The Unknown Season 1 Episode 5


Previously On The Unknown

.” Frank hissed aloud. He took off his blazer and thudded down the chair. “It was the same!” He informed Gregory.

Gregory smiled. “Frank, a good thing is not easy to lay hands on, you just have to be patient.” Gregory told him.

“I don’t think this will ever touch my hand, not to talk of hands. I think she has given birth to a child before and besides she pushed me away and I bled.”

I told Frank I have given birth.” She replied.

“What! You shouldn’t tell a guy that!” She blustered.

Vivian chuckled. “Wait, why should I hide who I am? I am who I am! Besides, will it make sense to be remarrying now? Anthony will clock ten years next month.”

“What are you telling me? A lady who has a child of twenty years of age is still remarrying.”

“Thank you, and when will you bring this your lucky man home too, time isn’t your friend.”

“This weekend.” She smiled. “He said he would take me out this weekend.”

“Alright, no problem

“Look at Chief Sam!” Stella beckoned.

The name rang a bell in his ears as she looked at the TV quickly and saw the man smiling as he gave a speech. “His company just won the popular contract.” Stella added, smiling.

Nicholas stood up. He was getting suspicious. A family just got murdered and Chief Sam was giving a speech concerning how the group of his company won the popular contract from the government.

He remembered what happened during his parents time. He was sure Chief Sam was part of those who got rid of his parents because of a contract, could he have done that just to lay his hands on another contract with his board of directors again? “I think I have to go.” He said, showing it that something was bothering his mind.

Just then, Frank walked into the office. “He’s fine.” She replied and glanced at Frank. “Good morning sir.” She bowed



Frank squinted his face. He didn’t know how to approach her, perhaps the love had made him let down his strong guards. On a good term, no lady would try get him wounded and still be around him. He simply smiled. “A wonderful morning to you too.” He waved and headed to his office.

As he walked on, he was biting his finger and brewing. He must have been bothered by something known to him alone.

“I have to resume for full day duty today.” Stella told Doris as she applied gloss on her lips.

“Thank God there was no emergency case yesterday night, I’d have laughed at you.”

“Even if there was, I wouldn’t be called because I assisted the Doctor that lead the operation yesterday ”

“Anyway, just pray before cutting anyone, anyhow.” She grinned, bringing out her mobile phone from her bag.

“You should be more careful with the murderer, my regards to Craig.” She smiled and waved at her. She could see that she was ready to leave for her place of work and it seemed Craig was calling her already.

“See you later.” She waved and hurried off.

Stella smiled as she grabbed her handbag and stood at the front of the full-size mirror to admire herself as usual. She glanced at the clock and noticed she was getting late. On a nice day, she’d take photographs before leaving the house.

She hurried out of the house too


Some things still looked unclear to Frank as he rested his back and was cogitating on his seat. He took a deep breath before he called Moriah to check on him in the office. It seemed he heard when she asked Vivian about his son.

Does she really have a son? If she does, she hit my head against the wall and wouldn’t go scot free! He murmured to himself and awaited the presence of Moriah.

Getting some files opened before him, just to look like a busy boss before Moriah, he heard soft knocks at the door and cleared his throat. “Come right in.” He said.

Moriah walked in slowly and greeted him. “Have a seat.” He smiled as he protracted his hand to show her the seat.

Moriah sat. She  had started suspecting Frank and his character towards Vivian, Vivian didn’t come out straight but it seemed Frank was bothered already.

“Please tell me if Vivian has a son.” He said in a low tune, fixing his eyes on her.

Moriah was agitated. What would she tell him? She knew it seemed he heard when she asked after Anthony from Vivian. What if she told him the truth and that got Vivian angry? Or what if she lied and Vivian had told him the truth?

She was silent for a moment, taking her eyes down and raising her head up again, Frank’s gaze was still fixed. “Yes sir.” She replied.

Frank chuckled softly. “That almost took you eternity to say, go and get a sack letter typed as soon as possible.” He said.



Nicholas was tired already as he dropped the equipment he just got out to buy. He was already sure of Chief Sam and rushed to freshen up with the intention of visiting the Company. He had gotten a secret code that could be entered into the mobile phones to record calls, that was what he intended to do for Chief.

Picking his credentials, to pretend he had come seeking for job opportunities, he rushed out and mounted on a motorcycle.

He took in a long breath, praying within himself that God would help him with what he had laid his hands on. He stood before the gate of the Company and pressed his lips together, nodding, this is where the evil live. He said to himself as he hit the gate slightly. He took some steps backward, expecting the gate keeper.

