The Prognosticator Season 2 Episode 30


******EVIL PLANNER****** .


I couldn’t believe my ear, did Big Mummy said Tola’s father was involved in an accident on his way down here, that mean the policeman is in town, I was totally confused because I thought the old man was in osun state, it now downed on me as Pesman’s advice full of my head, no wonder he called to warned me not to fight because of a woman that someone is planning for me, honestly this must be a plan work. .

Big Mum: What you Guys are still waiting for? Let’s go to the hospital .

Tola: Mummy am confused, what is going on? Daddy did not call me he’s in town .

Big Mum: That’s the topic for another day, let’s go to the hospital .

Cnn: Yes we have to be on our way now, we need to see his condition ***Three of us walked out of the sitting room to her car packing space*** .

Big Mum: My mind isn’t settle I can’t drive, my son can you drive? .

Cnn; Yes I can ***The car key was given to me*** .

Big Mum: Please act fast .

Cnn: You know am still a visitor in this city I don’t know my way to Gwarimpa .

Big Mum: No problem about that I’ll be directing you .

Cnn: ***I drove off in silence, some minutes later I found myself in Gwarimpa General Hospital, we walked to the reception and made enquiry about him. We were led to his ward by a beautiful nurse, I was like disappeared when my eye fell on Nike who sat on a plastic chair beside her daddy, but I composed myself and acted like a man as I forced out a faint smile*** .

Nike: ***Surprising was written all over her face*** What is going on here? Who is this? Uncle Cnn? Am I dreaming? Please are we in Osun? Somebody should please wake me (Thought her sister had already told her Cnn now based in Abuja she willingly acted that way) .

Big Mum: ***Faced Nike*** How are you my dear? Its been long .

Nike: Am very sorry for not greeting you mum, I was so confused with what’s going on here .

Big Mum: Don’t worry dear, everything will be clear to you .

Tola: Nike so you came with daddy and you couldn’t call to tell me .

Big Mum: This is not perfect time for all this, when we reached house you guys can discuss better, so how is my brother now? .

Nike: Doctor said he’s fine now, you can see he’s sleeping already but doctor said he needs to operate him and a family member must sign .

Big Mum: ***Faced the nurse*** Can you please call us the doctor? .

Nurse: Ok ma ***She walked out*** .

Cnn: ***I spoke for the first time since we reached the hospital*** Nike how did it happened? I mean the accident how it happened? .

Nike: How did it happened? I mean how did you manage to escaped from the hospital? .

Tola: Mummy warn Nike for me o, what is the meaning of all this? ***Faced Cnn*** Am very sorry dear please don’t mind her .

Cnn: It ok .

Big Mum: Nike you have to be polite on your sister’s friend, what is wrong with you? .

Nike: Am sorry mum, uncle Cnn am sorry .

Cnn: Its nothing ***We heard slightly knocked on the door and walked in was Doctor, I was like Oh My God so, my cousin works here? I said as my eye feel on ADE who was smiling like someone who just won #Bet9ja. Ade on the other hand acted as if he didn’t know me, I quickly composed a message and sent to him “Bro this is the D.P.O I told you about, I ran from him in osun, you have to help me on this” I received a replied from him saying “Ok we talk in the house”***

Big Mum: Welcome Doctor .

Dr.Ade: Thank you madam, are you his relative? .

Big Mum: Yes, he’s my brother please how is his health? .

Dr.Ade: He’s fine we just need to do some operation on him, please lets go to my office .

Big Mum: My children you should please wait for me I’m coming ***She followed Doctor Ade to his office.***

******BIG MUMMY******

LOCATION: DOCTOR’S OFFICE I followed Doctor Ade closed from behind as we headed to his office, he sat on his chair and faced me .

Dr.Ade: Have your seat madam (He said pointing at the chair at his front) .

Big Mum: ***I sat down*** .

Dr.Ade: Welcome Madam, you see your brother health is good and fine, we have conducted all necessary test on him, your brother is having appendix which made him to lose control while driving, we need to operate on him as soon as possible, all other result confirmed that he doesn’t sustain any injury further. But one of his chest result is yet out, it should be ready tomorrow, because he hit the chest on the steering, so you have to sign this form and pay some of Seven thousand into hospital bank account. go to the reception, bank teller will be given to you .

