The Unknown Season 1 Episode 10


Previously On The Unknown .

“Nick, I just got a call that the prince would be celebrating his birthday and needs us to come and perform that day.”

He smiled. “That sounds cool. When is the birthday party?” He enquired as he sprawled on the bed.

“This Saturday.” Henry replied him.

“Alright, no problem.

“Do you have anyone on your suspect list?” Craig asked Doris as they entered into the house of the deceased.

“Not at all, If I had, wouldn’t I have disclosed it?” She questioned.

Craig smiled. “Just pulling your legs. But, don’t you suspect anyone? Who would have killed them?”

“Doris, something tells me this has to do with the competition between their company and the other companies that competed for the contract.”

“The new problem is concerning how to keep the bug on him.” He swooshed out a long breath and drank the water before him.

“I am no longer afraid of any of them, the worst is that I die, after death, nothing more and what up with that lady too, he shook his head”

He picked up his mobile phone and dialed Nancy’s number. “Is Chief Sam in the office?” He enquired.

“No, he left for a meeting earlier.” She replied.

“He left for a meeting..” he repeated as he cleared his throat. “Alright, thanks.” He smiled and rushed up. “I should be able to do it



Mum, you haven’t told me why you’re still at home! Why are you at home? Are you now on leave too?” Anthony questioned Vivian.

Vivian tried a smile. “Not at all, but, they’ve almost killed me there. I think the best thing is to resign.” He replied.

“Nothing endures forever. Not riches, not fame, poverty nor affluence. I see our tomorrow in great height where no one else have reached, I see us flying in brilliant colours someday. No matter what you face there, is for you to get stronger.”

Vivian hurtled a gaze at him. She was shocked that she hadn’t closed her mouth even after he finished talking. “Where did you hear this?” She asked him as tears dropped down her eyes.

“Mum, don’t cry. No one taught me, it’s just the fact of life. I have read it in my stories, a lot of movies and I know we serve God, why would he forsake us?”

“You talk… you just talked like your Dad. You just made me remember those times he told me nothing endures forever, he was usually around whenever I needed him.”

“Don’t let us talk about him, remembering him will make us weep. One thing I have always been shocked of is just that you don’t have his photograph, that I may see his face!” Anthony cried.

“Many things that can’t be explained happened back then, there was no time to gather his photograph. All I know is that he died.”

“Alright, no problem at all. All is well.” Anthony walked into his room.

Vivian watched him as he left and wiped her tears. She walked to her room and opened her wardrobe. She brought out Nicholas picture that she kept inside a cloth. “He must not see this now, his happiness can be disturbed. You will soon know.” She started crying as she stared at the photograph.


Nicholas parked at the front of Della Companies and came down quickly. As he stormed in, he just greeted the security men and headed to the Secretaries’ office. He smiled and greeted them before picking his seat.

“Did you come for me?” Nancy asked him.

“Sure, but I want to see Chief Sam.” He replied.

“He’s not around.” One of them said quickly.

“So, who can I see then? I really need the help of the bosses here.”

Nancy smiled. “Maybe Mr Richard.”

“That will be fine, please help me contact him.”

“I’ll do that.” Nancy picked up the receiver. In some seconds after, she faced Nicholas again. “He said you can come. His own office is on the second floor, the fourth office to your left.” She explained.

He smiled. “Thanks.” He said and walked in.

He walked as fast as he could with the aim of visiting Chief Sam’s office. At first, he thought the man would have left his guards by the door, but he was wrong.

He walked to the door and his heart skipped a beat as he opened the door. “It’s not locked?” He wondered as he rushed in quickly.

As he entered, Chief Sam’s car entered into the company too. Curious and careful, he never heard that a car just entered into the company. As he was trying to fix the bug in a suitable place, he began to hear some people talking by the door.

He found a good place and fixed the bug, walking toward the door slowly, he placed his hand on the handle as his heart kept beating faster. He could feel that two guys were already by the door.

