The Unknown Season 2 Episode 10


Previously On The Unknown.

Credit Temitope Daniel

“Vicky, where’s my son?” Vivian asked Victoria, standing at a point, trembling with fear and filled with shock.

“Maybe he rushed to get something.”

“No, he wouldn’t do such.” Vivian jumped outside and stood on the road, running up and down as she continuously screamed Anthony’s name.

“Take it easy, Vivian. I’m sure there’s nothing.” Victoria came outside to meet her.


“Welcome. I have something that I want to tell you, so that you won’t be shocked when you get to know later.”

“What?” Henry sat quickly.
. “I am The Unknown.”

Henry looked at him at once. “Huh?”


“Well done Doctor.” He addressed the native Doctor.

“Thanks your majesty.” The old man appreciated him.

The lady was getting well too, sleeping already.’s fine, I should get going, it’s getting dark.”

“Alright your majesty. I will take good care of her.”

“If you try not, then, you’re in a hot soup.” He stood and walked away with his guards.

“Greg, how’s everything going on?”

. “He’s been tied inside a room there., I think we should just kill him.”

“Kill…him?” He opened his mouth in shock.

“Yes. It will only take few months for her to forget about him, that’s all.”

“Greg! You’re very right! That’s nice. We should get all these unwanted trammels away at once. I don’t know why I can’t get his mother off my brain. If he will be the problem, let him die.”

“Let’s do it now.” Gregory said and both stood up.



“Its just another person who knows about my identity.” Nicholas told Henry.

Henry looked at him and tilted his head.

“One foolish Nancy.” He replied.

Henry laughed. He turned back and stared at the Hyundai car they were trailing. “Who’s Nancy?”

“One foolish girl. She wants to be in a relationship with me and trailed me to the forest where I tied Chief Sam. She took pictures and left me a sign likewise.”

“That’s really crazy.” Henry laughed.

“Exactly what it is.”

The Hyundai car pulled to the left and honked at the front of a big building. Nicholas drove on, but this time it was very slow. “That should be his house.” He muttered.

Henry also looked back and saw the car as it was driven in. “Nick, that’s the house.”

He nodded. “Yeah.” He replied and parked his car. “This house is just beside the road. Anyways, let’s see what happens.” He said and came down.

Henry rushed down too. “Are you going to jump in now?” He asked him.

Henry halted and turned his head back a little. Suddenly they heard a shout of a young boy from the house beside Engineer Ashley’s and both gazed at each other.


The diary.

A week later.

Prince Harry stopped his horse at the front door of the native Doctor and came down. He had been told the lady would be discharged that day because she had gotten better.

He still didn’t know if he was feeling something for her or he just felt like helping her. But to him, it looked like he felt for her now. If not, he would be able to focus on his life without her for a week. No!  I can’t fall in love like this.. he shook his head and entered into the small room.

“Good day Doctor.” He smiled and looked around.

The old man stood on seeing him. He welcomed him with a smile, though, it was written all over him that he was sad and afraid. Regardless of, Prince Harry smiled back, still wondering where the lady was. “Where’s the lady?” He questioned.

“Urgh… em.. she.. she just went to.. to.. em.. to..” He began to stutter.

“Doctor whatever, where’s she!” Prince’s voice was getting husky.

The man shuddered and fell on the ground. “I don’t know. I just woke up and didn’t see her again.” He began to cry, knowing well the kind of Prince he was.

“She left?” He constricted his eyes and kept repeating himself. “How could you sleep? How! You slept when I brought a lady for you to get treated, right?”

“I’m sorry your majesty.” The man continued crying.

“Guards! Beat him mercilessly, after, burn this place to ashes.” He ordered and walked out.

He waited outside for some minutes and enjoyed how the man was being beaten. Soon, he didn’t hear a noise again and the guards rushed out. “He gave up.” They panicked.

“Just burn the house, people will think that the house was razed down when he was asleep and he couldn’t help himself.

“Alright, your majesty.” The guards chorused and got a source of fire.

Then, they razed down the hut and left.


“That doesn’t look like a play, does it?” Henry questioned Nicholas.

Nicholas thought for a while. “The child is still shouting, screaming for help.” He said as he gazed at the building.

“Nicholas, what’s happening?”

Nicholas looked away.


“What are you doing like a kid? Why?” Frank shouted at Gregory.

Gregory was shivering. “Will you keep quiet!” He shouted at Anthony and looked at Frank. “Do you think it’s easy? Come and do it yourself, at least you are the one who wants Vivian, isn’t it?”

“I think another recipe will be better, this fool is just screaming.”

“If we call on these guys, they will charge more money. Frank, we can do it.”

“Sure. I think we should take him to a quiet place and just do it there.” He suggested as he wiped his sweat.

Anthony kept shrieking.

“Shut up! No one will rescue you here.” Frank shouted.

“Alright, I have a gun. If I shoot here, they will suspect something. Let’s just go to somewhere.” He said.

“Carry him.” Frank said as both moved closer and carried Anthony.


Ramsey walked beside Stella, smiling. “I missed your absence at work, today.”

Stella tittered. “You? Anyways, did I tell you to start coming here often?”

“And apart from the day we had dinner, when last did I come?”

Stella laughed.

“I just came to see Doris, to see how she’s fairing.”

“Hmmn… alright, thanks for the love.” She opened the main door and let him in.

He was just coming back from work and had decided to drop by and greet Doris, an opportunity to see the face of his crush too.

“Doris, how are you?” He asked as he stepped inside, shining his teeth.

“Doctor!” Doris grinned.

Ramsey laughed. “That’s me now.”

“What?” Stella walked behind him and clapped his hands. “You this Anesthesiologist.”

Ramsey laughed. “My work is tougher than you these Surgeons.”

“What? He’s the Doctor that helps you to sleep through painful operations and medical diagnoses. They are responsible for administering the anesthesia and be present during surgeries to help in complications arising from anesthesia medications. So, how is that as difficult as the work of we Surgeons that cut, tear and join together.” She grinned.

“Can you hear that? We are always there during surgical operations to help in case of complications.”

“Those are complications that has to do with anaesthesia.” She pulled out her tongue.

“So if you will agree, I have the toughest work of all.” Doris said as she picked up her phone.

“You should always keep quiet when we geniuses are talking.” Stella addressed Doris.

“Who are the geniuses? It seems you’re getting carried away. The works of officers are tedious in such a way that when they shoot them…….”

“What’s my business?” Stella cut in and laughed.

“Don’t mind her, Thanks Doctor Ramsey.”

“It’s left to the two of you.”


Nicholas moved closer to the Engineer Ashley’s gate was looking around when he heard the gate keeper speaking with Ashley concerning the cook of the house.

“Take a board outside and write it there that a cook is needed. How could that lady have gone without prior notice! What’s the meaning of this nonsense? How do I survive? Just write it outside till I contact my friends to get me another cook if eventually we get none.” Ashley said.

“Cook?” Nicholas muttered and turned his head as a car pulled out of Gregory’s house.

He saw just two men inside the car as it was driven. He walked back to Henry as they watched the car leave. “My mind tells me those guys are pernicious. I will always bring evil people down, let’s follow them.”

“Nicholas!” Henry shouted.

“They going farther. The earlier the better!”

The two darted into the car and sped after Gregory’s car. He had already locked Anthony inside the booth of the car, going to a more quiet place to kill him.

Nicholas and Henry continued trailing them until they missed their way and couldn’t find the vehicle again and trouble was looming.

To be continued after 60 share.

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