Big Mum: ***I sign the form*** Thank you doctor let me go and pay the money, I will be back shortly. I proceed to reception where I paid sum of seven thousand naira into hospital account and the operation was done on him. Doctor Ade later told me my brother will be discharged tomorrow or next it depend on how quickly he response to treatment, I also called my brother’s wife (Tola’s Mother) and explained everything to her and I also assured her that her husband is going to be fine.

Later in the evening Tola and I left the hospital, Cnn also went to his house to rest, we left only Nike and her father behind in the hospital, she would sleep with her daddy in the ward, while Tola would be doing the cooking abi Nike and her father would not eat? .

Later in the night, Tola and I seated in the sitting room opposite each other, only God knows what’s going on her head I strongly believed she was confused and her mouth was full on unsaid words. The accident of her father met her unforeseen, I was also feeling restless and I want to clear her mind so I spoke out .

Big Mum: Tola how are you? .

Tola: Am not fine mummy, today supposed to be my happy day, but daddy spoilt it .

Big Mum: Sorry dear its coincidence and let thank God its not your wedding day .

Tola: ***Crying*** But Big mum you know Daddy and Nike are in town but you couldn’t tell me, Please what’s going on? Something is wrong somewhere .

Big Mum: ***I felt pity for her and I think I need to open up to her at this junction, Moreover our plan isn’t work out again*** Hmmm you see my dear, I need to tell you the truth now .

Tola: ***She cleaned her tear*** Thank you mum, I want to hear everything .

Big Mum: My dear the first day I caught you and that boy kissing here in my sitting room I have to called my brother and explained everything to him, we came into conclusion to set him up, so your daddy could arrest him and put him behind bar, You see all what I’ve being doing for the past few days were tricks to launched your boyfriend here. Your daddy has arrived since yesternight he was on his way coming here for the arrest of your boyfriend when he had the accident, please forgive me and your daddy. .

Tola: ***She busted in uncontrollable tear, she stood up and walked into her room without saying anything***


I left Big Mummy all alone in sitting room as I made my way into my room to cries out my eye, I walked into my room bolted the door from inside and fell on my bed. I couldn’t believe all what has been happening in this house for the past few days back were nothing but pure setup “Why always me?” the most painful part of it was my one and only sister (Nike) was involved in it,. Honestly I’ll never forgive her, she betrayed me, she has the mind to keep such secret away from me. I don’t think I can continue living with Big Mum anymore she’s a bad mother, instead of her to beg my Daddy on my behalf she went ahead to planned a coup with him, the stream of tear kept flowing on my cheeks as I took my phone and called my boyfriend, I narrated everything to him which took him suprised because he couldn’t believed Big Mummy can go that far on him, he said to me

“Tola dear I don’t care about what anybody think about me, you’re the one I wanna marry not your daddy, if you can assured me of your true love we are going to surmount this as times goes on.” His words calmed my sprit, I didn’t know when I said I truly love you my babe and yes I truly love him.

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******DOCTOR ADEOLU****** Walking into ward 178 to check on the D.P.O who was involved in an accident along Jabi road in the morning, I couldn’t believed my eye as my gaze met with that of my cousin, seriously I don’t know what he came for and how related was him to the victim, Firstly he told me he has minor chi-talk with his girlfriend Mother and I think he should be there secondly we didn’t have any D.P.O in our family it might be his friend’s family so, I was extremely suprise to see him but I kept the feeling to myself because the way he appeared infront of me he doesn’t want anybody to know we knew each other,so I acted as if he didn’t existed in the room. I did all what I needed to do on the Appendix patient, only his chest result was what I’m still waiting for because the old man hit his chest on the steering .

Later in the night I was in the sitting room when Cnn came out of our room he sat opposite me and said .

Cnn: Oh brother I was shocked to see you in the morning .

Ade: Same with me o, you were the last person I expected to see .

Cnn: I didn’t know you work there .

Ade: Yes I do, you just know my working place, in your text message you said that man is the D.P.O you ran away from in Osun state? .

Cnn: Yes bro na him .

Ade: I need to give him better treatment then .

