The Prognosticator Episode 32



cnn: No problem oga police we’ll help you in searching for her, just show us her pictures tomorrow for recognition, we might even know her .

Police2: No problem I will show you guys her pictures immediately after you write your statements .

Me: Ok o oga police .

Police1: ***Faced doctor*** your nurse will also follow us to station to write all what she knows about this, you know she’s also involved .

Doctor: I know, but I believe her, you don’t need to take her along to the station .

Police1: She must, you know this two young men will mention her in their statements, and our superior will call for her arrest .

Doctor: Agreed but she cannot go with you tomorrow, until that girl can talk, she’s the one assigned to her .

Police2: We’ll not take too much of her time, she’ll just write the statement and back to the hospital to continue her work .

Doctor: You have nothing to worry about her, I promise to take her to station myself immediately the patient is fit enough to talk .

Police1: ***Looking at his friend, they signalled each other*** Ok no problem we know she cannot run away .

Me: ***Brought out my phone logged on whatsapp to gist nurse Titi what her boss and the policemen discussed, she said I should not worry about her, she said she knew how to cover herself, I also gist her about the statement we are going to write at the station next day, she advised us to write the same statement and if they are questioning us we should know what reply to give them, and we should not be scared in front of them, because our reactions can put us in trouble and it can also set us free, I thanked her and asked about Tola’s health she said she’s fine and she also wants to chat with me*** .

Nurse Titi: Hello pesman it’s me Tola (Chatting via whatsapp) .

Me: ***Cnn Tola want to chat with us, he moved closed to me and looking at the screen to read our conversations*** Haa Tola thank God you’re wake .

Tola: Glory be to God, are you guys still in hospital? .

Me: Yes .

Tola: What of my man? .

Me: He’s here beside me .

Tola: Greet him for me .

Me: You’ll chat with him later .

Tola: Tell him I miss him, and he should not be scared of my father, am ready to denies knowing you guys in front of him, nurse Titi had discussed everything with me, please use your brain when you are dealing with police, they’ll like to be playing with your intelligence just be careful with them .

Me: Ok dear thank you .

Tola: If doctor comes here I will still be pretending as if am yet to be talking I wants to buy more times for nurse Titi and I to plan something new .

Me: Alright, nurse Titi said you told her that we should try to avoid your sister because she was the only one knowing you’re dating cnn .

Tola: Yes it’s true Nike must not see cnn if we don’t want things to turned against us .

Me: I pray she didn’t come to station .

Tola: She’ll not come by God grace .

Me: Amen .

Tola: Please give phone to cnn lemme chat with him .

Me: ***Handed over phone to cnn*** .

Cnn: Hi dear this is cnn .

Tola: Hi love how are you .

Cnn: Not fine .

Tola: I know, please don’t think about it, we’ll soon overcome this .

Cnn: I believe .

Tola: And be praying for me o .

Cnn: You’ll recover soon dear .

Tola: And you must stay away from my sister, she’s the only one who can put you into another trouble .

Cnn: Am scared of her, but I believe she’ll not come to station tomorrow by God grace .

Tola: Where are you keeping my phone .

Cnn: Pesman know where I kept it, I’ll give it to you when you’re discharged .

Tola: Ok, Tell pesman to be gisting us as the event of the station is going .

Cnn: No problem I will tell him .

Tola: What of your phone, Where do you keep it? .

Cnn: I switched it off and hid it somewhere because your sister might be trying to reach me .

Tola: Good idea, I know they will soon found me here in hospital .

Cnn: Please recover quickly for me .

Tola: Smile, lemme sleep now, I will be looking forward to the outcome of tomorrow events .

Cnn: I pray we don’t get lockup .

Tola: Just try to act smart enough to confused the police bye am feeling sleepy, maybe because of the injections I took .

Cnn: ok Bye dream of me .

Tola: sure I will .

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After cnn ended chat with Tola, nurse Titi took over we chatted for a while before she went offline, she advised us to be a man enough to confront the police and we should not f–k up, i also told her about the statement policemen said she will write and how her boss covered her, she smiles and said “Pesman I trust my Boss am going nowhere with them” She also assured us nothing is going to happen, we just need to confused them.


We slept in the hospital that fateful day, we were carried to police station early in the morning in the following day, we reached station at exactly 8:02am .


Cnn and I were led to different questioning rooms, different officer were also assigned to us to question us differently, so we can be pin by our words, my heart froze as I walked to the room, but I made up my mind to act innocently as advised by nurse Titi, I pray for God wisdom as I entered the room and also prayed for cnn to give the same replies as mine if not so, we’re in hot soup.

The officer I was assigned entered with serious look on his face, he was looking like newly solider posted to sambisa forest to face Boko Haram, I was so scared to the extent I don’t even pay attention to name on his chest, he faced me with sorrow eye and said .

Police m: Guy what’s your name? .

Me: ***I don’t need to lie about my name, they might also asked cnn***

My name is pesman .

Police: Pesman! Pesman! Your name sounds familiar, have you ever involved in any case with us in this station before? .

Me: Yes sir, not too long .

Police: What was your offense then? .

Me: One man alleged me of broken his car windscreen .

