The Prognosticator Episode 45


******CONFUSED MIND******* .

Jameelah: She’s calling you right? .

Me: Who?

Jameelah: Your girlfriend .

Me: Rubbish, the caller is my friend not a woman .

Jameelah: Why are you afraid of picking it shebi na your friend .

Me: I don’t want to speak with the guy .

Jameelah: ***Sad face*** I know you won’t pick it .

Me: ***My phone rang again, which i picked with anger in my voice*** Hello .

Cnn: Hi pesman, how are you? .

Me: Who is this? .

Cnn: I know i hurt you, but please forgive me .

Me: I should do what? .

Cnn: Please forgive me.

Me: Forgive you? What if i was in jail would you call for forgiveness? .

Cnn: Pesman i have my own reason for doing that .

Me: To hell with you and your reason, i don’t want to hear anything from you, please disconnect this call .

Cnn: Pesman you have strong pillar that can stand for you but me i don’t have any, if i didn’t escape that day, only God know where i would be by now, and i believe your madam will come to your aid, but what of me? Who will fight for me? That’s why i ran away please forgive me .

Me: Cnn i can never forgive you, imagine i was suffering for the crime i didn’t commit, what you do to me is unforgiving thing .

Cnn: Pesman you’re still angry at me .

Me: Like seriously am not happy with you, and i don’t want to have anything to do with you ever in my life, do you know what i went through before my bail was granted, do you know how many lawyer that fought for me? Do you know how much i spent just because of your ignorance, guy you’re very annoying, you’re irritating me, please stay away from me .

Cnn: Pesman you cannot disown me as your brother just like that, remember our childhood, remember where we are coming from, pesman i beg you for your Mother sake .

Me: ***This guy later get my weaken point, whenever i am angry just use my mother to beg me, i will forgive the person instantly*** Haaaaaa cnn .

Cnn: Please pesman .

Me: Oma se o .

Cnn: Am sorry bro .

Me: You’re my main man but you did to me what i didn’t deserve from you .

Cnn Am deeply sorry brother please forgive me .

Me: Ok we are cool, i cannot kill you, you’re forgiven .

Cnn: Thank you my brother, where are you now? .

Me: In my room and you? .

Cnn: That’s good, guy i dey abuja o .

Me: Abu what??? .

Cnn: Abuja .

Me: Federal capital, how did you do it? .

Cnn: Immediately i escaped from those police at hospital, i called abbey he was the one that sent me 5k, .

Me: Where did you see phone to call him, you’re not with phone when we were in the hospital .

Cnn: My phone is with me, i switched it off and hide it inside my boxer pocket .

Me: Your boxer has pockets? .

Cnn: Yes, i hide my phone there .

Me: Do you know anybody in abuja .

Cnn: Yes ade my cousin lives in abuja .

Me: Don’t come home now, police are looking for you o, you have been declare wanted in town .

Cnn: Ten years to this time don’t expect me in osun state .

Me: But cnn you get mind o, what gives you the boldness to snatch gun from that police that day? .

Cnn: Pesman till this moment i couldn’t tell, you know if i don’t act like that maybe i would be in jail by now .

Me: Not maybe, you will definitely be in jail, ilesa prison i guess, but Tola tried for us o, she denied ever knowing us, she said she truly had abortion but she claimed she doesn’t know us .

Cnn: I trust her, who later set you free? .

Me: Same person noni .

Cnn: Madam Hadiza .

Me: Yes with help of her lawyer .

Cnn: Pesman don’t upset that woman o, the woman is badly in love with you and she would step forward for you .

Me: How do you mean? .

Cnn: She can provide work for you with her connection after your school .

Me: We will talk later bro, am having a visitor here .

Cnn: Who .

Me: Jameelah .

Cnn: That hausa bae? .

Me: Yes .

Cnn: Give phone to her .

Me: *** handed phone to jameelah*** my friend want to greet you ******Two of them spoke for some minutes before she hanged up**** .

Jameelah: Your friend is too funny .

Me: What did he tel you? .

Jameelah: He was talking to me as if he know me .

Me: That’s how he use to behave .

Jameelah: He said he lives in abuja .

Me: Yes he base in abuja .

Jameelah: Can’t wait to meet him .

Me: You will meet very soon .

Jameelah: When is he coming home? .

Me: Can’t say, i will ask him next time he call .

Jameelah: Ok dear, that remind me, you said we have something important to discuss with me, when you called last week, instead of you to let us discuss it, you undress me and started fu—kin me .

Me: We missed each other .

Jameelah: Can we discuss it now? .

Me: Yes we can .

Jameelah: Oya talk am listening .

Me: Last two weeks that we met at Prince “O” hotel .

Jameelah: Yes what happened .

Me: immediately after you left one guy came to me to warn me .

Jameelah: Warn you about what? .

Me: He said i should stay clear away from you if i don’t want to regret coming to this life, he said he’s your boyfriend and he didn’t want to soil his hand in crime again, that he should not see us together again .

Jameelah: ***Laugh*** .

Me: Same thing last week before i went for my jamb he also came to warn me again, that’s why i called you, i think we should stay away from each other for awhile, i don’t want to put my life on line jameelah .

Jameelah: ***laugh*** Don must be mad .

Me: Who is Don? .

Jameelah: Don’t worry pesman just leave the stupid guy for me, i know how to handle him .