Cnn: what? I want him to die, he’s nothing but wicked old fool .

Ade: What happened again? .

Cnn: ***He told him everything Tola discussed with him*** .

Ade: Oh! They planned for you .

Cnn: Yes brother he wanted to arrest me, only God saved me .

Ade: What do you think we do now? .

Cnn: I want you to inject poison on him, let him go and rest in hell .

Ade: ***Laugh*** And you want to marry his daughter? Do you think your conscience will allow you living fine with her daughter? Better think of another things .

Cnn: What do you think? .

Ade: We are trained to save life not to kill so, Doctor Ade can’t kill, wait do you really love his daughter? .

Cnn: Of Course I do .

Ade: You don’t need to kill your in-law ok? .

Cnn: I can’t just forgive the old man just like that .

Ade: What next to do? .

Cnn: Let me seek Pesman’s opinion first maybe he can come out with something better .

Ade: You and this Pesman hun .

Cnn: Na ma sure guy him be ***He dialed Pesman’s number which he picked without wasting time*** .

Pesman: Cnn oko iyawo (The Groom) how was today’s introduction nah??? .

Cnn: I called you because I want to gist you about it .

Pesman: Feed me more, how was it? .

Cnn: Pesman it didn’t ended well .

Pesman: Again? Feed me .

Cnn: ***He told him everything*** .

Pesman: Omg!!! What a wicked Father in law? Do you remember I warned you about the dream I had about you .

Cnn: Its true, you’re now Alfa .

Pesman: Its not my power o, na God dey do am, I’ve being even thinking of renting a shop and attending to people there .

Cnn: Lolz you better go to pastor’s school .

Pesman: Na you sabi .

Cnn: What do you suggest I do now, I want the man to suffer too .

Pesman: Suffer for what? .

Cnn: He planned to deal with me .

Pesman: You’re the number one ungrateful dude I ever met, Someone planned for your downfall and God fought for you and you wanna revenge you’re a fool bro .

Cnn: What is the meaning of this Pesman I didn’t call you to insult me o .

Pesman: Hang up then, se Dan dan ni? (Is it by force?) .

Cnn: Mabinu (Sorry) what do you think I can do? .

Pesman: Now you’re talking, this issue is very simple .

Cnn: Everythings always simple in your own view .

Pesman: The great opportunity to marry Tola with full support of her family just presented itself infront of you now that her father is in your brother’s hospital, only if Ade is ready to be of help .

Cnn: Am curious please go on .

Pesman: Ade is there with you? .

Cnn: Yes .

Pesman: Put your phone on loud speaker .

Cnn: Done .

Pesman: This is what we are going to do, I heard his chest result is yet to be out? .

Ade: Yes it should be ready tomorrow, but I don’t think he sustain any injury on the chest because he couldn’t felt any pain there .

Pesman: That’s good news, now it left to you Ade, if the result is out and nothing is wrong with his chest, all what you need to do is to tell his family that he has kidney problem .

Ade: What? Are you sure you’re with your sense? Do you know I work under federal government? You want me to tells a lie? You want to implicate me? Am very sorry its against my profession .

Pesman: I hate dealing with a woman in a man’s form .

Ade: You just called me a woman? .

Pesman: You act like one, am very disappointed in you, I think you should be exposure than I do, you live in city while I live in local area and you don’t have your way, its a pity .

Ade: What you’re trying to figure out? .

Pesman: We are talking about your office who is going to challenge you? Don’t see this as implication, you can do it perfectly don’t dull yourself brother .

Cnn: Ok after that what will follow? .

Pesman: Still simple .

Cnn: I know its .

Pesman: You’ll voluntarily donation one of your kidney to him, believe me after the fake operations he has no choice than to allow you marrying his daughter .

Ade: What makes you think it would work out? .

Cnn: Pesman I don’t think this is going to work out am afraid .

Pesman: Am 101% sure it gonna work let unite and work together, when Broom sticks are tied together that’s when it can do a better work, yes we can do it.. .

Ade: Hmmm Pesman its hard to do .

Ladies and gentlemen what do you think of this Pesman’s evil plan?? Is it going to work out or not?? Next Episode will answer that questions? .

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To be continued