The Prognosticator Episode 37


My heart leaped with joy when i saw Madam Hadiza coming to my direction, she walked to the police officer who dragged me into the back of police van .

Madam Hadiza: Please officer am looking for pesman .

Police: Who is pesman? .

Madam Hadiza: The boy that has case with you here .

Police: Oh! That stupid boy? .

Madam Hadiza: Where is he? .

Police: ***Pointing at the back of the van*** .

Madam Hadiza: OMG, what makes you keep him at the back of your van? .

Police: That’s where he deserve to be .

Madam Hadiza: ***Moving close to me*** Pesman am here, don’t worry ok i will settle this case as soon as possible .

Police: ***Yimu*** .

Me: ***With joy all over my face*** I trust you dear .

Madam Hadiza: ***Faced police*** Who is incharge of his case? .

Police: You think its someone you can bribe abi? .

Madam Hadiza: Stop saying nonsense and answer my question .

Police: Na you sabi .

Me: I think its D.P.O himself .

Madam Hadiza: D.P.O ibrahim? .

Me: Yes .

Madam Hadiza: Do you remembered him? .

Me: Yes! .

Madam Hadiza: Good he was the one i talked to when someone accused you of breaking his windscreen .

Me: Yes i remember .

Madam Hadiza: This case would be the simplest case for me D.P.O ibrahim is my good friend .

Me: ***Only if you know the kind of crime i committed, its murder case o*** I trust you dear, can’t wait to be set free and spend the night in your house .

Madam Hadiza: ***With joy*** You wanna spend the night with me .

Me: Yes love .

Madam Hadiza: That’s wonderful pesman, i love you .

Me: please set me free .

Madam Hadiza: You shouldn’t worry about that, where is D.P.O .

Me: He’s inside the clinic with doctor .

Madam Hadiza: Ok let me go and meet him (She left)


(Meanwhile D.P.O, Nike and Doctor had gone to Tola’s ward immediately one of the police dragged pesman out roughly, D.P.O was extremely shocked when he saw her daughter (Tola) lying on the bed, Nike ran toward her sister and started crying) .

Nike: Dad didn’t i tell you? .

D.P.O: Tola! Tola!! Tola!!! What led you to all this rubbish, who did this to you .

Nike: You don’t need to ask, its that insensate boy .

Doctor: D.P.O is she your daughter? .

D.P.O: Yes she is my missing daughter, have been searching for her for the past few days .

Doctor: What a wicked world, so she was brought here by her boyfriend, and the boy has escaped now .

D.P.O: That boy must learn his lesson, i will use all my influence to search for him, and i will not release the one in our custody until he provide his friend .

Nike: Please dad, don’t deal with the innocent boy .

Doctor: He’s not an innocent, he was fully involved in this .

D.P.O: According to their statements i read , one of your nurses will be questioned too, you know one of your nurses is involved .

Doctor: She just help them, as you can see she knew nothing about this .

D.P.O: Don’t forget the other two guys are also Claiming of helping my daughter, but at the end one of them happened to be her boyfriend, don’t you know your nurse might be behind the abortion, she was the one who abort my daughter pregnancy, this is totally plan work, your nurse must be questioned. .

Doctor: If that’s what you want no problem .

D.P.O: Where’s she? .

Doctor: Actually she’s not around now , i sent her on errand to one of my friend in other town, she will be back tonight (He lied) .

D.P.O: Good, please bring her to station for questioning as soon as she’s around .

Doctor: Ok sir, i will .

Nike: ***Moved to Tola, she sat at the edge of her bed*** Anty mi (My sister) why do you do it this way? Why hiding your feelings from me? Why don’t you tell me before you abort the innocent baby? .

Tola: Silence .

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D.P.O: Tola, why do this to me, despite the fact that i love you, i always provide for your needs, i always care for you, why are you re- paying me with sorrow? Why do you intentionally want to kill your poor mother? Answer me .

Tola: Silence .

Nike: Anty Tola! .

Tola: Silence .

Nike: Anty Tola .

Tola: Silence .

Nike: Doctor she cannot talk .

D.P.O: ***With fear*** Doctor my daughter cannot talk again, what happened? .

Doctor: You need to let her rest for now when its time to talk with her i will let you know ***Madam Hadiza walked in that moment, brought their conversation to an end*** .

D.P.O: ***Faced Madam Hadiza*** Don’t tell me you are here again because of that stupid boy .

Madam Hadiza: Smile .

D.P.O: Nothing you can tell or offer me about this case this time around, this boy must go to jail, only if he can provide his friend .

Madam Hadiza: Which of his friend? .

Doctor: The one that escaped .

Madam Hadiza: Are they two? .

D.P.O: Yes .

Madam Hadiza: But pesman didn’t tell me all this , Mr ibrahim what do you suggest we do now? .

D.P.O: Nothing just tell that stupid boy to provide his friend, moreover who is that boy to you? .

Madam Hadiza: He’s my errand boy .

D.P.O: So your errand boy friend impregnated my own daughter .

Madam Hadiza: ***Shocked*** Your daughter how come? But my boy said he helped someone and you guys accused him of what he knew nothing about, tell me Mr ibrahim is it a crime to help someone? That boy is a nice boy, he had vowed not to be helping again, its not fair like this nah .

D.P.O: You know nothing about this case

Madam Hadiza: I know nothing about it and i don’t want to know, just release my boy for me, because i want to send him somewhere, and he’s yet to feed me back about where i sent him before you guys denied him freedom .

D.P.O: Am very sorry madam i cannot release him for you .

Madam Hadiza: Mr ibrahim i think we cannot settle it here, where do you want us to meet .

D.P.O: No need of any place, we can talk in my office, just have it at the back of your mind that, that silly boy will be here so he will be the one to tell you the whole story .

Madam Hadiza: No problem then let’s go to your office and talk things out (All of them walked out of Tola’s ward) .

Do you think Madam hadiza can settle this case???? .

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To be continued