The Prognosticator Season 2 Episode 18


Police: who among of them? .

Jay: ***Pointed at Abbey*** this guy .

Abbey: What happened? Do you think we are gambling or smoking weed here? Who are you looking for? You just entered without even knocking on the door .

Don: He’s the one hold him, he can pretend as you’re seeing him so .

Me: ***I just sat dumbfoulded*** please what’s going on here? I don’t understand .

Abbey: See me see trouble o Pesman am also confused .

Me: Do you have beef with any of them? .

Abbey: Never .

Me: ***Faced one of the police*** please sir, what is happening? .

Police: Your friend is a suspect on one issue .

Me: What exactly was his offense? .

Police: Law does not permits me to talk about it with you are here, you wanna know? .

Me: ***Nodded head in agreement*** .

Police: Fine you can follow us to station .

Abbey: You said I’m a suspect? But I do not know the crime I committed .

Police: Its not something you can be afraid of, you’ll just have to tell us all what you know about it in our station and you’ll be free .

Abbey: from what? .

Police: when we reach station everything will be explain to you .

Jay: Oga police don’t let him toast you o, he’s a criminal o .

Me: what really was ***But before I could finished my words Grace walked in*** .

Abbey: Thank God my bae is here .

Grace: ***Faced Abbey*** Babe what is happening here? Pesman why do you want to arrest your friend? Even if he offended you, you should have report him to me instead of arresting him and you call yourself a friend .

Me: Why should I arrest him? We are not having misunderstanding nor fighting .

Abbey: Its not Pesman that want to arrest me .

Grace: but who? .

Abbey: ***Pointed at Jay and Don*** .

Grace: ***She was shocked, all this while she couldn’t pay attention to Jay and Don, she didn’t notice their present in the room, although she saw two guys standing behind one elderly Man but she couldn’t believe it could be Jay and Don*** What are this two fools doing here? .

Jay: Your so called criminal boyfriend just committed another crime .

Grace: You called my Man a criminal who is criminal between two of you? Jay I know this is a set up and I can bet it with you, you cannot go Scot free .

Police: It ok madam .

Man: Police please are we here to play or what? Arrest him and let us go to station .

Police: Young man let’s go .

Grace: No! He’s going nowhere with you “She protested” .

Abbey: Pesman are you going to remain standing here without doing anything .

Me: Just follow them I and grace will meet you in station, I’ll call my Madam and explain everything to her, you have nothing to worry about .

Abbey: Please come to my aid o, don’t let me suffer for what I know nothing about .

Me: Don’t worry bro we are coming .

Abbey: Please don’t stay too long, I can’t bear that cell “He was taken away” .

Grace: ***She faced me*** Pesman what’s happening here please? Did Abbey fight them? .

Me: Am also confused because I don’t know what’s going on, I came here to discuss the issue of my admission with him and Powerline .

Grace: Who is Powerline? .

Me: One of our friend, he left not too long before those Policemen came, suddenly we saw Jay and Don with two policemen and one elderly Man they said Abbey is a suspect on one case .

Grace: A suspect? Abbey cannot thief .

Me: I don’t think so, I know him very well .

Grace: It must be Jay handiwork .

Me: I don’t think so because they came with an elderly Man, don’t you see him? .

Grace: Yes I do, Pesman what are we going to do now? .

Me: Let’s go to station .

Grace: I thought you said you wanna call someone? .

Me: Yes I’ll .

Grace: Call him before we go to the station then .

Me: Let’s reach the station first, we are yet to know the offense he committed, I cannot just call the person and tell her one of my friend was arrested without telling her the crime he committeed .

Grace: I trust my man, he’s not a thief .

Me: Police didn’t mentioned anything like that, babe let’s go we’ll find out in the station

***We are about to leave the spot when my phone suddenly rang, I firstly want to ignore the call but something said I should bring out the phone, looking at the screen gave me lots of joy because the caller happened to be the love of my life “DUPE”, I picked without thinking twice*** .

Dupe: Hello boy .

Me: Hello my love how are you doing? .

Dupe: Am doing fine, how is osun? .

Me: Osun is fine and Lag? .

Dupe: Lag is cool, you won’t call me if I do not call you .

Me: I would have called you but have been too busy this days, even am on my way to police station now .

Dupe: I know .

Me: Sure you know, you see everything .

Dupe: See Pesman yours is coming soon .

Me: How? .

Dupe: Those two guys you see with policemen .

Me: Don and Jay? .

Dupe: I don’t know their names .

Me: Ok what happened to them? .

Dupe: They are planning for you too .

Me: did they plan for Abbey’s arrest? .

Dupe: I don’t know .

Me: So, what did I do wrong? .

Dupe: No be you snatched their girl? .

Me: I didn’t snatched any girl, she was the one showing interest in me .

Dupe: No be you do woman ritual? .

Me: That was then not now .

Dupe: That was then but you couldn’t stop using it? .

Me: ***Silence*** .

Dupe: Pesman keep enjoying yourself, your charm will soon expire and we’ll know original wife out of fake once .

