The Prognosticator Season 2 Episode 20


Me: Hello dear .

Madam Hadiza: Pesman hope no problem or you want to give me answer concerning our trip .

Me: No I need your help .

Madam Hadiza: What happen? Are you in another trouble? .

Me: No am not but a friend of mine .

Madam Hadiza: What happen to him .

Me: ***I explained everything to her*** .

Madam Hadiza: This is simply set up .

Me: Something like that .

Madam Hadiza: Which station are you? .

Me: Divisional police station .

Madam Hadiza: Ouch, I don’t want to have anything to do with that stupid D.P.O again, since the event of your friend I’ve hate him .

Me: Please you have to come here .

Madam Hadiza: You know what? I cannot come to that station .

Me: So, my friend is going to rot in cell .

Madam Hadiza: Anyway we’ll find something to do about it .

Me: Please find something to do about it o, you’re the only one I have .

Madam Hadiza: Don’t worry dear, I will see what I can do to it,. But Pesman why is it that all your friends are trouble makers? .

Me: All my friends are gentlemen, all this are just coincidence .

Madam Hadiza: We settled a case not too long you’re now involve in another .

Me: ***Silent*** .

Madam Hadiza: Just because I love you ni o, I don’t like trouble .

Me: Thank you dear ***meanwhile as I was on the call the ring on my finger has started to hotting, this is totally a bad sign something adverse is about to happen again, but I couldn’t lay finger on any, so I’ve to leave Grace alone before police will call for my arrest too because Dupe said something like this is been planning for me too, at this moment I hate to be in trouble, I smiled to myself as I hanged up the call*** .

Grace: Thank you Pesman I think she’s ready to help? .

Me: She’s going to help she said we should be going home .

Grace: Thank you dear, please I will be at home waiting for you .

Me: Alright dear bye .

Grace: Bye, erm Pesman please don’t forget your friend is in station .

Me: I can never forget bye.

I left her and headed to my house, I walked like 3meters when my phone suddenly rang, firstly I thought it was Madam Hadiza but I guessed wrong when I looked at the screen the caller was Powerline .

Powerline: Bro xup .

Me: Am fine sir .

Powerline: Have done that thing o .

Me: Are you serious? .

Powerline: Yes bro, have chosen Oscotech and Electrical for you .

Me: Wow thank you bro, am very grateful may God bless you .

Powerline: Amen, we are one bro don’t mention .

Me: Alright sir .

Powerline: But we cannot see today .

Me: You’re busy right? .

Powerline: No am going somewhere .

Me: What of tomorrow? .

Powerline: Tomorrow is ok, are you still with Abbey? .

Me: No am on my way to my house but Abbey is in police station .

Powerline: ***Shocked*** What happened? I just left you guys not too long .

Me: ***I explained everything to him*** .

Powerline: Oh my God! Am coming to the station right away .

Me: Ok bye, hanged up. Few minutes later I was in my house .


Nurse Titi fell to the ground after devil used me to stab her, she was more powerful and stronger than I thought, all my thought was to beat her like toy but no it doesn’t went as I planned. I wanted to take off when I saw her on the floor lying in her on pool of blood, my heart beat increased as I wasn’t myself anymore I made up my mind to run and leave her dead body there but her voice held me down


She cried out. I busted into tear as I shouted ontop of my voice “HAVE KILLED PERSON PLEASE HELP ME” “PLEASE LET SAVE HER” my noise draw the attention of everyone at home, thought they are not noticing when our rift started or they willingly not come out, people are now gathered one by one and asking me numerous questions “What did you do to her?” “What happened to her?” “Who is she?” one of Pesman neighbour Tasker by name moved closer to me and asked me what happened, I learnt him and Pesman are neighbour but they are not in talking term even they do not have each other’s contact .

Tasker: What happened? .

Susan: We came to see Pesman she mistakenly fell on knife .

Tasker: So here is Pesman room? What do you want here at the Backyard? .

Susan: I said she fell on the knife, she is my friend .

Tasker: You think I do not hear two of you quarreling abi? You think you can lie to me? You have killed her? .

Susan: No o I did nothing to her o, please let take her to hospital we have to safe her .

Tasker: You’re looking for someone to implicate, you will not succeed .

Neighbour1: Let take her to hospital this girl is dying .

Neighbour2: You’re fighting because of a Man abi? Shame on you .

Susan: Nooooooo she’s my friend I didn’t stab her ***We are about to take her to hospital when Pesman walked in on us, I have sight of relief***


I alighted from bike and made my way into our compound all of a sudden I began to hear numerous voice from backyard, I don’t know what’s going on there I peeped and saw crowd gathered there I walked to them and tapping one of my neighbour from the back .

Me: What’s going on here? .

Neighbour1: Na your girlfriends dey fight o .

Me: ***His reply met me half way because I do not have appointment with any girl*** You well so? .

Tasker: Thank God Pesman is here, see Mr man dey want to kill themselves because of you o .

Me: ***Ignored him because two of us are not good friends*** Who is fighting? .

Tasker: keep asking me .

Me: *** I Moved closer to the crowd and I was like fainted when I saw Nurse Titi on the floor soaked with blood while Susan sat on the floor crying*** Susan what are you doing here? .

Tasker: Didn’t I tell you they are fighting because of him? .

Susan: I came here to see you .

Neighbour2: Pesman this is not the perfect time to ask stupid question, better save her life before you put yourself in trouble .

Me: *** Oh! This is the sign my supernatural ring is giving me*** Susan you have a lot of explanation to do you’re going nowhere .

Susan: Lets take her to hospital please .

