The Prognosticator Season 2 Episode 1


I began to be shaking like a leaf on the ocean, without knowing what reply to give .

Jameelah: ***Scream again*** What are you doing in our house sitting on my mummy’s laps? .

Me: Ehrn Ehrn ***Stutter*** .

Madam Hadiza: Welcome my dear, how are you doing? .

Jameelah: *** She ignored her mother and moved close to me, raised up her hand to slap me but she was held by her mother*** .

Madam Hadiza: Don’t try it or you get yourself to blame, what do you think you’re doing? .

Jameelah: What is he doing here? Imagine you’re kissing my boyfriend, mum you’re so annoying am really disappointed .

Madam Hadiza: Hold it there who is your so called boyfriend? .

Jameelah: Pesman ofcourse mum, am disappointed in you (crying) .

Madam Hadiza: Would you shut your mouth .

Me: ***Still in silent mood*** Sandra walked out of the kitchen that moment .

Sandra: Ma, i am here ma .

Madam Hadiza: What are you here for? Who called you? .

Sandra: I thought I heard you calling my name ma, I was in kitchen when I heard your voice ma, I think you’re in need of something .

Jameelah: ***Walked to Sandra and landed her hot slap*** Who called you? Must you know what is going on in our families? Aporoko woman, now vanish .

Madam Hadiza: ***With angry voice*** Jameelah what has come over you, did I ask you to slap her? Jameelah you’re about to be trespassing in this house ***Faced Sandra who held her cheek*** Am very sorry Sandra, please go back to your room I didn’t call you ok?? If I need something I will send for you .

Sandra: (She walked back to the kitchen) .

Jameelah: Mum I demand explanations who is Pesman to you? .

Madam Hadiza: Daughter go to your room, we will talk about him later .

Jameelah: You Pesman! You betrayed me??? No problem you will hear from me soon ***Walked to her room and banged the door*** .

Me: Peslady its time to go home .

Madam Hadiza: What do you think you’re doing, where are you going? .

Me: My house of course, I need to cool my head .

Madam Hadiza: You’re going nowhere .

Me: But why? I’m no more comfortable here .

Madam Hadiza: ***With angry face*** You have to tell me all what you know about this issue, tell me are you dating my daughter??? .

Me: Am not dating her, she was just surprised to see me here .

Madam Hadiza: Hmmmm she was surprised to see you here? .

Me: Yes .

Madam Hadiza: It obvious you have being seeing before today? .

Me: Not really, we met at one occasion few months back .

Madam Hadiza: Its true Jameelah like clubbing .

Me: You and your daughter has ruined my day .

Madam Hadiza: Am sorry I didn’t know you know each other, but she called you her boyfriend .

Me: I asked her out that day but she declined, maybe that’s why she was mad when seeing me here .

Madam Hadiza: Don’t mind her Pesman she is your sister .

Me: I will not be coming here anymore, I don’t want Jameelah’s trouble .

Madam Hadiza: Haaaaaa Pesman its not up to that, you can come here anytime you want .

Me: No I can’t .

Madam Hadiza: Ok let come to conclusion then .

Me: Am listening .

Madam Hadiza: Whenever you see Her tell her you’re my P.A (Personal assistance) .

Me: Your P.A? .

Madam Hadiza: Yes .

Me: P.A duty is to be kissing his boss and sat on her lap? .

Madam Hadiza: Bad boy, tell her you’re not kissing me .

Me: But she caught us red handed .

Madam Hadiza: You’re not a man enough, so you can’t denie things? Ok tell her something fell into my eye and you’re helping me removing it .

Me: Hahaha you think she would believe me? .

Madam Hadiza: I will talk to her then, moreover she’s my daughter I know what she needed in situation like this .

Me: Hmmmm .

Madam Hadiza: Just tell her all what I just told you, let our stories be the same .

Me: Alright .

Madam Hadiza: Jameelah is your sister don’t go near her please, just see her as your kid sister nothing more, if you try anything funny with her, hmmmm Pesman I can kill because of her, please don’t go there or you want to be ramming mother and daughter? .

Me: Never I cannot do that, you’re sufficient for me what else am I looking for? .

Madam Hadiza: Good of you, I trust you .

Me: Thank You .

Madam Hadiza: (She reached for her purse counted 12k and gave it to me) Take this Pesman .

Me: ***Collecting it from her*** What do you want me to buy for you? .

Madam Hadiza: Use it to check your jamb result .

Me: We just did it .

Madam Hadiza: Keep it and you may want to buy something use out of it .

Me: Thank you dear am very grateful .

Madam Hadiza: When are we seeing again? .

Me: Anytime you wish, but it would be after you have settle with your daughter .

Madam Hadiza: Ok dear, I will feed you back .

Me: Alright .

Madam Hadiza: Love you so much .

Me: Me too .

Madam Hadiza: A kiss? .

Me: Again?? .

Madam Hadiza: Come on Pesman .

Me: *** I walked out of her sitting room, I met Gateman outside*** .

GateMan: Big boy .

Me: hello what can I do for you? .

Gateman: You always come here without looking at my side .

Me: Because nothing good is at your side .

Gateman: Haaaaaa my son its not up to that level nau .

Me: Have you forgotten what you did to me the first time I came to this house, have you forgotten how you treated me like a thief? .

Gateman: Am sorry son, you know I don’t know you were so close to madam .

