Unknown.

. “What’s this meeting all about?”

“To officially start the love tale between both of us.” He beamed.

Nancy blushed. “You’re just pulling my legs, trying to make a fool out of me.”

“No. Like I said earlier. I have been looking forward to this moment too, the moment when you’ll be before me. If you notice, you secretaries were about 4 that day, you were the one I called.”

. “Are you just making use of your eyes or what?”

“I have been making use of the two eyes very well, I never knew you’d just be faster..

“So, for you to know I am really serious, order anything and I’ll pay. And, we have to visit the movies this weekend.”

“I trust you Nick.”

You will suffer!”You don’t need all that.”

. “I was thrown out of the house, I think you’re the only better person I can come to.”

Nicholas sat down on his bed and gazed at Henry. “Here?” He asked again.

“Sure, I have no other place to go.”

He smiled. At least, he would be a source of help to someone too. “You’re welcome here, just settle down and don’t…” He remembered something and just froze. Won’t he get to know the secret? What’s the meaning of this?

“Thanks Nicholas, I knew you are going to do this for me.” Henry grinned as he started dropping his bags.

we have a lot of discuss

. “Let me text my useless baby.” He muttered and got his phone. At least, his love text message might still awaken her spirit to think Nicholas was really in love.

“Useless human being.” He hissed and laid on the bed.

It was on his mattress he remembered what he had been trying to remember for a day and rose up quickly. “That small boy used the kind of perfume I use.” He narrowed his eyes as he thought on it.

He just remembered he smelled the redolence. “I never asked for his name. Who knows If he’s connected to Vivian.” He muttered and hissed.

Could he really connected to her? Who knows if Vivian has forgotten me? Who knows if she doesn’t use the perfume again? He sighed and sprawled on the bed.

He pulled out his necklace and stared at it for a while. He remembered her and the song they did sing together. It was one of his compositions that he liked so much, so, he decided to teach her.

He was already singing the song again, wiping his tears when a soft knock made his raise his head.



“According to Doris, The Unknown used the perfume named Forever Mine.” Craig told his boss.

“Forever Mine? Have you heard of that before?” He enquired.

“Not at all, Sir. I asked some officers too but they said that was their first time of hearing the name.”

“I haven’t either. So, what do you want from me?”

“The approve, Sir. I need you to approve the order to the company.” He replied.

“Company? Where’s the perfume made?” He enquired from Craig as he hit his pen on table languidly.

“Not in this country, Sir.”

“Alright, you want to know the people on the order list, right?”

“Yes sir, the names of the people ordering for it.”

“Alright, bring the document and let me sign.” He replied him.

Craig smiled. “Thanks sir.”

“How’s Doris fairing?”

“I called her earlier, she’s fine now.” He replied and dashed out.


The diary.

The Prince and his guards got to the native Doctor and dropped the lady they just found. Though, he was a very tough man, he still felt for the poor lady.

She was soaked with blood already and her cloth also soaked with water. Maybe she was just coming from the stream when she was shot. He had been wondering who would have shot the lady? Maybe the person missed his target or it was really deliberate.

The native Doctor started the treatment on the lady instantly while he sat down, watching him. She was  shot by her arm and had lost so much blood. Prince couldn’t tell why he was so concerned, he wasn’t a type that had time for ladies, but what could be happening?

His guards had been wondering if all was fine too. Why would he just help the lady? It was sure that the help would be repaid with something else another time. At least he had helped her, they should get going back to the palace, but he was still there.

Maybe he felt that was a great opportunity for him to stay away from the palace. The King had been sick and  he felt his own elder brother had been a problem to him. Everyone wasn’t surprised because even himself was a great problem to himself.

He had always envied his brother and both always had a fight. Who knows if he was always unhappy because his elder brother was the heir apparent to the throne of the Kingdom.

He had always imagined himself being the King, ruling both slaves and freeborn in the Kingdom. Who would even want him? He was a great trouble maker in the Kingdom who had always nothing but trouble. A great scoundrel!”

“I’ll be back, take good care of her.” The prince said and went out with two of his guards, going to take palm wine.


Beatrice offered Vivian a seat. She packed her hair to a side and greeted her again. “You’re welcome to Bibie Computers.” She addressed her with a welcoming smile.

“Yes ma, thanks.”

“I was the one who told the manager to direct you here. That post have been occupied already.” She informed her.

Vivian squinted her face.

“I’m sorry about that. But, I wouldn’t know if you’d like to assist me.” She said to her, dropping her two hands on the table.

“What assistance?” She asked slowly.

“I mean being my P.A.” She smiled.

That’s good too, pending the time I’ll get another job. She had thought and nodded. “Alright ma’am.”

“Does your ‘alright’ mean that you have accepted?” She enquired.

