The Prognosticator Episode 41


******MADAM HADIZA’S HOUSE****** .

I became more than happy as our car approached her house “I am now a totally free man” the smile on madam hadiza for been by her side was so obvious, she was smiling as she drove to her house. With us inside the car was Barr.Adebayo he gave me some word of advice, and also told me to be involving lawyer on time if i had any case next time. We reached madam Hadiza’s house, her gateman opened the gate for us, I looked left and right and equally thank God for letting me return back to madam hadiza house after almost 48hours with police, i became more than happy as i made my way into her sitting room, we entered the sitting room and sat on the couch .

Madam Hadiza: ***Faced me*** Welcome my boy, i know you cannot commit murder .

Me: To be helping someone now is another thing in Nigeria .

Madam Hadiza: That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t render help again .

Me: No, i will not .

Madam Hadiza: No pesman you have to continue helping, God will be rewarding you abundantly .

Me: But i regret helping that silly girl, let assume i don’t have someone like you maybe i would have be in jail by now .

Madam Hadiza: All thanks to Almighty Allah, pesman becareful next time .

Me: Have lent my lesson now .

Madam Hadiza: ***Faced Barr.Adebayo*** Am very sorry barrister, i miss my boy so much .

Barr: ***clear Throat*** That’s good, i can see he missed you too .

Me: smile .

Madam hadiza: What can i offer you? .

Barr: Am ok .

Madam Hadiza: ***Calling Sandra, her maid*** Sandra! Sandra!! Sandra!!! .

Sandra: ***Answering from afar*** am coming ma .

Barr: Madam .

Madam Hadiza: Yes barrister .

Barr: I will go to station tomorrow to close the case .

Madam Hadiza: I want it done today not tomorrow barrister .

Barr: Things are not done like that, D.P.O house is on fire now, let’s give him the respect he deserve, discovering his daughter in that hospital is woe to him, i will go there tomorrow or next to finish everything .

Madam Hadiza: anyway i cannot teach you your work, you know what to do this is your office not mine .

Barr: Have been your lawyer even since you relocated to this town and i don’t think i have once disappointed you .

Madam Hadiza: Never .

Barr: Good, you have to trust me on this .

Madam Hadiza: Sure i am .

Sandra: ***Walking out of one room*** i am here ma .

Madam Hadiza: Bring drinks for barrister and pesman, barrister what you care for? .

Barr: Cold water .

Madam Hadiza: What of you pesman? .

Me: Origin .

Sandra: We don’t have it .

Me: Give me any drink of your choice then .

Sandra: ***She walked away*** .

Barr: ***Faced me*** According to your statement with police you’re two in this case, who is your second? .

Me: Cnn my friend .

Barr: I didn’t see him in station where is he? .

Me: He escaped, he ran away .

Barr: How come he escaped in front of police .

Me: ***Told him how he managed to escaped*** .

Madam Hadiza: ***Astonished*** My God! your friend is dam b–m .

Barr: Hmmm i can bet it, your friend is wanted in town .

Me: I don’t know where he’s now .

Barr: Am now having different feelings toward your story, what makes your friend run away if he’s not that girl boyfriend something is missing, we are missing something great, for him to run away definitely this is a plan work, plan work between two of you, one of you must be her boyfriend, you have to stay away from him if you don’t want him to implicate you in the nearest future .

Me: Who, cnn? Hmmm i don’t want to see him again ever in my life, he left me alone to suffer for the crime he ***silence*** No problem sir .

Sandra: Here is your drinks ***She put it on the table and walked away*** .

Madam Hadiza: Thank you barrister .

Barr: ***Drinking his water*** Welcome madam how is work? .

Madam Hadiza: Fine o .

Barr: That’s good .

Madam Hadiza: I even wanted to call you before issue of pesman arise .

Barr: Ok can we discuss it now or you come to my office? .

Madam Hadiza: We can talk here, or because of pesman, you don’t have to worry about him he’s my loyal boy .

Me: ***Loyal boy indeed*** .

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Barr: Ok am listening .

Madam Hadiza: I want to upgrade to oil business .

Me: ***wow my madam don hit it big time*** .

Barr: Very Good idea oil is very lucrative, surplus and profitable, moreover we are having less filling stations in this town, i love your courage ma have you secure a land? .

Madam Hadiza: Yes and no, someone told me about one land not too far to my supermarket we’ll check out the land tomorrow and you’ll be helping me on C of O (certificate of owner) .

Barr: there is no problem about that, call me whenever you’re ready .

Madam Hadiza: You’ll also help me on contractor .

Barr: Alright madam, i will do everything as you want it, just keep reminding me .

Madam Hadiza: Ok .

Barr: Let me start going now, i have alot of files to attend in my office .

Madam Hadiza: Thanks so much barrister, you’ll see my hand .

Barr: As usual .

Madam Hadiza: ***laugh*** yes as usual .

Madam Hadiza saw him off, because the man didn’t come with his car, immediately they left, Sandra walked out of her room, i thought she came to clean the table, but instead of her to clean the table as expected, she sat direct opposite me with cute smile on her face .

Me: Hi Sandra .

Sandra: Hi pesman .

Me: You just employed? .

Sandra: No, more than a year now .

Me: wow this my second time in this house have we met before? .

Sandra: No, this is our first time .

Me: Where went you first time i came here? .

Sandra: Don’t know maybe i went out with madam daughter, she took me as her sister .

Me: That’s kind of her, where is she now? .

Sandra: She hardly stay home, from party to another .

Me: Spoil brat .

Sandra: Smile .

Me: Sandra right? .

Sandra: Yes, and you pesman? .

Me: Yes pesman .

Sandra: pesman! Pesman!! Pesman!!! Sound familiar .

Me: Yes it must .

Sandra: How related are you to my madam .

Me: Her just employed P.A (Personal Assistance) .

Sandra: cool, she didn’t tell me .

Me: Maybe she think its not necessary .

Sandra: Well, let me have your phone .

Me: ***Give it to her*** .

Sandra: I Saved my number with Sandra, pesman call me tonight, we have to talk .

Me: I will call you .

Sandra: Let me be going now my madam shouldn’t meet me here and meet here dirty like this ***she quickly packed everything and cleaned the table before she went to kitchen*** .

Pesman You’re about to sign another player to your squared, player Sandra her jersey number would be?? (only time could tell) .

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To be continued