The rise and rise of Pusher


The rise and rise of Pusher
Adjetey Annan


He rose to prominence on the movie scene for
his role as Pusher in the popular television
series, Things We Do For Love , and since then,
Adjetey Annan has had to live with the rogue
character he was known for.
Even though the Adams Apple actor said he has
had to live with that unfortunate public
stereotype for years, he is happy that now,
that image is gradually fading from the minds
of people.
“That is the price we have had to pay as actors.
It is our duty to make people believe in what
we do on the screens and people relating my
roles to real life is just an indication that I was
doing something right,” he told Showbiz last
week Wednesday.
He said that though he is a shy person in
nature, the misconception among a section of
the public about him is quite interesting.
Narrating one of the worst experiences he
encountered back in the days, Pusher said, “I
quite remember going to a place sometime
back and met this woman with her kids and
she was like ‘let’s be cautious, here comes the
ruffian’. I’ve had to deal with such
embarrassing moments because of my kind of
role but I’ve always taken them in good faith”.


According to the Ghana Movie Awards Best
Actor, he takes consolation in the fact that
those who have known him before hitting the
limelight appreciate his talent and differentiate
his real person from his acting role remarking,
“I can’t force people to accept who I am away
from the screens”.
Stating his opinion on the way forward for the
Ghana movie industry, Adjetey said that though
he appreciates the call on the government to
assist the industry by stakeholders, it was also
important they “fix their home first”.
Citing indiscipline as one of the many factors
that has hindered the growth of the industry,
he expressed his dissatisfaction on how many
actors don’t have regard for time and have
always turned up late even when on set.
“’Before we call on government and institutions
to come and help, we must put our home right.
Right from the actors and other stakeholders,
what have been our efforts to make the
industry a better one? There are so many
things we must put right first,” he said.
He also took a swipe at producers for casting
young actors in elderly roles and said the act
wasn’t one that encouraged the older
generation to lend their skills to the trade.
One aspect that Adjetey Annang thinks has
been underrated in film making is research.
“Our producers hardly give time to actors to
research on themes for movies. If you want to
play a role to perfection, you can’t do without
researching well into that particular role”.
The actor, whose wife, Elorm, recently gave
birth to a son, made a passionate appeal to the
government to help revive cinema houses in
the country. He said, “if we have cinemas in
the country, movie producers can invest much
into movies with an assurance that, they will
make gains”.
Adjetey Annang has featured in many movies
including A Sting in a Tale, the Perfect Picture
and Adams Apples . He won the Best Male actor
award at the Ghana Movies Awards held in
December last year.
Source: Graphic Online