The Prognosticator Episode 38


Back to pesman at the back of police van) . I began to think when am i going to be set free, my heart leaped with joy, reason behind my joy was Madam Hadiza i knew she is capable of my freedom, an idea popped into my head, I brought out my phone and logged on whatsapp luckily for me nurse Titi was online. .

Me: Hi dear .

Nurse Titi: My love, how are you and where are you now? .

Me: At the back of police van .

Nurse Titi: What??? What are you doing at the back of police van? .

Me: Things has turned against us .

Nurse Titi: What happened .

Me: Nike discovered cnn .

Nurse Titi: ***Shock sign*** Haaaaaa there is fire on the mountain, what happened next .

Me: She told her father that cnn is her sister’s boyfriend .

Nurse Titi: Big trouble, where is cnn .

Me: Cnn has escaped .

Nurse Titi: Tell me it is a lie, how come pesman? .

Me: It is a very long story dear, he snatched gun from one of the police and escaped with the help of the gun, he threatened to shoot the D.P.O, at the end he had his way and ran away leaving me all alone to face the music .

Nurse Titi: There is trouble pesman, what are we going to do now? .

Me: Don’t know but what i believe is that i will leave here today .

Nurse Titi: Don’t worry my love, i will try all my best to set you free .

Me: Please don’t come to clinic now, police might be looking for you too .

Nurse Titi: ***Smile*** don’t worry about me pesman, have already told you i have my way in this town, they have nothing to do with me .

Me: What gives you the courage? .

Nurse Titi: Don’t worry about that .

Me: Get to go now police are here ***logout*** .

The police team,D.P.O,Nike,Doctor and Madam Hadiza walked out of the clinic and coming to my direction, Madam Hadiza came to me and said .

Madam Hadiza: Pesman i have talk to D.P.O we are going to settle it in his office, police will drive you to station now, while i follow you from back, you have nothing to worry of .

Me: Thank you love .

Madam Hadiza: But D.P.O said you are two in number who is your second? .

Me: My friend cnn .

Madam Hadiza: Where is he? .

Me: He has ran Away .

Madam Hadiza: that’s why D.P.O is so mad at you but don’t worry everything will be settle soon .

Me: Thank you love .

Madam Hadiza: Don’t tell a lie in station ok, say everything according to how it happened so i will know what to tell D.P.O .

Me: Ok love you so much .

Madam Hadiza: Love you too (peck me) . (The police team entered into the van, D.P.O and Nike entered into his car, Madam Hadiza drove off in her own car, all of us headed to police station)

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****** NURSE TITI ****** .

Immediately she ended the chat with pesman she placed a call to her boss (Doctor) .

Nurse Titi: Hi boss .

Doctor: How are you titi? .

Nurse Titi: Am fine and you? .

Doctor: Am fine, where are you? .

Nurse Titi: Am home, what happened? .

Doctor: The patient you brought here is the missing daughter of D.P.O they have been searching for her long time ago .

Nurse Titi: That’s good am happy for the D.P.O .

Doctor: But there is a problem .

Nurse Titi: On what? .

Doctor: One of the guys you took here is her boyfriend .

Nurse Titi: What do you mean by one of those guys is her boyfriend .

Doctor: Yes, police carried them to station to write their statements and they involved you, they claimed you helped her together .

Nurse Titi: That’s truth .

Doctor: The police are now looking for you, they said you also have statement to write .

Nurse Titi: What did you tell them .

Doctor: I said you’re not around now that i sent you on errand, whenever they sent for you i will be the one to attend to them .

Nurse Titi: I trust you .

Doctor: What about we see tonight? .

Nurse Titi: Nope, am going to a night vigil .

Doctor: Please do the vigil with me, i really miss your pu–y .

Nurse Titi: Nope, we shall see another day, let settle the issue of the police first .

Doctor: Are you truly responsible for the girl’s abortion? .

Nurse Titi: Don’t ask me that, if you don’t want me to be mad at you .

Doctor: Don’t be mad at me please, am very sorry .

Nurse Titi: Better .

Doctor: Oya smile .

Nurse Titi: Have smiled .

Doctor: Love you .

Nurse Titi: Thank you bye

***Hung up*** . …

Meanwhile cnn is seen running through the narrow way in the bush, only God knows where the road lead to, he ran like 35min in the bush before he suddenly stopped, he was breathing heavily, he sat under the mango tree and brought out his phone and dialed a number .

Cnn: Hello abbey .

Abbey: Padi mi to sure (My surest friend) happen nah? .

Cnn: Not fine, please i need your help .

Abbey: What happened .

Cnn: Please like how much you have in your account? .

Abbey: I still have up to 7k .

Cnn: That’s good, please transfer 5k, to me, i need it urgently .

Abbey: i can’t go to bank now .

Cnn: Which bank are you using .

Abbey: FirstBank .

Cnn: Please use mobile banking to transfer the money .

Abbey: What do you want to use 5k, for? .

Cnn: There is a car i want to buy, am even with the owner of the car now, my money remain only 5k to complete please help me .

Abbey: I think you should call pesman .

Cnn: Pesman has given me all he have abbey please help me .

Abbey: Ok, send your account number to me .

Cnn: Thank you i will send it now .

Abbey: I will transfer it with mobile money app now .

Cnn: Thank boss, see you in the evening, we will go to grace house with the car .

Abbey: No problem bye

***hung up*** . *** AN HOUR LATER*** .

Cnn is seen seated at the back of luxurious bus heading to abuja, he definitely run out of the town, leaving his friend (Pesman) alone to face the music, pesman is going to suffer for the crime cnn committed, what a wicked world .

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To be continued