The Story Of Tejumola Season 1 episode 14


“I want my baby…give her back!”I wailed.

“I…calm down Teju, please.”david said soothingly

“What happiness do you derive in wrecking my life? You’re always intrested in stealing my joy”I lamented letting him go.

“I didn’t take her!”he wore a painful look.

I searched his eyes, somehow I believed him, but I wasn’t too sure.

“But you…”I started to say.

“Come.”he pulled me into the shop. The crowd began to disperse.

“Baby, you have to stop crying, calm down please.”he tried to make me sit down.

“Stop telling me to calm down!”I yelled.

“okay..”he sighed.

“Can we go to the police now…to report the issue?”he said patiently.

He helped me lock the shop, before leading me to his car, Tola was with us too.

At the station, David gave the statement’s and all.

“What’s your relationship with the girl?”a police inspector asked.

“She is my daughter.”David replied stressing the word ‘my’

He stole a glance at me, maybe he was expecting me to shout him down again, but I was too tired to do that.

David drove me home, I wept all the way.

Bola was waiting at my door, she hugged me and we wept together.

That night was a terrible one, full of lament and tears.

David had to leave cos I won’t let him spend the night at my place. He beged Bola to stay with me, promising to come back the next morning.

“Bola? Do you think I was born to suffer?”I tapped Bola who was dozing off.

“stop talking like that, ehn, please.”Bola looked worried and tired.

 I sighed, and walked towards Eniola’s picture that was hanging on the wall. She was all

“My lil’ princess…”I began.