The Prognosticator Season 2 Episode 3


After the departure of Dupe I went straight to my house to rest, seriously speaking I will miss Dupe alot, no matter how far away we are to each other I’ll make sure I keep communicating with her, I believe sooner or later we would meet again. My phone brought my thinking to halt with its ringing tone, I looked at the screen and the caller was unknown number, I picked .

Me: Hello .

Voice: ***Woman voice*** Hi pesman how was your night? .

Me: Am fine please who am I unto? .

Voice: Guess .

Me: This voice doesn’t sound familiar,so to guess will be very difficult for me .

Voice: Ok o, this is Susan .

Me: Susan? The only Susan I know works with Wazobia Fm, is she the same Susan .

Susan: No am not working with radio station, am Susan Christabel’s friend .

Me: Hahahhhha Susan, how are you doing? .

Susan: Am doing fine Pesman .

Me: How is my bae? .

Susan: She’s fine .

Me: is she there with you? .

Susan: Nope, she went to market .

Me: Greet her for me when she comes back .

Susan: Why should I do that? let me tell you Pesman, I copied your number from her phone without her knowledge, that’s why am calling you when she’s not around, she must not find out I called, so I won’t greet her for you, if you want to greet her better call her yourself .

Me: Ok o, so what can I do for you? .

Susan: I want to hang out with you Pesman .

Me: No problem about that, I will take you and Christabel out during the weekend .

Susan: No, I want just me not with Christabel .

Me: Don’t forget Christabel is my bae .

Susan: And so? Did you know what I will become in your life tomorrow? .

Me: Nothing more than a friend .

Susan: Don’t say that, don’t speak for the future, future shall speak for itself .

Me: Huun .

Susan: Deal? You’re taking me out on Saturday .

Me: No problem .

Susan: Bye oyom .

Me: What’s the meaning of Oyom .

Susan: I will tell you on Saturday .

Me: Suspense .

Susan: Bye

***Hanged up***


My departure to Abuja came so fast than expected I was well dressed, with tear streaming all over my face, its obvious I don’t want to leave for Abuja. Seated beside me was my sister (Nike) and my mum .

Tola: ***Crying*** Am going to miss you mum .

Mrs.Ibrahim: I will also miss you my Daughter, please know the Daughter of whom you’re, don’t engage yourself in fight with anybody .

Nike: Don’t forget to be calling my line sister, am missing you already .

***My Daddy walked out of his room that moment*** .

D.P.O: Are you set? .

Mrs.ibrahim: Yes, please don’t speed too much I wish you journey mercy

***All of us walked out of sitting room to where the car was parked, I entered the front seat while D.P.O sat behind the wheel, he start the engine and zommed off, in the next 8 to 9 hours we would be in Abuja.


Ade and I were in the sitting room discussing. .

Cnn: Bro let me follow you to your work place today, house will be too boring with only me .

Ade: You know I work as a doctor in hospital, even if you follow me I’ll not have time to keep you company, its better you stay home till I secure a job for you .

Cnn: Abuja is too boring to me, I missed all my nigga in Osun .

Ade: That reminds me you haven’t tell me the crime you committed at Osun .

Cnn: I cannot tell you this morning, if I start now you won’t make it to work again

. Ade: Is that long? .

Cnn: Very long, I promise to tell you tonight .

Ade: It’s ok bro, let me be on my way .

Cnn: Buy roasted meat for me when you’re coming .

Ade: Kilishii? .

Cnn: No, type of the meat you bought last two days .

Ade: Yes, it’s called kilishii .

Cnn: Na you sabi, buy it when Coming back .

Ade: No Problem I will .

Cnn: Bye .

Ade: ***He left home for work***

Immediately Ade left, random thought began running through my mind, it obvious I missed home, I missed Tola,Pesman and Abbey, thank God Pesman had forgiven me but Tola still refused to pick my calls, something urged me to call her maybe I might be lucky this time, I took my phone and dialed her number, unfortunately for me She rejected my call again, I was about to give up when an sms came into my phone from Tola, I was extremely shocked with the contents of the text.

“Hi Dear! Sorry for not being answering your calls some days back and today, I wasn’t myself when you called. I believe you will be thinking am still mad at you when I ignored your calls, but no am not. My daddy is here with me on our way to Abuja that’s why, Abuja is the city am relocating to after my abortion for you, because my daddy don’t want to see me at home anymore, See you again if God wish love you so much bye” .

