The Unknown Season 2 Episode 13


Previously On The Unknown.

Credit Temitope Daniel
“What’s the name of your perfume?” Craig asked Anthony.

Anthony kept mute for a moment before he spoke. “What of my mum?”

. “We will contact your mother. Give me her mobile number.” He said and brought out his mobile phone.


“No! This is glaring! Why would someone kill this man? Anyways, we have to try another place for her own treatment. I must inform the King too.” He said as he walked to his horse.


“My Prince, let’s leave. The lady is in pain.” Another of the guards said.


“We received a call from an officer concerning a boy that was recovered.” She added.


“Anthony! Vivian screamed.

Anthony ran to meet Vivian as they both hugged. “Mum!” He grinned.

Who kidnapped him? Were they caught? By the way, who saved my son?”

“Take it easy, Madam.” Craig smiled. “The man named The Unknown saved your son.”

“Really? . “What really happened?” She asked him.

Anthony began to explain everything that happened to them in his own words until Craig smiled and told him it was enough. “So, you didn’t see his face, right?”

“Yes, Sir.” Anthony replied.

Anyways… wait Madam, what’s the name of the perfume he uses?” Craig asked Vivian.

“The name is Forever Mine. Why?”

“Forever Mine…” Craig repeated.

“Yes.” Victoria replied from behind. “Hope there’s no problem?”

“Not at all.”  I have your mobile number already. And, what’s your name?”

“Em… Mrs Priscilla but, how did The Unknown save my son? By the way, who kidnapped him?”

“Mum.. they are the guys that came to our house that day. The ones you abused me of because I opened the gate for them.” Anthony cut in.

“What? Frank?” She fixed her eyes on him.

“Yes.” He replied.


“Henry, I just remembered something Engineer Ashley is in need of a cook. I think we can penetrate that way.”

“So, what do we do?” Henry asked him.

Nicholas kept looking at him.

“No way” Henry said



Prince Edward and Beatrice sat down. Prince Edward looked around and nodded. “This is also a beautiful place for dinner.” He said.

“Yeah, I really like this place.” She smiled.

“No problem. I hope as this place is beautiful, the services rendered would be beautiful too.”

“Sure.” Beatrice nodded.

“So, how was your day at work?” He asked as he got the menu.

“It was interesting.” She replied him.

“What should we take?” Prince Edward asked Beatrice.

“Hmmn… Herb crusted and garlic stuffed prime rib with creamy dijon sauces.”

“Alright, that’s alright.” He said and faced the waiter.

“Alright, your majesty.” The waiter bowed and hurried to get their order.”

“A personal assistant will start to work with me.” Beatrice informed.

“Really? What’s the name?”

“Em.. Vivian or something.” She replied.

“A female, that’s better.”

“So you just asked the name to know if the person was a male or female. Jealous Prince.”

They laughed. He looked at his buzzing phone and hissed. “What’s the issue with this man!”

“Who again?” Beatrice asked.

Prince Edward hissed again. “Harry. He’s the King’s brother.” He replied.

“What does he want from you?” Beatrice asked.

“He’s always asking after me and my well being. I am fed up!”

“He’s just being caring.”

“It’s getting too much!” Prince Edward exclaimed.

“You cannot know his value until you don’t have him again.”

“It will be better then oh.” He smiled.

The waiter served the food and took her leave.


“Do you mean I am going to leave my studio work for the work of this cook?” Henry asked Nicholas, looking worried.

“This will be done for just a week. You can tell them that you are traveling.”

“So, how do we meet regularly? I am always afraid of doing things scary.”

“Don’t worry, we will draw out a plan once you get there.”

“Why then? Let’s do that now.”

“No. I have to know what the man looks like, who he is and everything about him.”

“Alright, that’s nice.” He said. “I’m just scared.”

“There’s nothing to be scared about, our plans will be well masked.”


Victoria had been pushing it down, trying to hold it back until they got home. She had been wondering, just cogitating on the issue. Why on earth would Vivian lie to Officer Craig as Mrs Priscilla? She had found some answers though, but, she still felt those answers weren’t correct enough and if they were, they weren’t vivid and sensible for her to have lied.

If she lied just because she didn’t want to expose herself as a single mother, why would she change her name to Priscilla then? Or, if she changed it because she wouldn’t want Officer Craig to keep calling her, she had condemned that. It wouldn’t make any sense.

Hopping down from the vehicle, she waited to pay the driver while Vivian and Anthony already walked on, battling with the gate. The gate had it’s own personal problems too. They all had thought the problem was peculiar when everywhere was hot- due to radiation from sun, but now, everywhere was cool.