Vivian nodded.


“Just come in.” Nicholas thought Henry had returned back from where he went to. He fixed his eyes on the door as it screeched open and he saw Stella with Doris, coming in.

He grinned as they entered. “First time in history.” He clapped his hands together.

“What are you saying now? We’ve been here before now.” Doris said.

“Even more than once, not even twice nor thrice.” Stella added.

Nicholas winked. “I was joking. Now, welcome to the palace of Sir Nicholas.” He grinned again.

Doris shook her head, looking around. “Do you have a babe that comes here regularly?” She asked him.

He hissed and sat down on the chair. “Where would I get a babe? I think you’ve forgotten Vivian, right?”

“By the way, who’s the owner of the car parked outside?” Doris questioned.

“Am I the only one living here? This is a rented apartment, don’t forget.”

“Ooh… I never knew. It looks like a car I have seen before.” Doris said.

“Huh?” Nicholas began to feel uncomfortable. She might have seen the car that day he tied her to the tree and ran inside it before Craig’s arrival.

“It belongs to a friend of mine. That’s even his bag.” He pointed to Henry’s bags.

“So you now harbour a lady inside the same room with yourself, right?” Stella spoke.

“I don’t know why you always sound so jealous.” Nicholas pulled out his tongue. “Do I look like Ramsey?”

Stella chuckled. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. But, is it that you’re jealous of Ramsey?”

“I said it, I said it! If there’s really nothing, why would I be jealous?” He laughed.

“I have never seen your type, you can’t even offer these two cute babes something to eat.”

He laughed as he clapped his hands together. “Who are the cute babes?” He teased them.

“I forgot that she came to take your eyes away, right?”

“You and this jealousy! Stella!”

“I said it, you and this scent. You should even be the one finding your team.” Doris said.

“Team? What is it now? I hope you aren’t talking about The Unknown, right?”

She chuckled. “Who else. So, who’s this friend of yours?”

“His name is Henry. You’ll meet him soon.”

“Alright. You have no movie one can see here?”

“I don’t have time for that, or else you want to watch some that I have on my pc.”

“Alright, bring it out quickly.” Doris told him.

He went to the wardrobe to get his laptop and gave it to Doris. Soon, Doris faced him. “Do you have any business with Chief Sam?”

His eyes jacked up. Has she found something already?


“I like your personality. So, you should come and start the work tomorrow.” Beatrice told Vivian.

Vivian smiled. “Alright ma.” She sprung to her feet and was ready to leave.

“You should let me see your credentials too, and we have to discuss more.” She told her.

“Really?” Vivian sat down and gave her credentials.

“Alright. Do you know you have to get here, latest 8pm tomorrow?”

“Alright ma’am. I’ll be here before then.”

“Let’s just start that way, soon, you’ll be coming to meet me at home. These are the works of Personal Assistant, going around with me to help me with anything needed, reminding me of my schedule and appointments.”

“Alright, no problem.”

“So, the next thing should be the salary.”


The diary.

The prince left the palm wine seller’s place earlier than his guards thought. The guards started wondering if more was not to the issue of the girl they saved. If the Prince would like to drink, he would drink till he got drunk and would never pay.

How come he just took two cups, paid and walked out of the place? “My Prince, hope there’s no problem?” One of his guards asked him.

“None.” He replied. He knew his acts were different since he came across the lady. Maybe he was only pitying her or because he had been shot before. He hurried back to the Doctor’s place and peeped in. “How’s she now?”

“Getting better.” The Doctor replied him.

He smiled. At least, he saved a life that day. He didn’t wish to leave the place then, he wanted to help her till she got well finally. He picked a seat again and waited till the Doctor would be through with the lady in question.


Vivian walked into the house. She hugged Anthony as he rushed up to her. “How was your night?” She enquired and sat down.

“It was nice. Where did you go to this early morning?”

“To my new place of work. Mummy is starting a new work tomorrow.” She smiled.

“Really? Have you eaten?” He asked her.

“I’m going to eat. Wait, it seems someone’s at the gate.”

Anthony rushed out to get the gate while Victoria walked to the living room. “How was it?” She asked.

“The post has been occupied. She asked if I would like to be her P.A.”

“I don’t like that, why that? Let’s get a better thing other than that.”

“I gave in. At least, for the mean time.” She replied.

“So when are you starting the work?”

“Tomorrow.” She looked at her left, wondering who Anthony had gone to open the gate for.

“All is well. But never relent on getting another job. Wait, I will even get you a better one.” She smiled.

“Thanks… but who’s at the gate.” She stood up.

“That’s true, the gate made me come out.” Victoria stood too and both walked outside.

The gate was empty and there was no one inside. Anthony was nowhere to be found

To be continued after 60 share