The Prognosticator Episode 27


******BIG TROUBLE****** .

I saw nurse Titi off, on our way we talked about many things, lifestyle, education, fashion sports and entertainment .

Nurse Titi: Pesman i think we have to talk .

Me: So can we now? .

Nurse Titi: Let find one cool bar to talk .

Me: Any place in mind? .

Nurse Titi: Let go to Prince “O” hotel .

Me: What says the time . Nurse Titi: 5:31pm .

Me: *** Remembered my appointment with Jameelah at prince “O” hotel by 6pm*** I don’t like prince O, what of another bar? .

Nurse Titi: Where do you want us to go? .

Me: What if we go Royals hotel? .

Nurse Titi: It Ok by me let go, time isn’t by our side .

Me: Ok ***From there we headed to Royals hotel, we reached there and settled on empty seat, Titi order for meat pie and drink, the waiter served us, what she requested for, I ate one meat pie and drank a bottle of Origin zero. I liked the taste of of the meat pie but I don’t want to consumed more because in the next 40min am to meet with Jameelah and I have to taste something with her*** .

Nurse Titi: ***Seated opposite me*** So pesman how are you doing .

Me: As you can see am fine, please do you know me somewhere before? .

Nurse Titi: Pesman when I saw you yesterday morning, you looked like one of my course mate back in university, but when you moves close to me I discovered you weren’t the one, but woman in me aroused and I developed feelings for you that moment, i can’t explain how it got over me .

Me: I hope it’s not Hatreds feelings .

Nurse Titi: If it’s hatreds feelings I won’t be sitting in front of you now .

Me: Hmmm so am listening .

Nurse Titi: ***Reaching for my hands and begin to caress it*** Pesman I love you on first sight, I can’t hold back the feelings am having for you, I want you in my life, I want my life to be meaningful, I know with you my life would be as sweet as honey, pesman please I love you .

Me: ***If not for the women ritual i did, the caliber of this nurse cannot date someone like me*** To say the fact, I like you ,but I don’t think it can be possible, the feelings am having for you is just a friend feelings nothing more .

Nurse Titi: Haaaa pesman please don’t let me kill myself before day break .

Me: ***Pretending*** .

Nurse Titi: Pesman I love you with all my heart .

Me: ***Have you ever seen a man turning down woman’s approached, if you haven’t seen it before, you have been reading about it now, but my case is different, nurse Titi is begging me to be her man, I believed you guys all know what attached to it, my might cream, I think you guys need one, because you might be having some coconut head girls you want to deal with in your area, as am enjoying the powerful work of this cream, I pray I pass this coming jamb and gain admission into higher institution, I promised myself to cause commotion with this cream on campus. Nurse Titi brought me back*** .

Nurse Titi: Pesman talk to me .

Me: Nurse have said it early, I like you as a friend not for loving affairs .

Nurse Titi: Pesman please think about my proposal .

Me: Your offer is very good one, it will also be fun dating a nurse, I have nothing to fear of .

Nurse Titi: Fear like what .

Me: Like unwanted pregnancy like that friend of mine, and fearing of contacting any disease .

Nurse Titi: Pesman you have nothing to fear about that, am not a kid I know how to take care of myself .

Me: And one more thing .

Nurse Titi: What’s that .

Me: You can be seeing me as handsome guy, I don’t have what it takes to be your man, I can’t afford to buy your body cream talk less of some other things .

Nurse Titi: I don’t want to go into relationship with you because of your money, all I needed from you is your caring, pesman please be mine .

Me: ***Laughing in my mind, this girl had entered my cage what a pity*** No problem then, we’re cool .

Nurse Titi: I don’t understand. What do you mean? .

Me: ***Checking my wrist watch, some minutes to 6pm, a text message entered my phone, it was from Jameelah.

” Hi pesman where are you it’s 6pm already, am at prince “O” hotel waiting for you, don’t keep me waiting for too long”

Was the contest of the text she sent, I have to start going now*** what will happen is you will give me this night to think about it, be expecting my reply by tomorrow morning, my friend is flashing me let me go and check how his wife is faring .

Nurse Titi: When am I hearing from you? .

Me: I will call you tonight .

Nurse Titi: Ok, bye love .

Me: bye ***She kissed me and paid for our order, imagine I spent Cnn abortion money with her. I left royals hotel and headed to Prince “O” hotel to meet queen of Zaria,

I reached prince “O” hotels at exactly 6:03pm, I sighted Jameelah on an empty chair she was sipping her drink, I walked to her, she stood up on seeing me, she gave me hug of life, the softness of her boobs touched my chest, I felt on top of the world as I sat next to her, Am finally here I said to her *** .

Jameelah: Welcome pesman, you’re 3minute late, what do you care for .

Me: anything of your choice .

Jameelah: ***She called waitress and order for two plates of pepper soup (Cat fish) and wine*** .

Me: So you said you wanted to see me, here I’m .

Jameelah: Be calm pesman its not something you can be panic over .

Me: Am not panic, just that am curious to hear what you want to discuss with me .

Jameelah: I haven’t seen you since that day of Grace birthday .

Me: yes we haven’t seen since then .

Jameelah: Pesman God saved me that day .

Me: What happened .

Jameelah: I nearly ran into moving car, I believe you too run for your dear life. .

Me: Nope I didn’t run, I stood with my friend. After the accident, everybody vanished the party only me Christabel and Grace left .

Jameelah: Who is Christabel? .

Me: The girl you saw me with .

Jameelah: Your chick I guess? .

Me: Yeah .

Jameelah: I don’t care .

Me: What do you mean by that? .

Jameelah: NVM (Never mind) .