Police: Ok, that aside, what do you have to say about this issue of abortion girl at the hospital? .

Me: my friend and I were coming from Dstv viewing Centre when we found her lying lifeless along the road, we moved closed to her to check on her. By that time one girl was in front of us she went to buy bread, we called her, she came to our side we explain everything to her lucky for us she’s a nurse, she tested her and gave her injection to stabilized her before we carried her to hospital for proper treatment, but I was surprised when your men (police) said we have statement to write, oga police as from now on I vow not to be helping again, can you just imagine because we helped that girl now, we were denied freedom .

Police: What is the name of your friend? .

Me: Mujeeb .

Police: You said you were coming from Dstv when you saw her body along the road? .

Me: Yes .

Police: Who and who is playing? I mean which team .

Me: PSG and Arsenal uefa champions league .

Police: What was the scoreline .

Me: 1-1 Draw .

Police: Who scored for arsenal .

Me: Alexis Sanchez .

Police: So by the time you carried her to the hospital I believe you see her face .

Me: Yes I do .

Police: Have you ever meet her or seen her face before? .

Me: Never, yesterday was the first time am seeing her face .

Police: Do you suspect anybody in that area as her boyfriend? .

Me: No sir, because I don’t know her, so how would I know her boyfriend .

Police: Thanks for corporation, I believe at the end of this state government will reward you guys for saving the poor girl’s life, you can go back now .

Me: Thank you sir ***I went back to counter to wait for my friend, seven minutes later cnn came out with the police assigned to him. I looked at his eyes he also looked at mine and smiled, I became happy and believed we are in safe side, he sat beside me, but before I could asked him any questions the two officers assigned to question us came to us and said .

Police: It seems you guys are innocent on this, your answer to the question we asked you is 90% the same, but we’ll still have to confirm it from the victim at the hospital .

Cnn: No problem we are ready to do anything for you .

Police: We’ll go to the hospital now to hear from her ***He barely finished his words when my phone rang, the caller was Jameelah, I picked .

Me: Hello .

Jameelah: Hi love how are you .

Me: Am fine .

Jameelah: Where are you? .

Me: With a friend .

Jameelah: Early this morning? .

Me: We are settling one issue here .

Jameelah: can we see today .

Me: I will call you if we can, I don’t know how long am staying here .

Jameelah: I will be expecting your call .

Me: Ok .

Jameelah: Thanks for yesterday outing .

Me: The pleasure is mine .

Jameelah: Don’t forget to call me whenever you’re free .

Me: Sure I will call you .

Jameelah: Ok bye .

Me: Bye ***Hang up*** .

Cnn: Am thinking of something .

Me: what’s it .

Cnn: I think you should call madam hadiza and explain to her .

Me: No need for that, this issue is yet to be complicated, we can still Handle this within our self, but if things turn upside down, we’ll inform her ***My phone rang, the caller was the person we were discussing about madam hadiza, I picked with fear maybe she had found out I was in police station, I don’t know how she knew I was in hospital when I was admitted there, likewise the same time she bailed me from this station when I broke one man car ‘s glass, maybe her informant had informed her again*** .

Me: Hello peslady .

Madam hadiza: Hi love how are you .

Me: Am fine .

Madam hadiza: Where are you? .

Me: ***looking at cnn he urged me to voice out*** Am with a friend .

Madam hadiza: When are we seeing? .

Me: Same time we fixed yesterday .

Madam hadiza: 4pm .

Me: Yes .

Madam hadiza: Am calling to check on you, am missing your handsome face .

Me: Laugh .

Madam hadiza: Pesman Take good care of yourself for peslady .

Me: Sure I will .

Madam hadiza: Ok dear bye *** hang up*** .

15minutes later one of the police who questioned us walked to us and said “It’s time to visit the hospital to hear from the girl” we are about to Walked out when the D.P.O walked in I quickly recognized him, he was the one who settled my case when I broke the windscreen, he looked at me and smiled, all the officers at the counter stand still to greet him with full respect .

Polices: Good morning sir .

D.P.O : morning how are you? .

Polices: Fine sir .

D.P.O: ***Faced cnn and i*** What are this people are doing here? .

Police: They have a case sir, there was a girl who was in hospital as we are talking, the girl had abortion she was dumped along the road in the night, this two young men carried her to hospital to save her life, so we’re questioning them, they might be the girl boyfriend but they denied sir .

D.P.O: A girl? .

Police: Yes sir .

D.P.O: I think I have interest in this case .

Me: ***I felt like disappearing, the whole D.P.O wants to handle the case of his daughter himself*** .

D.P.O: Who’s in charge of this case? .

Police: Sargent Tunde sir .

D.P.O: Tell him to withdraw the case for me I want to handle it .

Me: ***We are almost closed to jail, one beautiful girl walked in that moment, the girl was carbon copy of Tola, my instincts told me she was Nike (Tola’s sister) they looked alike, only difference between them was she taller than Tola. I looked at cnn at the back he was hiding his face under the counter, I lower myself to him and asked him*** What’s is happening to you? .

Cnn: Pesman we’re in trouble, Nike (Tola’s sister) is here .

Me: Haaaaaaaaaaaaa .

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To be continued