The Prognosticator Episode 31


I logged on whatsapp, Titi messages is awaits me, I clicked on her name to read her chat, Her first message read thus “Hi pesman thank God she’s awake, but she cannot talk” Second message was “Don’t be panic nothing will happen” I quickly replied her with Thank God o, she replied me instantly and we started chatting .

Nurse Titi: Welcome pesman, have been expecting you .

Me: Here i am, how is she now? .

Nurse Titi: She’s now OK, even she’s talking now .

Me: Thank God .

Nurse Titi: Concern our deal, have discussed everything with her, she agreed to corporate with us .

Me: But there’s a trouble .

Nurse Titi: What happened again .

Me: Doctor had called police they are here .

Nurse Titi: What??? He must be mad by involving police .

Me: He said he doesn’t wants to tarnish the image of his clinic, because something bad might happened to her .

Nurse Titi: What was the police replied then .

Me: We are going to station with them for questioning and writing down statement ,one of the police also said he’s suspecting us as her boyfriend, he said only Tola can set us free .

Nurse Titi: Don’t worry pesman Tola is ready to help us, she said her father is D.P.O and she’ll denies us in front of him .

Me: May God bless her for me .

Nurse Titi: Amin o .

Me: So tell Tola we’re going to police station to write our statement .

Nurse Titi: Let me tell her .

Me: OK .

Nurse Titi: She said you should not worried about that, but there’s a problem .

Me: ***fear*** problem again? .

Nurse Titi: She said her sister know cnn, and she frequently followed her daddy to station almost every day .

Me: Haaaaaaaaaa seriously trouble .

Nurse Titi: She said if she denies Cnn as her boyfriend, her sister must not see him because if she does she would confirm him as her boyfriend .

Me: We’re in another trouble, what do you suggest we do? .

Nurse Titi: Don’t worry just go to station and write meaningful statements .

Me: Ok Ma we’ll try our best .

Nurse Titi: Ok dear .

Me: Chat you later, the policemen are here .

Nurse Titi: Ok bye, don’t forget to clear this Chat history o, and delete my number on your phone it can led to something else . I cleared the chat history and deleted their numbers (nurse Titi and Tola’s number) out of my phone. The doctor and the policemen walked to us .

Doctor: Gentlemen how are you doing .

Me: We are not fine .

Police2: What happened? .

Cnn: I don’t know it’s prohibited to helps in Nigeria, because we helped her now we don’t have freedom again .

Police1: It’s not like that my brothers, I can feel your pain here as well, but we have to follow normal protocol, and I believe after this you’ll get something big as rewards, I know you’re not her boyfriend, but we’ll make sure her father compensate you guys handsomely .

Me: Thank God you believe we’re not her boyfriend, fine we don’t need her father’s compensation, let us go to our house to sleep .

Cnn: Yes nah, or we’re passing the night here .

Police2: Am very sorry you’re passing the night here, you’ll follow us to station tomorrow morning .

Me: What if the patient confirm our innocent this night? .

Police1: You still have to reach our station because we are having befitting ceremony for you .

Me: ***Talking to Cnn in whispering*** Guy don’t let us arguing too much with them so they cannot suspecting us more .

Cnn: ok .

Me: Just be praying her sister should not come to station, if she comes na big trouble o .

Cnn: Jail straight .

Me: Don’t you think they would have been looking for Tola by now, she left house about three days ago .

Cnn: Yes they might be looking for her, if her father catch me, only God known what my faith would be .

Doctor: ***Faced police*** Hmmmm Mr ogunbiyi you supposed to be here in the afternoon when your brother was rushed here, where went you? .

Police1: I was at work .

Doctor: But one of your brother called you then . Police1: Yeah I cannot leave where I was, you know what? I was in mortuary then .

Doctor: Who died? .

Police2: Nobody died o .

Doctor: What are you guys doing in mortuary then .

Police1: It’s our oga Daughter o .

Doctor: You mean D.P.O’s daughter? What happened to her? .

Police2: We have been searching for her for the past 48hrs now, it seems she’s missing, even we have announced on radio and television .

Doctor: Where she went .

Police2: She didn’t tell anyone where she’s going when she left the house around 3pm the day before yesterday .

Doctor: Her number isn’t connecting .

Police2: Yeah it’s not .

Doctor: We’ll see her by God grace .

Me: Amin o .

Doctor: Do you have her pictures on your phone, maybe I may know her .

Police1: You suppose to know her .

Doctor: What’s her name? .

Police1: Tola .

Cnn: ***Like someone who wants to faint*** .

Me: ***Like someone who is waiting for his dead trial*** .

Doctor: I don’t know any of D.P.O’s daughter , let me see her pictures .

Police1: ***Brought out his phone checked it for a while but she found none of her pictures*** Oh I don’t have it here, it was kept on my other phone .

Me: ***Thank you God*** .

Police2: D.P.O is About to run mad now, he loves Tola so much, he promised to deal with whosoever we found his daughter in his or her house, because he believes his daughter was camped by a guy not kidnapped .

Doctor: The person is in trouble .

Me: oga o (It’s a pity) the whole D.P.O’s daughter .

Police2: ***Faced us*** Young men you can also helps us in search of her, I will show you her pictures tomorrow .

Me: ***Mumu police only if you knew that the girl you were searching for was under your nose*** .

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To be continued