Me: Very close to her .

Gateman: How related are you to her? .

Me: Her P.A .

Gateman: Wow, so you’re madam right hand? We are now friend, you can come here anytime of your choice, even you can come 1am in the morning nobody will challenge you .

Me: ***Laugh*** Baba I cannot come here by that hour .

Gateman: Where are you going now? .

Me: My house .

Gateman: Find something for Baba nau .

Me: Something like? .

Gateman: Anything you like .

Me: ***Dipped my hand into my pocket handed 1k to him out of 12k madam hadiza gave to me*** .

Gateman: Wow 1,000naira I will repay you my son .

Me: ***What do you have to give me, stupid man*** Baba let me be on my way .

Gateman: See you next time son .

Me: ***Walked out of him***

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Christabel and Susan is seen discussing seriously .

Christabel: Enyim otekwala my friend, its been long how are you doing? .

Susan: Am fine eee .

Christabel: We see you in Osun state guess no problem or you come for another wedding? .

Susan: No I didn’t come for wedding this time around, I came to stay with you .

Christabel: ***Surprised*** to stay with me kwa? Susan I don’t think it can be possible the Susan I know hmmmm .

Susan: Have changed my friend, Susan of yesteryears is different from Susan of today. I am no more (Trouble Susan) am now a changed person .

Christabel: Beside you cannot just come to stay with me without informing me before, no its not possible .

Susan: Please my friend let me be staying with you for a while before i can get my own Apartment .

Christabel: Tell me Susan what pursue you out of Enugu? .

Susan: Its a long story dear .

Christabel: We are just two here and am going nowhere, so tell me before you can be welcome into this house .

Susan: What happened is that (She paused) .

Christabel: What happened? .

Susan: I fought with someone and the person got injured .

Christabel: Hmmmm but you just said you have changed, Susan I know you very well the person you fought got injured or dead? .

Susan: No, the person did not die but badly injured .

Christabel: Is it man or woman? .

Susan: One rude girl like that .

Christabel: What happened between you two? .

Susan: The b—h is dating my boyfriend, I went to his house to greet him and I met the stupid girl there, I smashed bottle on her head .

Christabel: Haaaaaa Susan, you’re a murderer .

Susan: What is she looking for in my boyfriend’s house? Anyway my boyfriend carried her to hospital for treatment while I ran out of his apartment, few days later police were looking for me, that’s why I come to you my friend please shield me .

Christabel: But there is no work here to do, or are you not going to be eating .

Susan: I will be eating what you’re eating, your boyfriend will also be providing for us nau .

Christabel: My boyfriend isn’t an ATM machine ok?? And I don’t depend on him .

Susan: Guess your man is handsome .

Christabel: Susan don’t go near him, I know you very well when its come to issue of a man, you can snatch a ghost boyfriend .

Susan: Can’t wait to meet him .

Christabel: I will call him to come over, its been long I saw him sef’ .

Susan: He traveled? .

Christabel: No! Just being busy .

Susan: Call him and tell him to bring something for you that your sister is here and wanted to see him .

Christabel: (She just smile)


I entered my room lay back on bed, the event of the previous hours began to flow around my mind. “Pesman you’re a criminal o” “So you’re dating both Mother and Daughter at the same time?” “But its not my fault nau” “Both mother and daughter were the one asked me out” “Forget! Madam Hadiza cannot hurt me” “But what of Jameelah?” “What is she capable of doing?” “Hmmmm don’t I think this is the best opportunity for Don to deal with me, now that I don’t have Jameelah’s support anymore” “Should I call her and apologize to her?” “No I will not call her now” “She is angry with me at the moment” “I will call her tomorrow, she would have been calm by then” “I need to talk to someone now” “Who should I call?” “Should I call Cnn?” “No the Dude isn’t here with me anymore” “Who should I call now o” . I began to scroll my contact when a call suddenly came in, I looked at the screen,the caller was Christabel, I picked. .

Christabel: Hello boo .

Me: Hi bae .

Christabel: How are you .

Me: Am fine and you? .

Christabel: Am fine, guess what? .

Me: Hmmmm you have bought Iphone 7 .

Christabel: Lol, what makes you think so?? .

Me: Because Iphone 7 is you ladies dream phone .

Christabel: I didn’t buy Iphone 7, what happened is that I have a visitor from home .

Me: from Enugu? .

Christabel: Yes and she is requesting your presence .

Me: Really? .

Christabel: Yes, when are you coming? .

Me: In the next 30min .

Christabel: Alright dear bye .

Me: Bye ***hanged up*** let me quickly be on my way, afterall I’m looking for whom to talk to, I think Christabel and her visitor could keep me company .

******AN HOUR LATER****** .

I knocked on Christabel’s door, she quickly came over to the door and opened it for me, she hugged me like 20sec before she let go of me, I walked into her room, seated on her bed was a beautiful slim girl, she quickly stood on her feet like someone who has seen something very surprised, she moved close to me and hugged me so tight, I thought it was a normal welcome hug until she brought her face close to mine and kissed my lips, I was like ouch please kiss me more, but my heart started beating so fast as Christabel shouted ontop of her voice KEE UDI NZUZU BU IHE A SUSAN?? (SUSAN WHAT’S THE MEANING OF THIS RUBBISH??) . I just stood still like someone who just lost his d–k without knowing what to do nor who to ask .

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To be continued