Me: I will make sure I jail you, you want to kill her abi? ***With the help of my neighbours we took her to hospital where she was attended to, few minutes later I received a call from Madam Hadiza she told me she has sent her lawyer to go and bail Abbey, I told her I wasn’t in the police station anymore she said I shouldn’t worry that Barrister Adebayo will settle everything. I also received another call from Powerline he told me he was at the police station and I explained what happened in my house to him,

Susan and I seated at the reception waiting for Doctor or Nurse to update us on Nurse titi health status*** .

Susan: ***She looked at me and hissed*** .

Me: *** I faced her with fury in my eye*** What were you doing in my house? .

Susan: Pesman so you’re cheating on my friend? Christabel just traveled this morning and you have invited another bae .

Me: ***I feel like smashing her head on the floor*** What Did you do to that girl? You stabbed her right? .

Susan: Thank God I caught you red handed you this womanizer, am gonna report you to my friend .

Me: Answer my question before you see the other side of Me ***I raised my hand as if I want to hit her*** .

Susan: What am looking for in your house is none of your business, my friend said I should be watching over you for her, am very happy you’re caught the first day she traveled, am reporting you .

Me: ***So, Susan is now working for Christabel to be monitoring my movement, however reporting me to Christabel cannot put an end to our relationship, so far my woman ritual cream is still active***


Barrister Adebayo, Grace, Powerline and Elderly Man (Police had called him (Elderly Man) earlier to come back to station) Grace is now seeing Pesman as a bad friend because he was nowhere to be found around the station without knowing he was in hospital with his wounded girlfriend .

Grace: ***Panic*** am in trouble Pesman is not here and he’s is the only hope I have .

Powerline: have called him he said he’s at home .

Susan: Is he suppose to be at home by this time? When his friend is about to be thrown in jail .

Powerline: Lets give him some time maybe he would meet us here, even he’s the one telling me Abbey is in custody .

Grace: What are we doing now? .

Powerline: I don’t know and I don’t even know anybody that can help, does Pesman know any? .

Grace: Yes he does. He had called the person sef” he supposed to be here ***Crying*** .

Barrister adebayo was busy talking on the phone all this while, he hung up and faced the officer on the counter .

Barr.Adebayo: Hello gallant officer I’m Barrister Adebayo by name from Adebayo law chamber (He introduced himself) I want to see the D.P.O .

Grace: ***Whispers to powerline*** is he here because of us? .

Powerline: Lets wait and see .

Police: D.P.O is currently busy you can wait for him .

Grace: Why always Abbey? He was wounded at my birthday party, now he’s in cell .

Powerline: If police want to do their work perfectly Abbey will come out clean .

D.P.O: ***He walked out of his office with his two visitors,with their dressing they were town cheifs*** .

Police: ***Talking to D.P.O after the two cheifs left*** Sir this Barrister has been waiting for you sir ***Pointing at Barrister Adebayo*** .

D.P.O: Oh! Barrister, its been long how is everything? We see you here today, let’s go to my office to talk .

Barr.Adebayo: Can’t we talk here? am in hurry, am going somewhere .

D.P.O: ok .

Barr.Adebayo: You see me because of a young man in your cell, he was accused of robbery because his cap was found in the robbery scene .

D.P.O: Yes we have started our investigation on the case the boy will be here till we finish with our investigation .

Grace: ***Thank God he is here because of Abbey, D.P.O please free my man before I lay course on you*** .

Barr.Adebayo: When are you going to finish the investigation? .

D.P.O: As soon as possible the investigation team leader is yet to give report, but we’ll not waste time on it, better still let’s go to my office .

Barr.Adebayo: Ok then ***They went to D.P.O’s office*** .

D.P.O: yeah am listening .

Barr.Adebayo: That’s Good, am here for his bail he’ll be coming here whenever you need his attention .

D.P.O: here is not court of law Barrister .

Barr.Adebayo: Yes I know but I want you to release him for me please .

D.P.O: Hmmmm Barrister you always come here to use your power .

Barr.Adebayo: Ok I don’t come here as a lawyer, I came here as your friend please release him for me .

D.P.O: Madam Hadiza sent you? .

Barr.Adebayo: No, another Client .

D.P.O: Well, I hope you met a man at the counter? .

Barr.Adebayo: Yes of course .

D.P.O: He’s the one reporting this case to us so, we need to carry him along before we can do anything about it .

Barr.Adebayo: Its alright .

D.P.O: ***He sent for the Man*** .

Man: ***He walked in*** .

D.P.O: have your sit sir .

Man: ***He sat beside Barrister Adebayo*** .

D.P.O: Erm we are still on the investigation and we are yet to see any tangible evidence to hold anyone concerning your case .

Man: Ok sir .

D.P.O: But I want to assure you that justice will be done to it,. This is Barrister Adebayo he is here because of the owner of the cap you brought to us as an evidence .

Man: Ok sir .

D.P.O: He wanted to stand for him not as a lawyer but guarantor we’ll have to release him now so, he’ll be coming here whenever we need him, we have not free him completely because we can still call for his arrest if we find any reason to do so .

Man: Alright sir .

D.P.O: So, I want you to know how everything is going that’s why I called you, and I want you to keep your trust in us because we are doing our works as directed by law .

Man: Alright sir, please just make sure you reveal the identity of the robbers to the whole world .

D.P.O: May God help us, Barrister you have to sign the agreement form before we can release him to you .

Barr.adebayo: Where is the form? .

D.P.O: ***He gave him a form*** .

Barr.Adebayo: ***He signed*** .

D.P.O: Sir you too will sign here .

Man: ***He collected the form and went through it very well before he penned the paper*** .

Abbey was released, he was told to be expecting call anytime from the station, immediately everybody left the station D.P.O Ibrahim received a call from his sister in abuja. .

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To be continued