Me: Ok .

Jameelah: so what happened next .

Me: we rushed him to hospital .

Jameelah: How is he now? .

Me: Thank God he made it, even I was in his house yesterday .

Jameelah: When next are you going to his house .

Me: Don’t know .

Jameelah: Say me well to him whenever you went there .

Me: Sure I will

***The waitress came with two plates of pepper soup and red wine, she placed it before us and left*** .

Jameelah: Ok .

Me: ***Dealing with one Of the plate of fish in front of me*** So let talk time isn’t by our side it’s getting dark already .

Jameelah: Hmmm pesman I don’t know how you’ll feel and how shock my words will meet you .

Me: Just say it out .

Jameelah: I have my pride and dignity to protect, have been Battling with this from the first day I set my eyes on you, but I have to say it out now, I have to say the truth and I know only truth can set me free .

Me: Don’t worry, please just say it out, even if you have been hurting me in the past you’re forgiven .

Jameelah: pesman .

Me: Yes .

Jameelah: Pesman .

Me: Yes dear .

Jameelah: Pesman .

Me: What’s it talk to me .

Jameelah: I love you pesman, I want you to be mine .

Me: ***Not suprised by her words, it’s work of my charm*** Is that all? .

Jameelah: Yes and please don’t say no .

Me: ***Even i said no, the women ritual in me will not let you leave me alone just like that, I have to agree with her and save the day, after all that’s what I wrote letter to*** Woow I love you more dear Jameelah, am ready to be your man, I love you .

Jameelah: woow Thank you pesman, I love you ***She kissed*** .

Me: I love you too ***Unbelievable, Two girls In a day, I see myself as president of 9ja, I felt honored and happy*** .

Jameelah: pesman please seen me off to where I parked my car, we’ll be discussion the rest on phone, my mum must be have been looking for me by now, because I don’t tell her where am going .

Me: You come with a car? .

Jameelah: Yeah .

Me: Your mummy’s car? .

Jameelah: Nope, it mine .

Me: That’s good ***I saw her off to car parking lot, she entered her car and zoomed off, living me stand still on the spot, i couldn’t believe Jameelah came with her own car, my womanizer has upgraded, I know I will soon have a car of my own

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I was lost in thought, when I felt soft touch on my shoulder, my heart flew away, I turned back to see the face of who touched me, the person was a man he stood in my front, he put on up and down pullover, he covered his head with outfit cap (Pullover cap) he wore black shade, I couldn’t fathom who he was, but I believe he was here in front of me with purpose. I made up my mind and speaks out*** Yes what can I do for you .

Guy: Laugh .

Me: Can’t you talk .

Guy: Silence .

Me: Hello , how may I be of help? .

Guy: ***With deep voice*** Pesman I think you need my help most .

Me: Who are you and on what .

Guy: I pray you don’t know me, because if you do, you’ll not be able to tell the story .

Me: ***Acting like a strong man*** Who the hell are you? .

Guy ***Devil laugh*** I used to warn before I strike .

Me: Meaning .

Guy: Calm down am here to hint you .

Me: Hint me on what .

Guy: You’re about to be tresspassing your boundaries .

Me: hey, before am being talking to you, who are you show yourself .

Guy: If I show myself, you’ll not leave to tell the story .

Me: Stop the silly Threaten of yours and ***before I could finished my rants, my phone ran, I looked at the screen I firstly thought it was nurse Titi or Jameelah were the caller, but I guessed wrong the caller was cnn, my instincts kicked immediately I know something has happened, with trembling hand I pressed the green key and placed the phone on my left ear (Note: Stop receiving call with your right ear, it can cause brain cancer, because our brain is very close to our rights ear, if you don’t believe me on this, kindly consult your doctor or go to Jabi inside Rukkayat plaza opposite Zenith bank jabi Abuja, you’ll see the announcement there it was hung for everybody to see)

I quickly signalled to the hoodlum in front of me to gives me some minutes. Hello I said to cnn .

Cnn: Pesman where are you .

Me: What happened .

Cnn: It is Tola o .

Me: What happened to her .

Cnn: she’s been bleeding since morning, even immediately you and the nurse left, I thought it will stop soon, but it keep flowing, have been waiting for you maybe you’ll show up but I don’t see you, Pesman am scared .

Me: how is her condition now .

Cnn: worse .

Me: Give phone to her .

Cnn: She cannot talk ooo pesman am in trouble .

Me: Haaaa, Cnn we are in big trouble .

Cnn: ***Crying*** pesman! Pesman!! Pesman!!! Something just happened now .

Me: What’s it .

Cnn: Tola had closed her eye she’s not breathing again .

Me: ***Scream in loud voice drawing attention of everyone at the bar to my direction*** What? hello hello hello cnn what did you just say ***Line went dead, I tried his number again and again but switched off, I came into conclusions that he smashed his phone on the floor when she noticed Tola had passed on,

I begin to be shaking and sweating from head to toe, I started crying I know I can’t just go Scot free, I must paid for the crime I committed, I remembered my lovely mumy and my families, pesman this is how you’re going to end your life in jail, I heard Tola’s father is a policeman, this is the beginning of destruction, my mind flew back to Dupe her words pooped into my head,

“Pesman stay off cnn for a while something’s bad will happened to you through him” She warned me but I don’t heed to her warning, now am in trouble, this is the second time I failed to listening to her warning, I cried bitterly, even the hoodlum in front of me couldn’t say a word, because he knew I was in hot soup, the only person that can solve this problem is almighty Allah (God). I cursed the day cnn introduced Tola to me as his girlfriend (R. I. P TOLA) .

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To be continued