I couldn’t believe my eyes, I read the message over and over, so Tola is relocating to Abuja same city with me? I thought of what next to do, I took my phone and replied her message but my message wasn’t delivered, I called her line but was switched off. What a drama the line that just sent me message is now been off, I was deeply in thought when my phone ranged I quickly took it thinking it was Tola but I was wrong the caller was Pesman

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After Susan call, I began to think of what to do, and how am going to spend my day, Maybe I should visit Abbey since CNN (My partner in crime) is not around anymore, Abbey should be keeping me company, yes I will visit him today, let me first call CNN and gist him about Dupe, I took my phone and dialed his number, he picked .

Me: Hey padi mi .

Cnn: Hello Pesman .

Me: What happened? your voice is somehow down? .

Cnn: Nothing much Bro .

Me: How’s Abj .

Cnn: Abj is cool my guy .

Me: And those slay Mama .

Cnn: Slay Mama ko Slay Daddy ni .

Me: I want to gist you, thought it was old news .

Cnn: Oya jami si (Tell me) even me too want to gist you o, but you should tell me yours first then I will tell you mine .

Me: Do you know by the time we have case with your in-law .

Cnn: ***Cuts in*** Which of the in-law? .

Me: How many inlaw do you have? .

Cnn: Alright what happened then .

Me: You won’t believe Dupe was in cell in divisional police station .

Cnn: Iro ni o (Its a lie) Dupe your bae? .

Me: I swear .

Cnn: Kini ose? (What was her offense) .

Me: Madam Hadiza gave her 500k to deposit into her account she was robbed on her way to the bank at gun point, Madam Hadiza locked her up she Said she knew about the robbery .

Cnn: Oh my God! I trust Dupe she cannot do such .

Me: I trust her too my bae isn’t a thief .

Cnn: Innocent soul shall not be punished, Pesman you have to find all way to set that girl free, tell your Madam to free her. If she refused threaten her that you will quit the relationship with her .

Me: She has been free, she was released yesterday .

Cnn: Eyaah! Is she there with you? .

Me: Nope .

Cnn: Where is she? .

Me: That’s what I want to gist you, immediately she was released she said she’s going back to lagos and she left this morning .

Cnn: You mean Dupe has traveled .

Me: Yes this morning, only me and Abbey left now .

Cnn: Oga ooo, so Madam Hadiza is this wicked .

Me: She’s not wicked, the money we are talking about isn’t small amount .

Cnn: What’s going to happen now? .

Me: I will keep communicating with her, I love Dupe and I don’t want to lose her because of distance .

Cnn: Can I advice you? .

Me: Yes I need your advice .

Cnn: Make sure you keep in touch with her, if you leave her alone for some weeks without communicating with her that means you’re about to lose her, communications hold the relationship .

Me: I’ll not let that happen, Dupe is my life .

Cnn: Cool bro .

Me: Did you know Jameelah caught me and her mum kissing? .

Cnn: Haaaaaa Pesman how come .

Me: Its devil handiwork ooo .

Cnn: Stop saying rubbish every bad things is devil handiwork, you are not a smart guy better be careful, what are u going to do now .

Me: Madam Hadiza said I shouldn’t worry that she will talk to her .

Cnn: Hmmmm use your brain .

Me: Thank you, have wrote jamb last week .

Cnn: How was it? .

Me: Well I try my best .

Cnn: I wish you all the best .

Me: Ameen, oya gist me side of your story .

Cnn: Pesman, have been calling Tola’s number since last week she didn’t answer my calls .

Me: Maybe she’s still angry at you .

Cnn: That’s what I thought .

Me: Even I would have called her but I was busy throughout last week .

Cnn: You can’t believe I called her this morning she didn’t pick my call .

Me: ***cuts in*** Don’t worry brother I will call her and talk to her .

Cnn: ***Angry voice*** what is your problem Pesman? Allow me talk, your too know is much .

Me: Am sorry o .

Cnn: Better, so after she ignored my calls, you couldn’t believe what she sent to me .

Me: Haaaaaa she want to break up with you .

Cnn: You have a problem, won’t you let me talk? .

Me: Go on, am just curious, so what did she sent? .

Cnn: She sent me message .

Me: What’s the content of the message? .

Cnn: It reads “Hi Dear….!

Me: Wow wow wow I just like this bae, what’s going to happen now? .

Cnn: Do you remember I now based in Abuja too? .

Me: Yes yes yes its true .

Cnn: I will give it all what it takes, I must search for her, I don’t f—–g care of what’s going to happen .

Me: Ain’t you afraid of her dad? .

Cnn: I don’t care, all I know is that I’ll search for Tola and find her .

Me: Hmmmm you can never escape jail this time around .

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To be continue