The Thorn On My Flesh Episode 8


“Thanks,” She settles herself on the chair and says, “ to answer your question; I am, and I am not.”
“How do you mean?”
“I love singing, but I do not take it as a profession.”
“Hmn,” I grunt, nodding knowingly, “I thought as much…
Anyway, you might need to do something for me before you leave, but let me introduce myself to you first.”
I tell her my name and surname with a handshake and she replies animatedly. She is Remilekun by name, and her friends call her by Remson.
“Re-mi-le-kun. That’s a beautiful name, just like the bearer.” I smile.
“Thanks. You’ve got a fine name too,” she blushes as our hands depart from the lustful union. Her palm feels soft and tender in a way that makes me want to feel it more and more.
I let her know how much she shares same look with my deceased lover. She expresses her sympathy, and blushes again when I tell her that the extreme beauty are just the same. She must have known I am proposing to her indirectly, for She grunts knowingly after my statement. I tell her I’m really pleased to meet her.
“It’s a pleasure meeting you too,” She says, but this time the smile seems to show more in her eyes.
After a pause she demands what I said she has to do for me.
“Oh, it’s nothing much,” I say, “I just want you to sing for me. I’m in the mood to listen to a song without a beat.”
She bursts into a giggle and glances back at her friends, “you are so funny. But I told you earlier that am not a musician.”
“I know. I just feel like hearing you sing – any song at all.”
“Maybe later then.” She says shyly, eyes narrow into an inviting slit.
I persuade her that I am really hungry for it than any food. She then laughs like a baby.
“Okay. which song should I sing?”
“Anyone at all.”
She wears a thoughtful look for a moment and clears her throat.
The lyric that comes from her mouth is ‘My heart will go on (Titanic)’ by Celine Deon.’
Her voice rises slowly like early morning sun. In my ears her voice is competing with that of the original singer.
I do not realize when my eyes shut and I find myself swimming in ocean of affection. The air I’m breathing smells like the fragrance of a virgin rose. The song continues – one minute .. two minutes … With my sense I am measuring the time which I wish would last an hour or more. With emotion, her voice rises and falls rhythmically like sea waves. In the end, the passionate lyric drops gently from her throat as cold water drops from the mouth of a fish.
“Wow!” I begin to clap wildly as a wave of excitement descend upon me, “This is a great voice!”
“Thank you,” she blushes; her eyelashes flutter.
“So, we still have talent like yours in this country?” I say after a little pause of wonder.
“Don’t flatter me, please.” She laughs.
After a little more compliments we exchange contact. I glance at my phone – 8:40pm. At that moment Remilekun takes an excuse. I can see her sibling waving at her from afar.
“I should be going now.” She says.
“Alright, catch yah.” I wave at her as she hurries away.
I keep staring at her until she disappears with her sibling out of the club compound.