The Unknown Season 1 Episode 2


Previously On The Unknown

Credit Temitope Daniel

. Why would you come this late? It is parlous for ladies to walk at night!”

“I was with Frank. Where is my son?”

Victoria hissed. “You expect the boy to be awake by now? I don’t know why on earth you’ll come late.”

Victoria squinted her face. “How was your day with Frank?”

“Fun filled! We went out for dinner.” Did he tell you anything about his love for you again?”

Vivian chuckled softly. “He did. I told him I wasn’t interested, I am really not into any guy and I don’t wish.”

“Girl, what is your problem!”

Vivian smiled. “I told you before, didn’t I? I can’t marry any man that will later dump me because I have given birth before, or a guy that will later be maltreating Anthony!

“Anthony!” She raised her brows with a smile on her face as she welcomed the boy. “How are you?” She pulled his cheeks.

“I’m good mum, good morning.”Why did you come late yesterday?”

. “Anthony!” She pulled him closer. “I was busy with my boss, we had to sort out some files.”

“I have been promoted to JSS1, don’t forget I’ll be marking my tenth year birthday next month too. I am no longer a kid. “Were you really sorting out files or you went elsewhere?” .

“What do you mean.. I was really busy with my boss.”

“For coming late, you have a punishment that you must make sure you get done on your side. Buy me an acoustic guitar.”

What’s that for? You want to start blackmailing at your age, right?”

Anthony laughed. “I am serious mum, I need an acoustic guitar.” I need a teacher also that would be training me on that field.”

“Field?” She stared at him.

“Yes.” He replied.



Nicholas walked out of the house and stayed at the front of the building for minutes. He looked at people coming in and going out. He walked to his right, heading to Stella and Doris’ place to greet them if any of them was at home.

He was dressed in a blue fitting trouser and black shirt as he leaned on the wall of the building, expecting an answer from within. He wasn’t sure the two were at home though, he had just tried his luck to know if his lackadaisical mood could be reduced.

Not quite long after his wait, Stella bumped out with a smile. “I knew you’d be the one, come in. I don’t know why you wouldn’t come in by yourself, at least you have the key.” She smiled.

Nicholas walked in and shook Stella. “Why haven’t you gone to work?”

“I was on night duty, there was an operation I assisted the leader on.” She replied as both made furtherance inside the house.

Nicholas stepped into the living room and sprawled on the sofa. He was a close friend to the ladies and didn’t have a problem mingling with them. They all had been friends before the sudden death of their parents. As he laid, his eyes took a glance at the picture of the ladies’ parents, nailed to the wall.

He snorted and looked at Stella. “How was the operation?” He hated silence when they were two and could discuss.

“Successful, we thank God.” Stella grinned.

Nicholas closed his eyes for a moment before he spoke again.

“Hope everything is going on well between you and Doris? Don’t try to cheat that babe, she has an uncle that can defend her.” He grinned.

“Hmmn.. I see you, uncle Nicholas.” She chuckled.

Nicholas smiled.


Vivian walked into the the Secretary’s office, walking swiftly as she waved at her. “I have other goods in stock.” The lady waved back, smiling.

“That will be sorted out later.” She said as she walked into her office. As she walked in, she was thinking if she would be able to buy Anthony any shoes or clothes from the Secretary that day, she needed to buy the acoustic guitar for him.

She was glad he never heard all she discussed with Victoria, or else he would have bombarded her with questions concerning his father. She never told him the truth about Nicholas, she felt it would look unpleasant to tell him he was born out of wedlock and she lost contact with his father. One normal thing she did tell him was that his father died in a ghastly car accident to avoid questions.

Anthony was inquisitive and smart just like his father. He would never leave his mother without asking puzzling questions from her. Vivian too wasn’t an easy person, she would definitely cook up a lie to cover up for the ones she had served earlier. The two had been very close together with Victoria, Vivian’s friend who lived with them in the house.

“I should get him the guitar because I don’t want any disturbance of any kind from that boy.”

She said as she packed the files on her table to a side and sat down on the swivel chair to pray before she started working. It had been interesting working in the computer-selling company as the chief accountant. That was the major thing that really connected her with Frank, her boss.


Nicholas eventually slept off on the sofa where he laid while Stella sat near him, reading a novel. She had to resume back to work by 3pm in the afternoon. It had been her dream being a surgeon. Despite all odds that had happened, she believed in herself that she would make it to the top.

She attended the same university with Nicholas and her younger sister, Doris, but her course gave her extra years. Being the first born of the family, she was the only one left for Doris after the assassination of their parents and that of Nicholas.

Their parents were the heads of a popular company together with Nicholas’ which was one of the most popular in the Kingdom. It was a company which had been awarded contracts from the government twice until the council of six rose up concerning the latest contract then and killed the board of directors so they could win.

