The Prognosticator Season 2 Episode 2


****** DEPARTURE ****** . . .

Susan: Is it a crime to hug your boyfriend? .

Christabel: Did you hug or you are kissing him? Look here Susan, I didn’t call my boyfriend here for you to be kissing him .

Me: ***Seated on the bed*** .

Susan: The dude is too cute to be ignored .

Christabel: Pesman is a forbidden food for you, you must not taste him .

Susan: Am sorry .

Christabel: Better .

Me: ***Face Christabel*** Baby how are you? .

Christabel: ***Seated on my lap*** Am fine dear, how was your exam? .

Me: I did my best .

Christabel: I wish you all the best .

Me: Ameen, thank you .

Christabel: Meet my friend Susan, Susan meet my one and only Pesman .

Me: ***Stretched hand forward to Susan for handshake*** nice meeting you Susan .

Susan: ***Holding my hand for like 2min before she let go of it*** Pleasure is mine Pesman .

Christabel: So, Susan is here to be live with me .

Me: That’s cool, you’re welcome to the state of Osun, and I believe you will enjoy your stay here .

Susan: Sure, I hope to .

Christabel: Am coming Pesman ***She left for kitchen*** .

Susan: ***Flashing her white teeth*** Pesman you’re such a handsome guy .

Me: Thank you Susan .

Susan: I wish to know you more .

Me: As time goes on you will know more about me .

Susan: Cool can we hang around today? .

Me: With you? .

Susan: With just me .

Me: That cannot be possible, I can only hang out with two of you not just you .

Susan: What’s your real name? .

Me: You can call me Pesman nothing more .

Susan: Beautiful, can I have your number .

Me: Collect it from christabel .

Christabel: ***She walked on us that moment with tray in her hand, which contain food, she placed it on a small table in front of me*** Pesman, here is your food .

Me: ***Seated properly*** .

Christabel: ***She served the food (Rice and meat) Christabel and I ate together, while Susan ate alone*** Pesman do you like the food? .

Me: Very delicious and yummy, I love it .

Christabel: When are you having your result? .

Me: Next two weeks .

Christabel: You have passed .

Me: Amen (I stayed with Them for almost 3hrs before I left for my house) .

****** LATER IN THE EVENING ****** .

I received a call from Dupe .

Dupe: Hi Pesman .

Me: Hello love .

Dupe: Thanks for today .

Me: Thank God, where are you now? .

Dupe: At home, preparing for tomorrow journey .

Me: You don’t mean it??? .

Dupe: Pesman am going back to Lagos .

Me: You will leave me all alone .

Dupe: All your caged ladies would be keeping you company .

Me: Stop saying that .

Dupe: I want to see you Pesman .

Me: When do you want us to see? .

Dupe: This night of course .

Me: Will you come to my house? .

Dupe: Nope, you should come to mine and you will pass the night here .

Me: Pass night in your room? .

Dupe: Yes any problem .

Me: No problem. But what about your sister? .

Dupe: Am living alone .

Me: What????? .

Dupe: Yes Pesman am living alone .

Me: But you’ve once told me your sister is staying with you .

Dupe: I was lying to you then, beside we just met then, please come to my house .

Me: Wonders shall never end, you don’t want me to believe you again .

Dupe: I have my reason for lying to you then and what I saw you couldn’t see it .

Me: Ok o .

Dupe: When are you coming .

Me: I should be on my way now .

Dupe: Don’t stay too long then .

Me: Ok bye .

Dupe: Bye ***Hanged up*** .

Immediately Dupe hanged up the call, an sms Popped in from Nurse Titi.

“Pesman chat me up on whatsapp am online waiting for you” I quickly log on whatsapp to chat with her, I met her online as said .

Me: Hi love .

Nurse Titi: Welcome love, its been long .

Me: Yes, just that am somehow busy .

Nurse Titi: I know, so where are you now .

Me: At home .

Nurse Titi: Pesman don’t you miss me? .

Me: I missed you like “MOFEDAKU” (I want to faint) .

Nurse Titi: You don’t act like one .

Me: But I do .

Nurse Titi: If you say so .

Me: When do you want us to see? .

Nurse Titi: Next tomorrow .

Me: Why not tomorrow? .

Nurse Titi: I will be at work tomorrow and next tomorrow is my off .

Me: Ok let pick a venue .

Nurse Titi: Your house, you know I never know where you’re staying, let me use this opportunity to know your abode .

Me: You win! The address will be sent to you soon .

Nurse Titi: Ok dear what can I bring for you? .

Me: Something nice .

Nurse Titi: Don’t worry dear, I know what to bring for you .

Me: What do you want to bring for me? .

Nurse Titi: When I come you see it .

Me: Leg crossed .

Nurse Titi: Cross it well .

Me: Bring Drug for me .

