The Prognosticator Episode 30



I was like Disappeared when the policemen closed on us, only prayer on my lips was Tola to survived if she eventually died, we’re almost closed to our graves,. The policemen reached our side and sat beside us, he faced one of the nurses and said .

Police: Hello nurse .

Nurse: Hi sir, what can I do for you? .

Police: Actually am here to check on my brother, he was admitted here in the morning .

Nurse: We’re sorry sir, you cannot see him again this night, maybe you should come tomorrow morning .

Police: Please nurse i know time is gone, but I was on duty since morning there is no time for me to check him, this is the available time am having, please lemme see him .

Nurse: I cannot grant you entrance to his ward , only if you can wait for doctor to come, he’s the only one that can help you, am working on order .

Police: Where is he? .

Nurse: He’s with a patient, he will pass here any moment from now .

Police: Ok let me wait for him. .

15Minutes late, the doctor appear before us with full smile on his face .

Doctor: ***Stenched hand forward to policemen for hand sake*** You guys are welcome, one of my nurse called you? .

Police: Not really, I am here to check a patient but your nurse said i cannot see him again this night because time is gone, only if I can wait for you, that’s why am here waiting for you sir .

Doctor: Yes that’s true we don’t allow any visitors to visit our patients after 8:00pm that’s why you were denied entrance, how relating are you to the patient? .

Police: My immediate brother .

Doctor: Ok you will see him and we also need you guys help, I would have come to your station to report a case but the patients am attending to are in bad conditions, see this two Young men ***He pointed at us, my heart started beating faster, while Cnn was soaked with his sweat, only God knows what’s going on in his mind, either to disappear or to pee on himself*** .

Police: What happened to them? .

Doctor: They brought in here one lady with my nurse (Nurse Titi) we diagnosed her and found out she had incomplete abortion .

Police: ***Faced us*** That’s murder case, who’s her boyfriend among of you .

Cnn: Nobody sir, we just help the girl, we were coming from viewing Centre when we saw her body along the road we have no choice than to save her life by carrying her here, though we don’t know her .

Doctor: Yes they don’t know her, because my nurse also confirmed it .

Police: It might be plan work with your nurse, you don’t have to trust her, where’s she now .

Doctor: She’s in emergency ward, her condition is very bad, one of my nurse is watching over her, so I want to come to your station to report her case, in case something bad might happened .

Police: You do good doctor, the best way is to report cases like this to us as early as possible, but what you have to do now is that you should not let two of them leave this hospital, because they’ll follow us to our station for questioning and to write their statements, so when the girl is OK and fit enough to talk she’ll prove their innocent, because as a well trained police officer one among of them is her boyfriend, maybe they gave her drug to drink and after she consumed it, they cannot control it again, that’s why they framed the lie of being her helpers and you know only that girl can confirm it that they aren’t her boyfriend .

Doctor: Anyway I don’t see them as her boyfriend they only help her .

Police2: Let’s do our work please .

Police1: Yeah let’s do our work .

Me: See me see Nigeria oo, that’s why i vowed not to help again, because we helped her now, we have put ourselves in trouble abi? But what if she wakes and confirm it that we’rent her boyfriend, I will sue this hospital and Nigerian police as well .

Doctor: Nurse don’t let them leave this hospital Ok? .

Nurse: Ok sir .

Doctor: ***Faced the police*** Let’s go to your brother’s ward, what’s his name? .

Police2: Ogunbiyi Peter .

Doctor: Nurse Ogunbiyi peter is in which ward? .

Nurse: Let me check sir ***Checking the file in front of her*** Ward 23 sir . ***Doctor and the two policemen went to ward 23 leaving Cnn and I at the reception, immediately they left Cnn and I engaged in chatting*** .

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Cnn: pesman we’re in trouble .

Me: Big trouble .

Cnn: What do we do now .

Me: I don’t know .

Cnn: Let run out of here .

Me: All this nurses will not let us go .

Cnn: How many are they in number .

Me: ***Counting them with eyes*** They are eights ( in number .

Cnn: Let’s beat all of them and escape, we’ll take them four each, can’t you beat four ladies? .

Me: I can beat fives ladies, but you think it easy like that, don’t you know they will scream and their noises will draw the attention of the police, they will just arrest us and if we escape here self, the gate man will surely hold us down, don’t forget they’re also having securities here .

Cnn: What do we do now? .

Me: Let me inform Titi .

Cnn: Please do she might be of help .

Me: Calm down cnn, lets corporate on this, I know they’ll surely carry us to station to write our statements and to investigate us, please don’t let our words be different, you know they will question us in a different way and also in different rooms, and if our answer is different we’re in trouble .

Cnn: What’s the likely questions they may asked .

Me: Everything Relation to our statements, please just answer them with courage .

Cnn: ***crying*** i will try, see you in jail pesman .

I logged on whatsapp, Titi messages is awaits me, I clicked on her name to read her chat, Her first message read

“Hi pesman thank God she’s awake, but she cannot talk” Second message was “Don’t be panic nothing will happen” I quickly replied her with Thank God o, she replied me instantly and we started chatting .

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To be continued