The Prognosticator Season 2 Episode 19


******ABBEY****** .

I was roughly pushed into the station and led to counter there was about seven Policemen on counter, where I was interrogated, they were about to start questioning me when Grace and Pesman walked in, they went straight to counter to hear what I’ve to say and to know the type of crime I am accused of, but deep down in me i strongly believed I’m innocent on this, all this must be a set up so, I have to be extra careful between Don and Jay. .

Police: ***Faced me*** what’s your name? .

Abbey: My name is Ola Abbey .

Police: ***Pointing at the elderly man*** Do you know this man? .

Abbey: This is the first time am seeing him .

Police: I know you’ll deny ever knowing him, at exactly 10:05pm you and your robbery gang went to his house you collected his phone and money, but you later threw your cap at him because you believe law hand cannot reach you .

Abbey: What did you just say? I robbed who? I said I don’t know him and this is the first time I’ll have ever set my eyes on him .

Police: Calm down, immediately you and your gang robbed him you removed your cap and threw it at him that he might wanted to be looking for you, I can see you ain’t afraid of being caught .

Abbey: Am very sorry to say sir, you don’t know what you’re saying, because this is the same cloth I wore yesterday and I don’t put on any cap, all what you’re been saying is really surprising me .

Police: Perfect! Either I know what am saying or not everything will be clear to you now ***He bentdown under the counter and brought out my cap*** Who is the owner of this cap? .

Abbey: ***I was surprised to see my cap with the police, I take very long look at the cap to be rest assure its mine*** This cap is mine honestly have been looking for it for the past two weeks now, I washed it and was drying it in our compound but it went missing .

Police: Nice you want to prove stubborn and smart abi? You want to cover your story afterall we have enough evidence here to pin you? .

Abbey: I didn’t cover anything, I don’t know who took this cap .

Police: Anyway do you know this two guys (Pointed at Jay and Don) .

Abbey: Like money .

Police: You know them like money? .

Abbey: Yes I do .

Grace: ***She has been crying by this time*** .

Police: You firstly robbed them before you proceeded to this Man’s house .

Abbey: ***I was totally shocked to hear Jay and Don were robbed*** I know nothing about this .

Police: But your cap was found in his house, who took it there? .

Abbey: Someone else might took my cap and use it just to put me in trouble .

Police: are you suspecting anyone? .

Abbey: Not really .

Police: ***Faced the elderly Man*** You said they were two that robbed you? .

Man: Yes

Police: ***Pointed at Abbey*** Does this young Man among them? .

Man: Seriously speaking I can’t say because they were on mask so, I cannot recognize them but one of them has the same height with this young Man .

Abbey: Father don’t put me in another trouble I don’t know you nor your house .

Police: It ok, Abbey .

Abbey: Yes .

Police: You said earlier that you know this two young men very well like money? .

Abbey: Yes I said so .

Police: What is the relationship between the three of you? .

Abbey: Nothing much we are just a rival and one of them has once wounded me .

Police: Business rival? .

Abbey: No we are fighting over a woman .

Police2: ***Whispering to the first police who is interrogating me*** It might be a set up once they are rival .

Police: I’m also smelling it as one (He whispered back) .

Police2: Carry on sir .

Police: Who is the woman you’re fighting over? .

Abbey: She’s even here with us ***Pointed at Grace*** .

Grace: ***With eye full of tear*** am here sir .

Police2: Interesting this is more than robbery case, I think we’ll see the truth now .

Police: That aside, we’ll have to go and check your houses one after the other we might find something useful and to also check the robbery scene .

Pesman: I think that would be better ***Before I can say jack D.P.O Ibrahim (Tola’s father) walked in with full smile on his face, you don’t need a physic to tell you before you’ll realize he was extremely happy that morning, his smile was replaced with frown immediately our eyes met*** .

Policemen on counter: Good morning sir .

D.P.O: morning Relax ***He faced Pesman*** You again? I know you cannot escape my punishment, what brings you here again? .

Me: *** Stupid man, am not a criminal*** I came to see a friend .

D.P.O: All your friends are criminal definitely you too must be a criminal, show me your friends to know who you are, who are you? .

Me: A gentle man .

D.P.O: ***Faced the police on counter*** What happened to his criminal friend? .

Police2: ***He Explained everything to him*** .

D.P.O: Then what step have you taken? .

Police1: We are gonna check their houses sir .

D.P.O: ***Faced the elderly Man*** do you have the original receipts of your phones and any other necessary things .

Man: Yes I do, everything is intact .

D.P.O: Go and search their houses and report back to me, and we are having visitor today, one intelligent officer just been transferred to our station .

Police: Yes sir! ***Four policemen, Jay,Don,Abbey and the elderly man went out, leaving Grace and Pesman behind,

D.P.O also left for his office*** .

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******PESMAN****** .

Grace: (She faced me after Abbey and the Policemen left for house search) Pesman am really scared what’s going to happen now? .

