The Prognosticator Season 2 Episode 6


Madam Hadiza: Why are you staring at me in such manner? please come and give it to me once more .

Me: Am weak let me rest a bit .

Madam Hadiza: Lazy man! After you have taken power horse .

Me: ***The ring on my finger continued hurting*** I think we should leave here now .

Madam Hadiza: So soon, you just give it to me once, at least you have to give it to me five times .

Me: Even I can do more than that but am not prepared for this, you didn’t even tell me what we are coming here for .

Madam Hadiza: Because you ain’t aware of it, that’s why you did not perform well? .

Me: Not really just that… .

Madam Hadiza: ***Cuts in*** just that what? .

Me: Ok I promise to do better next time, please lets leave this hotel .

Madam Hadiza: Why rushing, do you know how much I paid for this room? .

Me: Our life is more valuable than any amount of money .

Madam Hadiza: What do you mean by that statement? .

Me: ***This time around the ring on my finger is about to burnt my finger*** Please let’s get out of here, am not feeling comfortable anymore in this room .

Madam Hadiza: Pesman tell me you don’t want to do it with me anymore, am I that old? .

Me: ok let go to another hotel then, I cannot stay 30min more in this room .

Madam Hadiza: What is happening Pes? .

Me: Nothing but something is telling me to leave here anytime soon .

Madam Hadiza: Huuuum Pes Pes .

Me: ***I took my cloth and was about to put it on when my phone rang, I looked at the screen and the caller was “Dupe” with strong mind I picked*** .

Dupe: Pesman where are you? .

Me: Royals Hotel .

Dupe: I thought you’ll tell a lie .

Me: I cannot lie to you because I know who you’re .

Dupe: I know all that’s happening between the two of you from onset I just decided to keep mute about it. Because Madam Hadiza will favour you in the nearest future, that’s why I didn’t talk .

Me: Ok ma .

Dupe: Pesman! Pesman!! Pesman!!! .

Me: Ma .

Dupe: How many times did I called you? .

Me: Three times .

Dupe: You and Madam Hadiza should leave that hotel room now before something bad happens .

Me: what’s going to happen .

Dupe: “Igboran san ju ebo lo” (Obedience is better than sacrifice) Leave that hotel room with immediate effect .

Me: Ok ma, I will leave now .

Dupe: Bye love you .

Me: I do ***Hanged Up*** .

Madam Hadiza: ***She faced my direction*** Pesman who just called you? .

Me: My mummy, she said I should leave this hotel room right now, that something bad will soon happen .

Madam Hadiza: Stop lying Pesman, how does your mum know you’re in hotel room with me? .

Me: She asked and I told her .

Madam Hadiza: I don’t believe you, but let’s get out of here we are meeting in another hotel tomorrow .

Me: Ok. Lets leave here first ***We put on our clothes and walked out of the hotel premises, we entered into her car and I drove off, I drove in silence until I reached the junction that leads to my area, I brought the car to halt*** .

Madam Hadiza: Why do you stop the car? .

Me: This junction leads to my house, am going home from here .

Madam Hadiza: Won’t you drive me home? .

Me: Since your Daughter caught us red handed in that sitting room I don’t usually feel comfortable in that house, your Daughter might even be at home by now .

Madam Hadiza: Yes its true, she might be .

Me: Can you see it now, I don’t want to face her again .

Madam Hadiza: You have a good point dear ***She took her hand bag counted 15000naira and gave it to me*** .

Me: ***Collected the money and kept it at my back pocket*** Thank you dear .

Madam Hadiza: Don’t mention, I’ll call you tomorrow .

Me: I will be expecting your call, ***kissed her forehead*** .

Madam Hadiza: Am in love .

Me: ***I walked out of her car, while she drove off, instead of heading to my house I headed to Emeka’s shop this 15k is for shopping, some of my clothes has faded. I reached emeka shop and there I met Abbey playing Draft, he stood up to greet me*** .

Abbey: Pes my main man .

Me: Abbey Abbey how nau? .

Abbey: Pesman you and cnn are not trying at all .

Me: Thank God you even see me, had it been I was in jail by now you won’t talk like this .

