The Thorn On My Flesh Episode 2


“What are you trying to do?” She says as she struggles with me. I am trying to seize her hands to the bed. It’s either I tear off the pyjamas and the inner wears if they would be the obstacles to this Important assignment – even if I decide to relent, the spirit of that herb will not allow me.
“Do you want to rape your own housewife?” The word heaves out of her throat between the struggle, but still in a low tone.
Housewife indeed – a so-called housewife would only deprive her husband of this commodity for five consecutive days. I don’t want to say a word until this mission is accomplished. I keep struggling, and she keeps proving a superwoman with me.
“I will shout o!” she pants.
“You dare not shout,” I clutch at her panties, after taking off her pyjamas, “only a shameless housewife will do that in the middle of the night, you know.”
Now, her strength seems to intensify. I am not surprised about that. Her father is from Calabar, and her mother, Ondo state. (Make una no vex ooo evry Calaber & Ondo abi no b so..)
She pushes me roughly, but I maintain my position on top of her. At last, I bury my head into her bosoms.
As if a cold water is poured on a fire, her body calms at once. Her struggling hands drop weak to the bed, and she is holding me closer. Moans of pleasure releases from her mouth. Oh! My potent organ will swing to action at last. I will soon be there, baby – Oh yeah….
Suddenly, I felt a painful pierce on my chest.
Story Continues…. Nxt episode drops in a jiffy;-)