Me: Original wife know herself .

Dupe: That’s why I couldn’t fight you over your Lothario .

Me: what is gonna happen now? .

Dupe: You’ll see it yourself when its time .

Me: Hmmmm anyway I miss you .

Dupe: I miss you too dear, won’t you come to Lag to pay me a visit? .

Me: Am currently on my admission processing no room for traveling .

Dupe: That’s good, its seems I’ll come to Osun to see the love of my life .

Me: ***My phone backlight began to go on and off indicating to me that I’ve another call, I stylishly look at the screen and the caller was Nurse Titi, she’s being calling me for the third time,I’ll have to call her later*** are you serious you wanna come to Osun? .

Dupe: Yes I will come .

Me: When? .

Dupe: I will give you a call .

Me: Till then .

Dupe: Greet your friend in station for me .

Me: Wait dear, what’s going to happen in station? .

Grace: ***She just stood looking at my mouth because she couldn’t understand the call I was receiving*** .

Dupe: Its not something you can be scared of, your friend is in safe hand .

Me: I believe in your words .

Dupe: Kindly go there and do what you suppose to do .

Me: Thank you dear, love you .

Dupe: Love you more bye .

Me: Bye

***Hanged up*** .

Grace: ***Faced me as soon as I hung the call*** who are you talking to? I hope its my friend? .

Me: Yes she’s the one, let’s go to station jor (From there we headed to police station to go and see Abbey and know the exact crime he committed)

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****** NURSE TITI ******

I came down from bike infront of Pesman’s house, I looked around and made my way into his compound but I was disappointed when I knocked on the door and realised that he’s not at home “Oh my God, this guy na waka waka o” “Where is he?” I asked myself as I brought out my phone which was kept inside my bag, I re-arranged my gown as I put the phone to my ear, to my great surprise his line is on call waiting “Pesman must have been doing rubbish behind my back” “I called him before I left home he couldn’t pick, now still on another call” “What’s going on” I was nearly closed to tear as the line went dead.

I’ve barely removed the phone from my ear when a lady walked up to me, I was very happy to see her because I thought she might be one of his neighbour, she might also know his whereabouts so, I decided to ask of Pesman from her, but the lady seems faster than me because she was the first to speak out. .

Susan: Good afternoon sister .

Nurse Titi: Sorry this past 10am .

Susan: ***smile*** Good morning .

Nurse Titi: Yeah! Morning .

Susan: Is Pesman at home? .

Nurse Titi: No he’s not, am also looking for him are you one of his neighbour? .

Susan: No, I thought you’re leaving here too? .

Nurse Titi: No I came to see him as well .

Susan: Sorry o who are you to him? .

Nurse Titi: Or are you my sister inlaw? .

Susan: What did you just say? .

Nurse Titi: You and him somehow look alike, are you one of his sister? That’s why I regards you as my sister inlaw .

Susan: So you’re dating him? .

Nurse Titi: Dating him is understatement he’s my fiance my husband to be .

Susan: ***Laughed*** See me see trouble eee, Pesman has killed me eee, you want to snatch my boyfriend? .

Nurse Titi: You say wetin? Pesman is your boyfriend? Hmmmm husband snatchers are everywhere o, you this ashawo like better thing .

Susan: You call me ashawo? .

Nurse Titi: Are you not one? You leave your house carried your infant head here claiming another person’s man as yours,may God punish you .

Susan: I know Pesman cannot and never date wowo (ugly) Girls like you, you must be the one running after him like a shadow I trust my boyfriend he’s into fine bae not ugly one talkless of you looking like monkey .

Nurse Titi: My own monkey is better than you Dog, your “V” is keeping scratching you and you want someone to scratch it for you, for your own information my boyfriend is not available to scratch your rotten “V” ashawo .

Susan: ***She couldn’t take it anymore as she was boiling in anger*** How dare you call me all this? .

Nurse Titi: I called you, come and do your worse…

Before I could finished my ranting I received two heavily slaps on my cheek, my sight became blurry and my cheek keep hurting me, I felt like I will collapse any moment, she moved closed to me raised up her hand to slap me again, No I seized her hand and returned three slaps to her, we began fighting, meanwhile there is nobody within vicinity to separate us, and I liked it because I was somehow stronger than her, I beat her like toy, I rolled her on the floor as I put Sand into her mouth, when I was about beaten living out of her she managed to escaped and ran inside the compound, I ran after her, I began to pursue her, I really mean business with her I want to let her know am not a lazy girl yes I can fight.

Suddenly she Bentdown picking something on the ground, this time I was already closed to her because I thought she was picking what fell from her, I caught up with her and gave her heavy blow at the back, she faced me and buried something in my abdomen, I felt a sharp pin as I rubbed my hand on my stomach and discovered it was a knife she buried in me, I looked into my hand and saw blood all over my cloth, my sight became blurred as i fell to the ground in pain,

“DON’T LET HER ESCAPED” I shouted with the remaining energy in me when I noticed she was about took off, suddenly I couldn’t see anything nor hear anything again as everywhere became dark and more darker .

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To be continued