It shouldn’t be of shock to them. The only time they usually try to get the gate opened was on Sunday afternoons, after Church Service. Then, they had all left the house and returned to battle with the key and keyhole before the gate eventually got opened.

Victoria smiled to herself. At least, she, who had been left to pay the driver would meet the so-called Mrs Priscilla battling with the gate. “You can’t open it or what?” She asked

Vivian was already tired of it. A woman who had been up and doing to find her son since morning. She hated stressing herself too much. If anything got laborious, she would let go of it. Her continuous try was for her to use as a proof when Victoria finished paying the driver. She had been expecting her to open the gate too. “Come and open this gate.” She said as she cruised backward and stood akimbo.

Victoria looked at her. She could read it in her that she was tired already. She knew some words were still left unsaid. If she eventually got to her own ease, she would still lambaste Anthony for opening the gate for a stranger. She just chuckled and nodded. “All to your will, Madam Priscilla.”

Vivian had been expecting the bomb too. Though she was still shocked as she heard it, she chortled and clapped her hands together as she drifted backwards. She knew Victoria must have been holding herself back, probably because they were in a taxi.

The gate was opened and Victoria walked inside the house and covered her mouth as she yawned. “We love you Jesus.” She drawled as she yawned.

“We are all welcome back home.” She said as she winked at Vivian and shut the door, all walking inside.


Nicholas and Henry walked into Doris place and shut the door slowly. Henry just looked at Nicholas, shaking his head as he wondered where Nicholas got the key to the innocent ladies’ house.

He shook his head in disapproval. Who on earth told him the ladies were innocent ones? He had been dying to meet Doris, since Nick told him about her. She was an officer, so, a human whom he should be very careful of. Wait, why  are my thoughts going this way? Is she a woman or a lady? He had thought to himself as he took in a long breath and bashed Nicholas’ back. “How did you get the key?”

Nicholas smiled. “We are really close friends, you will understand better.” He replied as he motioned ahead.

Henry stood by the door just smiling, still wondering where he met the ladies. Henry was a friend he met many months back, when he was going to perform some musicals for an occasion and helped him. They gradually became friends, till they were as close as they were, now.

He caught up with the distance as soon as Nicholas got near the door. He wouldn’t be left to come in alone, why would all eyes be on him if he wanted to enter into the place? He just grinned as he pushed Nicholas forward and both walked in.


The diary.

Some weeks after.

“What is your name?” Prince Dennis asked the lady. He had always wanted to ask her but he felt it wouldn’t be necessary to start questioning her. She’s much better now, so, he needed to know her more.

“I’m Margaret.” She replied the Prince solemnly.

Prince Dennis smiled. “I’m sure you know that’s the name of my mother, the Queen.

“Sure, your majesty.” She replied.

“I now see that you’re feeling very well. Now, it’s time to ask some series of questions from you.” He paused, he expected her to give him a go ahead.

“I’m all ears, My Prince.”

Dennis nodded with a smile. That was what he wanted too, so, he wouldn’t look as if he was bothering her. “Who shot you?” He enquired.

Margaret wiped her tears as she began to speak. “My father’s brother.” She said. She continued by giving a brief history of herself and how much she had suffered.

“You know you’re just getting better please stop crying.” He tried his best to calm her down.

“Thanks to you, my Prince.”

Dennis smiled. “According to this Doctor, he said someone have been treating you earlier. Is that true?”

“Yes. Initially, I was helped by Prince Harry.”

“Harry? He helped you? Really?” Dennis asked her.

“Yes, he did.”

“But you haven’t completed your treatment, why did you leave? I’m sure he sent you away, right?”

“I ran away because I feared for my life. I was afraid he would later kill me.”

Dennis chuckled. That wasn’t a lie, it was just like his brother. “Thank God for the life.”

“Something that’s just making me think in a way I can’t explain is about the death of the native Doctor whose house was razed down.”

“Hmmn… you think my brother did it?”

“Hmmn… No.” She shook her head.

Dennis laughed. Even if she said yes, he knew the truth himself. But, he expected her not to open up too because he would still fight for his brother. “I’m sure you’ll be a friendly person.”

Margaret smiled. “Thanks for helping me, My Prince.”

“You don’t have to! All I need from you is to give me a detailed description of the abode of your father’s brother.”

“No, my Prince. Please just leave him.”

“I should leave who? Why would he shoot you? What if you were shot somewhere else and something bad happened afterwards? Margaret, no!”

“A man shouldn’t judge with his own hands. One day nemesis will catch up with the evil doers.”

Dennis felt touched. Had he been ever spoken to that way? He smiled and nodded. He had started liking her.


To be continued after 60 share

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