Me: Don’t be scared dear, your man isn’t a criminal, I believe someone took his cap and used it to rob, it must be Jay and Don .

Grace: You know I told you and Abbey that I don’t trust this two guys the day we went for your jamb result .

Me: Its true you said something like that .

Grace: Am scared because police might not be saying the truth .

Me: Believe me dear if this case is going to be hard I have someone I can call .

Grace: I don’t know what’s keeping you from calling him, you have been mentioning calling him since morning but you couldn’t .

Me: Let us hear the feedback first, I ‘ll call her .

Grace: Thank you dear .

Me: You welcome, Let go to my house I don’t feel comfortable with this D.P.O .

Grace: Your house is far from here and you know we have to be here waiting for them, let’s stay outside .

Me: I don’t want that D.P.O to see me again .

Grace: Let go to my house then, my house isn’t that far from here .

Me: That would be better I need to leave here

***Grace and I headed to her house from station*** ***

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******GRACE ROOM******

I was seated by the edge of her bed, while she also seated on the chair facing me, with worried looks on her face. .

Grace: God please save Abbey from this predicament .

Me: Amen ***I took my phone, log in Facebook to while time*** .

Grace: Abbey is going to be suffering for the crime he didn’t committed, my boyfriend is not a thief oh my God! .

Me: Let them come back from house searching so we’ll know the next step to take

***I have 3 messages, 21notifications and 4friends request on Facebook, I read the messages check the notifications and accepted the friends request, but as I was about to accept the last request something caught my attention, I saw “IBRAHIM ADENIKE” wants to be your friend, I went through her profile and discovered she was Tola’s sister. Immediately I accepted her request she sent me message because she was online

“Hi Pesman this is Nike how are you doing?” but I couldn’t reply her text because I wasn’t in the mood for chatting*** ***


Grace and I made our way to the counter, luckily for us the police team that went for house searching just returned, one of them went to D.P.O’s office to notify him of their presence, few minutes later D.P.O came out of his office. .

D.P.O: You guys are welcome, what did you found? .

Team leader: Sir we searched this Man’s house and we discovered he was truly robbed, they entered his house through fence, we saw their footsteps when they jumped down from fence, and we saw this sim certificate it might be useful ***he brought out sim pack, but what suprised everybody including all the policemen they went on searching together was nobody knew when he saw the sim certificate and he didn’t tell anyone about it,. All of them later concluded that the sim certificates might be the elderly Man sim because it was found in his house*** .

D.P.O: Let me see the sim certificate .

Team leader: ***He handed Airtel sim certificate to him*** .

D.P.O: We’ll do the needful investigation on it, what did you found in their house ***Pointing at Jay and Don*** .

Team Leader: Nothing sir, we didn’t see any traces in their house sir .

D.P.O: What of acquaintance (Referring to Abbey) .

Team leader: He shown us where he dried his washed cap before it went missing, we also checked his house but we couldn’t see anything implicating sir .

D.P.O: According to your report this elderly Man was truly robbed but this young two men I’m not sure of theirs .

Jay: Our house was robbed, they collected our phones and money .

D.P.O: Where is the receipts of your phone? .

Jay: I bought it fairly used when I visited lagos .

D.P.O: And there is no trace in your house, like breaking of your door or even footsteps and so on .

Don: Yes! We are the one that opened the door for them when they knocked .

D.P.O: ***Pointing at Abbey*** keep him inside cell .

Abbey: But why sir? .

D.P.O: Do you want to know? You’re the prime suspect here because your cap was found in this Man’s house .

Abbey: I wasn’t the one who robbed him .

Grace: ***She busted in tear*** .

Jay: ***Finally our plan is working*** .

Don: ***Jay na bad guy o, he make sure he puts Abbey in trouble*** .

D.P.O: Keep two of them inside cell too .

Jay: ***He was like are you out of your sense*** .

D.P.O: But let their cell be different from the suspect .

Don: ***He regrets involved in this act with Jay*** But we are here to report a case, you don’t have any right to detain us, this is Injustice .

D.P.O: Two of you have a story to tell, its obvious you know a lot about this issue, I will hear your version of the story when we are done with our investigation .

Jay: You can’t just deny us freedom this is trash .

D.P.O: ***Face the elderly Man*** Sir you see police are working round the clock to eliminate bad eggs among us, I want you to be rest assure that everything will be in other, you will have to drop your number with our PRO, we’ll give you a call whenever we need your help, your phones and money will be recover for you soon, thanks for cooperating with us you can take your leave and be expecting our call .

Man: Thank you officer, I can see you’re a nice Man you know what you’re doing, may almighty God increase you in wisdom .

D.P.O: Amen .

Man: Am very grateful and I’ll be expecting your call sir

***He drooped his second number and left*** .

Abbey, Jay and Don were put behind bar while Grace and I left the station with disappointed look on our faces, on our way home I called Madam Hadiza and explained everything to her, I knew she would be of help .

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To be continued