Me: Do you know him? .

Jameelah: Yes i do .

Me: Who is he .

Jameelah: My ex .

Me: ***With fear*** Your ex .

Jameelah: Yes my ex boyfriend .

Me: Am in trouble .

Jameelah: What happened? .

Me: Grace (Abbey’s girlfriend) is your friend .

Jameelah: Yes she’s my friend .

Me: Do you remember what happened to abbey at grace birthday party? .

Jameelah: Yes i do .

Me: Same is about to be happen to me .

Jameelah: How? .

Me: Abbey was wounded by his rival and my rival is now threatening me .

Jameelah: I trust don, he can never try such,and he’s not as wicked as Jay .

Me: Jay! Who is he? .

Jameelah: Grace ex .

Me: The guy who smashed abbey! .

Jameelah: Yes he’s jay .

Me: ***Surprised*** Do you know him? .

Jameelah: Very well, he’s friend to Don my ex .

Me: Haaaaaa trouble on my way, don’t you think my own will worsen than abbey’s .

Jameelah: Don dare not try it, moreover he’s not wicked like Jay .

Me: ***Panic*** Two of them are friend? .

Jameelah: Not ordinarily friend but best friend .

Me: When last did you see him? .

Jameelah: We see at grace birthday party .

Me: There is a trouble. I believe he’s now been planning the evil he will do to me .

Jameelah: Let me assure you of one thing .

Me: Ok .

Jameelah: Nothing will happen to you, i will talk to him, moreover we are no longer dating, he should let me be .

Me: When did you break up with him? .

Jameelah: I broke up with him when i saw you at the party, i followed him to the party that day, but when i saw you your love occupied my mind and i have to break with him just because of you .

Me: ***Fayemi cream is now putting me in trouble*** Jameelah you have already dig my grave, this Don of a guy would kill me .

Jameelah: I will handle him pesman .

Me: Hmmm *** She assured me that nothing will happen to me, she said she knew how to handle Don, we had another two rounds of s-x before she left my house***

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Tola and Nike are seen discussing seriously in sitting room, its been a week now since she (Tola) had been discharged from the hospital, seated opposite her was her sister (Nike) The two adult are discussing, (Their mother wasn’t at home, she had went to her working place) .

Nike: Anty mi (My sister) How are you feeling now? .

Tola: Am feeling fine and strong .

Nike: But big sister, daddy and mummy are not happy with you o, despite the fact how daddy threaten you to tell him who is responsible for your pregnancy, still you refused to open up to him .

Tola: What do you want me to tell him? .

Nike: At least you should have tell him who is responsible for your abortion .

Tola: Never i can never tell him .

Nike: I know its cnn .

Tola: ***Angry*** Are you mad, don’t ever mention his name again, do i tell you anything about him? .

Nike: Haaaaaa big sister, don’t be angry nah, am just playing with you, i know you love him so much, that’s why you don’t want to talk about him, but that guy nearly kill daddy o .

Tola: Forget about him, lets discuss another thing .

Nike: I have a surprise for you my sister .

Tola: What’s the surprise all about? .

Nike: Big sister guess nah .

Tola: You know I’m poor in guessing, tell me the surprise, abi you won ganah visa .

Nike: ***laugh*** Nah sister, something amazing more than visa, i know you will also like it ***Wink*** .

Tola: Oya jamisi aburo mi (Tell me my little sister) .

Nike: What happen is, promise me you’ll not tell anybody .

Tola: I promise .

Nike: Do i have your word? .

Tola: Yes you have it .

Nike: Really .

Tola: It ok, Don’t bother to tell me about it again, after i promised you what else do you want? .

Nike: Am sorry big sister what happen is that i just met one guy and am in love with him .

Tola: Really, so you can fall in love just like that, you that keep saying you cannot be in any relationship until you secure admission into higher institution .

Nike: Its true sister but am in love now .

Tola: Interesting, so who is the lucky guy? .

Nike: Hmmm the lucky guy is ***Before she could finish her statement her father (D.P.O Ibrahim) walked in, brought their conversation to halt, good afternoon sir, they greeted him in unison *** .

D.P.O: Afternoon my dear daughters, how are you doing? .

Tola/Nike: We are fine sir .

D.P.O: That’s good .

Tola: ***Kneeling down*** Am very sorry for my wrong deed daddy, please forgive me ***crying*** .

D.P.O: Hmmm .

Nike: ***Kneeling down as well*** Please forgive big sister daddy, we are sorry ***crying too*** .

D.P.O: Tola you want to spoil my reputation, the whole me, no problem you are forgiven ***Faced Nike*** Don’t do like her, if you try it i will kill you with my bare hand .

Tola: ***Crying*** .

Nike: I will not do like her sir, please forgive my sister, i promise you daddy she would not try such again in her life .

D.P.O: I am not angry with her again, but she can no longer live with us anymore in this house .

Tola: ***Crying*** .

Nike: Daddy please don’t send my sister away .

D.P.O: I will not send her away, she will be living with my sister in abuja ***Faced Tola*** Be preparing by next week you’re going to abuja to stay with my sister ok? .

Tola: Silent (It obvious she doesn’t want to leave for abuja) .

Guys don’t you think Tola and cnn will meet in abuja and continue their relationship, watch out for next episode .

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To be continued