“What’s happening?” He muttered under his breath as he wiped his sweat. His cloth was wet already, as if it was soaked. “Is this the end?” He wondered as he peeped through the small hole and saw some guys.

Soon, he heard Chief Sam’s voice, coming near the door. “What should I do?” He felt like disappearing at once.

“I hope you guys that I left to be watching out never left here!” Chief Sam shouted as he approached his guys by the door.

“We never left here.” They chorused as they watched him, climb up the stairs to meet them.

Just then, the door flipped open and Nicholas’ phone dropped on the floor out of shock.

Nicholas eyes widened as the door flipped open, his whole self out of control because he felt he was running mad already, imagining what he would be like when Chief walked into the office.

He had tried to enter a code earlier and he was caught and suspected, now once he entered, he would know he was a major spy and suspected if he hadn’t come to kill him

Daniel Nicholas brought his hands together, trying to reaffirm his faith and strength as usual, but it seemed he had lost it, he felt like dying. As his eyes were as wide apart as that of a person’s bow legs, and his lips shivering as if he had been out in the snow for days, he suddenly heard a shout.

He then blinked as he noticed the guards by the door rushed away. He summoned courage and peeped outside, willing to know what must have happened. He then could see that chief just fell off the staircase and his guys who had opened the door earlier had gone to meet him.

That means the guys didn’t see me. He had muttered as he packed his phone, shivering and that making the phone drop again. He picked it again, but this time, at once, he knew he was just being serious to save himself. He rushed outside to the office described to him, wiping his sweat and oily face to make himself unnoticed.

He waited for a while before he moved some steps to peep at the scene happening downstairs, where the chief had fell down to. He grinned, but still under the tension.

Bringing out his phone, he switched it on and walked backward as he noticed Chief was getting back to his feet. “If he sees me, he might know me.” He said to himself, trying to peep from the front of the office. Then, many of the staff members had gotten there to check what caused the sudden noise of Chief.

“I’m fine, let’s go.” Chief said, holding on to his waist as he started walking up the stairs again and his guards were before him, trying to support.

Once Nicholas saw all was fine already, he stormed downstairs and didn’t even try to bid farewell to Nancy before speeding off.


“I got the list already, they were just nine companies.” Doris informed Craig.

Craig got hold of this list and read through. “From what I read, Golden Ring Companies, Della Companies and Kenico Companies were the three companies shortlisted for the contract.”

“Yeah, this is the printed analysis of that and the brief history of the companies.” Doris handed him some leaflets of some sheets.

“Now, what have you read about them?” Craig asked.

Doris smiled. “Alright. From my analysis, Kenico Companies isn’t as popular as the other two companies. The company has never won any outstanding contract from the Government likewise. So, do you think they might have executed the C.E.Os of Golden Ring Companies just to get hold of the contract?”

“It is possible, but, don’t you think Kenico Companies would have tried to kill the board of directors of Della Companies because that company is ranked the best?”

“That’s true, but they might have killed these ones first, now thinking of getting hold of those directing Della Companies.”

“So, we have different ways. Either Della Companies or Kenico Companies.” Craig said, itching his head.

“Sure, but don’t let us focus on these companies alone, who knows if this came from the family members?”

Craig smiled. “That’s intelligent.”


Nicholas walked into his room and leaned against the door. He kept on imagining how the door was opened and he felt Chief would come in. “I don’t think I have ever been under that kind of tension, that’s too bad.” He said as he walked to the bed laid down.

He closed his eyes for a moment, probably thinking on what he would do next, as he shook his head slowly. “I’m agitated.” He snorted and sat up the bed and coughed.

He took a glimpse at the TV and stood up quickly. “Oops..!” He smiled as he reached for the iPad inside his wardrobe. “I have to start listening to this man’s conversations now.” He smiled as he switched it on and retired to the wooden chair.

To be continued after 50 share