Doing that, it made them popular and richer. That was all they needed, power and ability to get what they wish. They always wanted to be in high positions so as to be noticed by people.

It was exasperating to Nicholas, for many years that he had been listening to news and had been current with the activities in the kingdom, he noticed many men were getting popular and never stopped doing evil.

Though, he knew just one out of them, he just knew out of all the board of directors, the six were part of the many celebrated men.

It was some minutes to 3 pm when Stella tapped him and told him about her departure. “Bye Doctor.” He waved at her as he sat up, yawning.

Stella left joyfully. He was not a stranger that couldn’t be left alone, he was more than a friend to her and Doris.


Vivian glanced at the wall clock as she stood up. She had taken five minutes out of her lunch break to finish working on the account of the sales of the previous week. She had been summoned by Frank earlier but neglected the call because she knew he must have called her to request for lunch with him.

She stepped out of her seat and adjusted her shirt when she heard soft knocks at the door. I’m sure that’s Frank. She thought within herself as she motioned to the door and got it opened.

As predicted, Frank stood before the door stroking his beard in his well-tailored brown suite. “Mr Frank, I was coming to see you.” She faked a smile.

“That’s not a problem at all, I have come to ask for your favour. Let’s go and take lunch together.” He smiled.

“That’s not a favour, it’s sounds more of a command than a request.”

Frank chuckled. “So, how do I request?”

Vivian contorted her mouth as she took her face away from him. “As a matter of fact, I have somewhere important to… touch within this thirty minutes. I don’t go out to eat for lunch, have I ever done that?” She squinted her face.

Frank snorted. “Let mine be the first. Let’s go and eat together.” He repeated.

“I am sorry, I have to go out there to get something for my son.” She glanced at her wristwatch and back to Frank’s face.

Frank laughed. “Son? What’s that all about?” He asked, never had he heard of her being a mother

Vivian hissed silently. “Please, I think I have to leave now so as to meet up with the time.” She walked back to her table and picked up her bag. Getting back to the door, Frank stood with his hands across the exit, smiling. “Please Mr Frank, I have to catch up with time.”

“Until you tell me about what you meant by your son.” He told her.

“What else would I have meant? I have a son! I have given birth to a son!” She hissed as she pushed his hands away and took off, blue in face.


Whoever sees me won’t know I have over a lot in my account. I am going to make sure I expose the bad men in this Kingdom who keeps doing bad. Why on earth would someone wake up in a day and have the weird thought of killing his fellow humans?

I have no father, Stella and Doris likewise! I will make sure you are all exposed! Nicholas muttered to himself as he stepped out of Stella’s house. He had a spare key with him which he could use to gain entrance anytime he wished.

He walked back to his place and laid down for few minutes when his phone buzzed. He picked up the phone and smiled. “What is it now?”

He laughed as he stood up from bed, listening to the person on phone attentively. “Alright, I’ll be there now. You guys should meet me there too, we need to let them know we are talented.” He smiled and ended the call.

He rushed to the bathroom and took his bath, getting set for a show at a joint that evening. He had heard that the prince of the Kingdom would be around, that might be an opportunity to get more money.

He glanced at the picture on the table and walked out of the room.


Prince Edward walked into the Queen’s room angrily. He looked as fierce as a Lion as he stared at the Queen who was on the matress, trying to get some sleep. “Mum!” He shouted her name as he took off the cap on his head. He was dressed in his royal garment, pair of black shoes and red cap.

“What on earth is your problem?!” She questioned him as she rushed up to the bed.

“What is Harry’s problem? Why does he like me to the extent of disturbing my lifestyle?” He frowned and hissed.

“Is it a crime for your father’s brother to like you to that extent? You know that he has no child, he always seize every opportunity to hold on to you.” The Queen explained.

Prince sighed. “I just know that it is getting too much! It really is!” He picked up his cap and walked out of the room, slamming the door aloud. He was going out to meet his close friend to the joint where Nicholas would come to play.


“Mr Frank said there would be a short meeting, you should wait.” The Secretary told Vivian as she got set to leave.

Vivian mumbled as she glanced at the wall clock in the Secretary’s office and hissed softly.

“Meeting, who are those having the meeting and what is the meeting all about?” She questioned.

“I wouldn’t know, I only know he said I should tell you that. From the look of things, I don’t think there’s anyone else except you and him.” The lady replied.

“This guy is annoying!” She muttered as she took a glimpse at the clock again and gazed at the Secretary.

“That boy’s trouble is too much. I just bought him a guitar, so I’ll buy him some wears and shoes next week.” Vivian told her.

“That is cool, it’s nice to take care of one’s child.” Moriah, the Secretary smiled.

“That’s life. When did Mr Frank say the meeting would start?”

“I can’t tell. Maybe you should check over him in his office.”

“Alright, thanks Moriah.” Vivian turned around and walked into her room.


To be continued after 50 share