The Prognosticator Episode 9


Me: i don’t understand what you meant by where am i going tomorrow. See Dupe am going nowhere. .

Dupe: Pesman stop pretending .

Me: am not .

Dupe: ok just want to warned you Pesman. Bye, love you .

Me: love you too **Hangs up** . Hmmmm!! Dupe again this girl is a prognosticate lady, she sees everything before happening. “what do i do now” “she said i will not like the outcome” “whatever the outcome i will go” .

CNN: what happened, who called you? .

Me: It was Dupe .

CNN: What does she mean by what do you want to do? .

Me: she said i should not relocated to my house now, because isn’t safe ( i lied) .

CNN: those thieves cannot come again, but you can spend some days here with me .

Me: that’s what i will do .

CNN : Better . **My phone rang, it was my mum** .

Me: Hello ma .

Mum: Hello Dear, how are you? .

Me: Fine ma .

Mum: How are you feeling now? .

Me: feeling good and strong enough to work in cement factory .

Mum: That’s good, where are you? .

Me: with CNN ma .

Mum: ok dear, don’t go to your house yet, let it be like 3days to come . .

Me: ok ma .

Mum: And you should come and check me at home tomorrow .

Me; Ok ma **Hanged up***

Me: ** Faced CNN ** mama is greeting you, she just called .

CNN : My regards .

Me: Thanks .

CNN : You welcome .

Me: So when are we going to Fayemi’s Shrine? .

CNN : As early as 8:30am to 9:00am tomorrow: he might be going for another babalawo’s meeting, so we go early .

Me: you are the best friend i ever had . *** We slept that night,The SMS tone of my phone woke me by 7:32am, i picked my phone from the floor, checked the message, i was shocked with the contents of the message. . ” And i know from the first time” ” I see your love, you got me baby” ” Even Thought i am an Eminent lady, i know that i will fall for you” ” You got to know that everyone falls” ” Opps i done fell so deep baby” ” Opps i want you for me baby” ” opps i done fell so deep baby” ” Everyone fall in love sometimes” ” I don’t know about you but it ain’t a crime” ” If you let me love you, love you for long time baby” ” If you let me touch you, and if you let me love you till the morning” #Peslady .

PS : The contents of the message was “Tory Lanez luv” song lyrics .

I read the text again, again and again, wow i love this message ” Who could have sent this such message? But i had only one girlfriend (Dupe)” “But i don’t usually call her peslady” “Who is peslady again?” I would have called the sender of the message but i was unable to call the number, because it was a customized number. The sender was peslady and i don’t save any number as peslady on my phone *** .

Me: ** Tapped CNN ** guy good morning this is what i saw on my phone this morning (stretches the phone to him) .

CNN : ** Collected phone from me, he read the message** Hmmmm pesman, i don’t think it was dupe o .

Me: Me too, i don’t think so, but who can you suggest it was? .

CNN: Can’t say because this is customized name .

Me : How can someone customized a name to be sent sms, i don’t understand .

CNN: It is the work of bulk sms applications, if you were trading with any bulksms dealer, you will be allow to customized your I.D, such I.D can be used or any name of your choice to sent out sms, your customized name will be displaying instead of your phone number .

Me: So the sender of this text is using bulk sms? .

CNN : Absolutely! .

Me: I promised myself to found out the sender

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CNN and i sat on a mat, our usual place, fayemi also sit on his olden wooden chair that faced our direction .

Cnn: Eekaro baba (Good morning sir) .

Fayemi: Eku ojumo Eyin omo mi (Good morning my sons) .

CNN : Baba, Eso wipe ki awa leni (You said we should come today) .

Fayemi: Moni opolopo alejo, mi o Mon ohun ti ebawa sibi Mon (I had numerous visitors, so i can’t remembered what you were here for, so YOU have to remind me) .

CNN : Ore mi yi ni momuwa ni ijeta ti moso wipe koni obinrin afesona kan kan (I brought this my friend to you last two days, that i told you he had no girlfriend) .

Fayemi: Omo daada, moranti, Awure obinrin niye, se eni apomeji abo lowo? (Good boy, now I remember you want to do women Ritual, do you have 500naira with you? .

Me: Beeni sir, mo ni (Yes sir, i have) I brought out 500naira note from my pocket .

Fayemi: Apomeji abo yi ni igbese akoko, ewalo bami wa ako alangba wa, oya emape. (This 500naira is first step, you will go now and bring Agama lizard for me, you should do quick) .

CNN : Se akol’e ra Ako Alangba noni? (Can’t we buy the Agama/He-lizard?) .

Fayemi: **Laugh** E’le ra, sugbon ogbodo je eleyi ti won pa loni (You can, but it must be the one they killed today) .

Me: Eese baba, ama padawa ri yin laipe (Thank you sir, we will be back shortly) We left Fayemi shrine as confused men, friend in need is friend indeed, CNN really stood by me, i owe him alot . But what i failed to know was my name at the end would be . “HAD I KNOW” . .

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To be continued