Abbey: ***With mouth wide opened*** What happen Pesman, guess you guys didn’t kill with Cnn’s new car? .

Me: It seems you’re mad, cnn has a car? .

Abbey: Pesman you’re mad too, wasn’t you and Cnn called me about three weeks ago that Cnn need 5k to complete his car money, you guys even made a promise that you’re coming to my house and we will be going to my girlfriend house to celebrate the new car, the most painful part of it is that immediately I ended Cnn’s call I called my girlfriend to cook for us that we are coming, am just seeing you now since then, Pesman you and Cnn fumble big time .

Me: ***Laughing out loud*** .

Abbey: What’s funny? You think you did well? I swear, am not happy with you guys .

Me: ***Still laughing*** So Cnn called you and told you all this? .

Abbey: Yes nau, where is he and the new car? .

Me: Cnn is in Abuja .

Abbey: Big boy don come, he travel to Abuja with his car .

Me: Stop saying nonsense Cnn don’t have a tyre talkless of a car, let me tell you what happened ***I dragged him to a corner*** .

Abbey: Oya tell me everything .

Me: ***I told him everything, how we aborted Tola’s pregnancy, how we took her to hospital, how Nike leaked our secret, how Cnn escaped, how Madam Hadiza came to my aid and all*** .

Abbey: ***Shocked*** yeeeee you guys are criminals o, you did all this to the whole D.P.O and go Scout free, please who is that Madam Hadiza? .

Me: My Madam .

Abbey: Oga ooo .

Me: Oga gan ni .

Abbey: When Cnn is returning home? .

Me: In the next twenty years to come .

Abbey: You’re not serious .

Me: Serious people are in hospital ***I entered Emeka’s shop bought what I needed, from there I headed straight to Christabel’s house.

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I walked into Christabel room with full smile on my face, I met Susan seated at the edge of the bed, she stood up and gave me a hug before she announced my presence to Christabel who was lying on the bed sleeping, she rose up and greeted me, I sat on an empty chair facing the bed .

Christabel: Welcome my love .

Me: Thank you honey, how has been your day? .

Christabel: As you can see its So fine, you don’t even tell me you’re coming .

Me: Do I need to inform you before coming to your house? .

Christabel: Sure you don’t really have to, the house is yours .

Me: ***Faced Susan*** Susan how far nau? .

Susan: Am fine and you .

Me: I just dey jare .

Susan: Where are you coming from and where are you going? .

Me: Have been missing my Queen so I came to check on her .

Christabel: I trust you dear, what do you have for me??? .

Me: I brought myself because I think its the best gift I can give you ***She walked up to me and sat on my lap*** .

Susan: Hmmmm I go love o, where is my man? .

Christabel: Your man is in Enugu, you can go and meet him there, jealousy woman .

Susan: Thank you dear, I’ll soon be with him .

Me: Dear christabel I want to take you out on Sunday .

Susan: Wow Sunday! Can’t wait .

Christabel: Is it only me or two of us .

Susan: The two of us nau .

Christabel: Let Pesman talk .

Me: Am taking two of you .

Christabel: Anyway where are we going? .

Me: Till then, I don’t want to tell you yet .

Susan: It must be a nice place you’re taking us to .

Christabel: Don’t bite more than you can chew o .

Me: No problem dear .

Susan: Can’t wait, I really need to Flex, I missed Enugu already ***wink at me*** .

Christabel: Where are you going on Saturday? .

Me: Going out for Result checking .

Christabel: Jamb? .

Me: Yea .

Christabel: All the best .

Me: Amen ***We are in the midst of our discussion when my phone suddenly rang the caller was Madam Hadiza, Hope this woman reached house safely, I picked the call and received the most shocking new of my life from Madam Hadiza *** .

Madam Hadiza: ***Without greeting*** Pesman where are you? .

Me: At home hope no problem, your voice isn’t settle .

Madam Hadiza: You won’t believe if I tell you something, Seriously I’m currently shaking .

Me: What’s that, please tell me .

Madam Hadiza: Pesman there is a problem .

Me: ***I began to panic*** what happened please .

Madam Hadiza: You won’t believe that ***stammering*** .

Me: What????? .

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To be continued