Nurse Titi: What is happening to you? .

Me: Nothing I just need some drugs to restore factory setting of my organs .

Nurse Titi: ***Laughing emoticon*** Pesman you’re so funny, as if your organs are phone .

Me: Na you sabi o, that’s what I want .

Nurse Titi: No wahala, I will bring you some drugs .

Me: I trust you .

Nurse Titi: See you next tomorrow

***End chat***

After the chat I went to Dupe’s house to pass the night .

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****** MADAM HADIZA ****** .

I was restless in my room, the thought of my Daughter caught me red-handed kissing Pesman was bordering me “Is he dating my daughter?” “I trust him, he can never do such” I thought for a while before I headed to my daughter’s room. . Meanwhile Jameelah is also seen lying on her bed, her day has been ruined since she caught her boyfriend (Pesman) kissing her mother (Madam Hadiza) She had went to a friend house in the afternoon, she just came back to freshen up and prepare for night club, she enter sitting room and met shocking of her life, her boyfriend was seated on her mummy’s laps while their tongues locked together. “This can’t be possible” “I trust Pesman, he dare not” “Definitely my mum seduced him” she took her phone to call Pesman number, but she was totally surprised with the response she got “Number Busy” definitely he was on another call, I will call him later, she said to herself.

She barely dropped her phone on bed when she heard loud knock on her door “Sandra don’t waste your food. I don’t have appetite for food” she said loudly, Her mother walked in without waiting for go ahead, she was totally pissed to see her mother .

Jameelah: What do you want mother? .

Madam Hadiza: Don’t forget you’re talking to mum .

Jameelah: Yes I know .

Madam Hadiza: Anyway I was here to talk some sense to you and explain what happened in the afternoon to you .

Jameelah: Am listening, I demand explanation .

Madam Hadiza: ***She sat at the edge of the bed*** First of all where did you know Pesman? .

Jameelah: We met at a party some months back, he’s my friend but I was surprised to see him in our house sitting on your laps .

Madam Hadiza: You see! Do you know what’s between Pesman and I? .

Jameelah: I don’t and I want to know .

Madam Hadiza: Good, Pesman is my P.A, he’s working for me .

Jameelah: P.A? When did you employed him that I didn’t know? .

Madam Hadiza: You hardly stay home Jameelah that’s why you didn’t know .

Jameelah: Mum don’t you think Pesman is too cute to be your P.A? .

Madam Hadiza: Pesman is forbidden food to you, you’re not allowed to taste him, don’t develop any feelings for him, he’s my P.A. Its prohibited for you .

Jameelah: Hmmmm why all this mum? Seems something stronger than P.A is between you and him .

Madam Hadiza: Nothing just my P.A .

Jameelah: But I saw him sitting on your laps kissing you .

Madam Hadiza: He’s not sutting on my laps, something fell into my eye so I called him to remove it from my eye, that’s why you met him at my front, so there is noting between us .

Jameelah: Something fell into your eye in our clean and well furnished sitting room .

Madam Hadiza: Believe me daughter, but I don’t want you to have anything with him, you know if two of you are dating he will not respect both of us again and it could lead to backwards in my business, so stay away from him .

Jameelah: ***Continue deceiving yourself, Pesman is my love*** Ok mum have heard you, I will stay away from him .

Madam Hadiza: That’s my bae, goodnight .

Jameelah: Goodnight mum .

Madam Hadiza: ***I left her room to cool off my head*** .


Dupe wake me early in the morning, the s-x I had with her last night made me somehow weak .

Me: ***Yawning*** Good morning dear .

Dupe: Morning how was your night? .

Me: Fine .

Dupe: Pesman I will be leaving for Lagos in the next 30min, will you come with me to the park .

Me: no problem we shall go when you’re ready .

Dupe: ***She went to the bathroom to clean up and prepare for the journey. 20min later she was well dressed and ready*** am set dear .

Me: So you want to leave me alone? .

Dupe: The suffering here is too much, please let me go back to Lagos .

Me: I’m gonna miss you too much dear .

Dupe: Missing you already ***Kissing me*** .

Me: ***I kissed her back*** The kiss later ended in good bye s-x.

Dupe and I headed to the park where she boarded Lagos bus, I was close to tears as her bus zommed off .

Dupe: ***Crying*** Good bye Pesman, I want you to know that you still remain my number one guy, nothing can make me stop loving you .

Me: I love you too, and I promise not to stop loving you till the end of my life .

Dupe: Pesman don’t be carried away by all the girls you’re flirting with, I know very soon all of them will come back to their senses and leave you alone for me., I will be calling you often, please don’t forget me I love you so much Pesman .

Me: ***Her words touched my heart, I closed my eye as her bus disappeared into air, Good bye Dupe I said as tear dropped off my eye*** .

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To be continued