The Prognosticator Episode 42


(At the same time, cnn is seen coming down from the bus, their bus just reached Ibilo (Edo state) he came down and headed to one restaurant to fill his tommy, he sat on one empty chair and order for what to “Dine” he brought out his phone and dialed a number, the receiver accepted the call immediately he saw the call “Hello” the person at the other end of the line said to him) .

Cnn: Pm boss *** He is talking to his cousin (Ade) who reside in abuja*** .

Ade: Cnn cnn how far nah? .

Cnn: I dey o .

Ade: Where you dey? .

Cnn: ***Looking at sign post at the out of the restaurant*** Guy i dey Ibilo o .

Ade: ***surprised*** Ibilo, wetin you dey do for ibilo .

Cnn: I dey come to abuja .

Ade: You say wetin .

Cnn: I say i dey come to abuja .

Ade: Na company wey you dey follow work dey send you come? .

Cnn: No oo .

Ade: Where una dey go for abuja .

Cnn: I dey come stay with you .

Ade: Why you go dey come stay with me without telling me before .

Cnn: Na long story brother .

Ade: Say wetin happen .

Cnn: I no fit follow you talk wetin i do with you here, when i reach your side i go tell you everything .

Ade: What if i tell you say i no dey around nko? .

Cnn: Abeg no do that .

Ade: The crime you committed na murder? .

Cnn: Something like that, if anybody call you from home tell them say you no know where i dey o, because i no tell anybody that i dey come abuja o .

Ade: If to say you no be my brother, i for not allow you in my house .

Cnn: Thank you brother, sebi abuja no far from here again? .

Ade: Sebi na ibilo una dey? .

Cnn: Yes .

Ade: E still far o, but not too much sha, after that “ibilo” you go reach “Okene” after okene na “Lokoja” after lokoja na hin you go reach abuja .

Cnn: Still far o, where i go come meet you? .

Ade: Where you wan drop? .

Cnn: The driver said na Kaduna him dey go .

Ade: You go drop for zuba be that .

Cnn: Ok .

Ade: You go see motor wey dey go barger from zuba, when you reach barger, you go carry another motor to life camp drop at the front of skye bank life camp call me, i go come and pick you .

Cnn: Thank you bro .

Ade: You’re welcome .

Cnn: Bye

***He hung up*** .

He finished his meal and walked back to his seat at the back of the bus, the driver brought engine back to live and zoomed off, in the next 3 to 4 hours they would be in abuja .

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Dupe is also seen at the back of cell shedding tear, she hated herself that moment, she had been regretting working with madam Hadiza, she cursed the day she met her, and also she has been waiting for pesman for long time ago, but there is no sign of him, she has been waiting for arrival of her boss (Madam Hadiza) maybe if she pleaded her she might forgive and set her free, her boss was with her in station before she called someone on phone (pesman) after she ended the call she entered her car and drove off without telling anyone where she’s heading to, When she (Dupe) cannot endure it again she called the officer Mic to call pesman for the third time, the officer was so furious as pesman didn’t pick the call till forth rang . (Back to pesman in madam Hadiza’s sitting room) .

Madam Hadiza walked in with cute smile on her face, she sat beside me on the couch and placed her left hand on my shoulder “welcome home pesman” she said to me. .

Me: Thank you peslady .

Madam Hadiza: How are you doing .

Me: As you can see am fine, just that i need to rest, i have sleepless night at the hospital .

Madam Hadiza: Its true but we need to talk, can we? .

Me: Let go to your room, here isn’t safe .

Madam Hadiza: Why? .

Me: Your maid might be hearing our conversation, i believe what you want to discuss with me should be in private .

Madam Hadiza: Is that what you want? .

Me: Yes, am not feeling comfortable here .

Madam Hadiza: Ok, let’s go ***She stood up and i followed her from behind*** here we are in my room ***sitting down on bed*** .

Me: Nice room you gat ***Sitting beside her*** Ask whatever you want to know about my encounter with police .

Madam Hadiza: We are not here because of that, i don’t even want to know the crime you committed, what i want to discuss with you is something that can bring progress into our lives .

Me: Ok love am listening .

Madam Hadiza: You know i discussed something with my lawyer back in sitting room ***Reaching for my hand and caress it*** i want to build big filling station in this town, i want to invest into oil business

Me: Its good idea and i love it as well, but you just open a big supermarket not too long .

Madam Hadiza: Yes, i need more money, i want to prove my late husband wrong .

Me: What is the arrangement now? .

Madam Hadiza: Me and you with the lawyer will check out the land i found tomorrow or next, immediately i collect C of O work will start there, my lawyer will also register it for me .

Me: I wish you success dear .

Madam Hadiza: ***Kissing my hand*** I love you .

Me: Love you too .

Madam Hadiza: You’re spending night here? .

Me: Maybe .

Madam Hadiza: Why maybe? Don’t forget your promise in station .

Me: That remain me, what about your sale girl at the police station .

Madam Hadiza: That b—h will rot in jail, she don’t want to confess .

Me: Do you believe that innocent looking girl can do something like that? .

Madam Hadiza: Don’t trust anybody pesman, even your shadow leaves you in darkness .

Me: But that girl is too gentle to do such .

Madam Hadiza: You want to support her pesman? .

Me: Not really but i want you to have mercy on her, lets assume she’s your daughter i believe you will not kill her because she lost your money, and this is not the first time of you sending her to bank, i want you to know that, that’s how Almighty Allah want it, don’t forget you’re a Muslim let emulate rosululahi (S.W.A) we have to learn how to forgive and forget .

Madam Hadiza: *** With coloured eye and raised voice*** Tell me pesman what’s going on between the two of you? Tell me you have something in common with her hun? Who is she to you .

Me: ***Madam Hadiza is mad at me, this is the first time of her raising voice on me, my phone rang that moment, i looked at madam hadiza before picking the call because the caller was Dupe*** .

Madam Hadiza: She is calling you right, who is that girl to you pesman . Haaaaaa pesman you’re a goonner .

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To be continued