He adjusted his blazer and wiped his face slowly as a young security man opened the gate and smiled at him. He bowed and greeted him. “I came to see Chief.” He said, dimming his face to know if that kind of visit was welcomed.

“Okay, come in.” The man smiled as he opened the gate wider and let him in. “Just enter to the reception, you’ll meet the Secretaries there.” He told him.

Why has he been smiling? He thought as the man smiled to him again. “Thanks so much, Sir.” He bowed again and walked in.

As he walked in, the beautiful faces of the Secretaries amalgamated his memory. His smiled curved into a sudden grin as he sighted the ladies on their various seats. He bowed again, that was one thing certain of him.

“Good day.”

The ladies admired him too, he wasn’t looking bad in his brown chinos trouser and black shirt with a brown tie. He looked handsome too, and his white teeth revealed while grinning also supplemented his appearance before the ladies.

“Good morning, Sir.”

The ladies all chorused, looking bright as they focused their eyes on his black and shinning face.

“Yes, I want to see Chief Sam.” He said, exchanging the envelope he was holding to the left hand while he used his right hand to scratch his head.

“Alright, let me pull a call through.” One of them said as she picked up the receiver.

“You can have your seat over there.” Another one pointed at the black leather chair near the air conditioner. They all admired him and liked him at first sight.

Nicholas grinned. “My appearance will surely make things easier for me.” He thought within himself as he sat down.

Few seconds after, his glimpse met the smile of the Secretary that just finished calling the Chief. “He said you can come over.” She said, faking a sexier voice.

Nicholas just smiled. He knew all that was happening.

“The third floor, second office.” She added as Nicholas walked on.

“Thanks.” He waved and all the ladies waved back at him.

“Good looks matter a lot!” He tweaked his nose and climbed on the stairs.


“Mr Frank said I should type a sack letter, I think it’s for you.” Moriah peeked inside Vivian’s office.

Vivian smiled faintly. She expected that before, that wasn’t something of great surprise. “But, you just smiled, shouldn’t you be unhappy?” Moriah drawled.

She smiled again. “I have been expecting it, I won’t mind if you do quick by getting it typed.”

“But, what happened? That means I’ll loose you as a regular customer again.” She frowned.

Vivian chuckled. “I will remain your client. In fact, I will buy Anthony something before leaving.

“But, you haven’t told me what happened.” Moriah added quickly.

“That will be discussed later. You should go as soon as possible, don’t let me get you into trouble.” She said and waved.

Moriah walked out slowly, still unhappy about all that was happening.


Nicholas’ heart raced as he saw some guards some steps ahead. He guessed that was Chief’s office, by the way, it was the place described.

He pressed his lips together, assuring himself of excellence. “If I get caught, will I be able to get through?” He snorted as he approached them and bowed again.

“Do you have an appointment?” The guys asked.

But this is weird! This is a company run by a board of many directors, why should he have guards here, interrogating? I am not shocked, once you have a skeleton in your cupboard, you will be running after shadows.


The door was opened and he entered. At last, I am seeing this man. I will make sure I get life outta you.He thought as he approached him and bowed as usual with a smile. “Are you the guy?” Chief Sam asked.

“Y..yes.” He stuttered.

“Alright, sit down.”

“Thanks sir.” He sat slowly, taking a look at the office.

“Can I help you?” He heard chief’s voice again and quickly looked at him.

“This company is one of the best companies in this Taraka Kingdom and I saw you yesterday when you gave a speech concerning the big project this company just won. That motivated to be one of the geniuses here, sir.” He smiled.

“Hmmn… You should never say this company is one of the best, it’s the best!” he hit his fist on the table as he exclaimed.

Nick smiled faintly as he bowed his head. “Alr…alright sir.”

“I shouldn’t be the one in charge of this, but I love the way you just spoke.” He said as he stretched his hand to get the C.V.

Nicholas gave him the envelope and looked around the office again, there were the only ones inside that office then.

Chief Sam picked up his eye glasses and put it on, giving the C.V a long look. As he did that, Nicholas looked again before stretching his hand to pick his mobile phone that was before him.

Though, he was shivering because the papers that Chief had buried himself into could be removed anytime. How will I enter the code just now? He thought as he gave it a try, if his luck would have it.

As he picked up the phone to quickly put in the secret code, the phone buzzed. It was a call from one of Chief’s friends

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