The Prognosticator Episode 23


As soon as I collected the piece of paper I began to ponder on what the nurse is up to, I later concluded it was a mere likes nothing more, without knowing what is attached to it in the nearest future would be calamity .

Cnn: What’s next to do now .

Me: Let’s go to his house .

Cnn: I don’t think it is necessary .

Me: its, we are determined to visit him before we left home, why sudden change of plan, moreover we are not too far from his house from here .

Christabel: Since his house isn’t that far to here, let kukuma visit him direct from here .

Cnn: You cannot understand, but I think pesman should .

Me: I don’t understand anything oo .

Cnn: T-O-L-A .

Me: Bad nigga, so because of her we should neglect abbey, try to be a good friend, maybe tomorrow is your turn who knows, what you sow you shall reap .

Cnn: Abeg stop saying nonsense pastor (Kumuyi) .

Me: Na you sabi o woman wrapper .

Christabel: Oya let’s go and we’ll not stay too long because i can see fire in brother cnn’s face

******ABBEY’S ROOM****** .

Abbey was seated at the edge of his bed with bondage all over his head, he looks like someone who just free from “Kuje prison” Abuja. Seated beside him was his controversial girl (Grace). Christabel hugged her as we made our way in .

Me: ***in jest tone*** Lesion man how are you .

Abbey: Pesman thanks for yesterday oo, Grace told me everything, am very grateful .

Cnn: Abbey Abbey thank God you survived it, but who did this to you .

Abbey: ***Looked at Grace and smiled*** Na one of my rival o .

Me: One of your rivals, how many rivals do you have .

Grace: Please help me ask him o, I don’t know how many rivals he had .

Abbey: ***(Faced Grace) no be only you can tell .

Christabel: Uncle abbey abeg stop all this o, since when I knew Grace she’s straight forward lady, she abstain double dating, maybe uncle abbey has another enemy except the one we are suspecting .

Me: Grace which of your husband is behind this? .

Grace: The idiot isn’t my husband, but my Ex he wanted to kill himself because I dumped him for Abbey .

Cnn: Thank God isn’t more than this .

Grace: Just be looking at me oo, I will deal with the fool beyond his imagination .

Abbey: Cnn and pesman two of you should be looking at your back and be very vigilant o, Tola and Christabel Ex’s might be running after your life too, who knows .

Cnn: You loose, my girl doesn’t have Ex .

Me: ***Faced Christabel*** Christabel please answer him .

Christabel: Uncle abbey do you want to Here? Am having no Ex, Grace is my witness .

Grace: Yes o, my friend is single before she met ogagun pesman (Ogagun mean GENERAL, military rank, like ogagun sani abacha, (General sani abacha) ogagun obasanjo, (General obasanjo) ogagun behavior (General buhari)…..) All of us bursted into laughter, the kind of laugh that lasted for almost 4min.

Cnn put his phone to his ear and he was saying OK, no problem, am on my way, deep down in me, I knew he was making fake calls he want us to leave on time so his visitor will meet him at home .

Cnn: Abbey stay strong please, we re ready to leave, we just here to say hi to you, we are still coming back to check on you .

Abbey: You guys supposed not to come when you know you won’t stay for an hour here with me, what is the essence of your coming here self? .

Me: It is not what you’re talking Abbey, we are here to keep you company, even we have firstly checked you in the hospital without knowing you are have been discharged .

Christabel: It is true uncle abbey beside someone is waiting for brother cnn at home, that’s why we’re in hurry we’ll visit you again very soon sir .

Grace: Thanks for your time “Ako ni fi iru re Gba o” (We shall not repay you with the same) .

All of us: Amen

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We exited his room, Cnn headed to his house while I retired to Christabel house, I stayed more than four hours with her, we engage in romantic affairs, we kissed, s—-d, smooched and having three (3) rounds of s-x before I left her house around 4:30pm i barely entered my room when my phone voiced out, I checked the screen the caller was “Jameelah” the girl I met at Grace birthday, I picked without extravagant of a Time .

Me: Hello Jameelah .

Jameelah: Hi pesman, how are you .

Me: Am fine and you .

Jameelah: Am OK, where are you .

Me: At home .

Jameelah: Haaa pesman life is not like this nah .

Me: What happened .

Jameelah: Don’t i called you in the morning? .

Me: Sure you did, any problem with that .

Jameelah: Have you forgotten your promise .

Me: ***Promised? I couldn’t remembered my promise to her*** Did I promise you .

Jameelah: Yes of course .

Me: Bad me, am sorry I have small memory, I do forget things easily please remind me .

Jameelah: Really .

Me: Walahi (Swear in the name of God) .

Jameelah: Ok o, you said you’ll call me when you’re returning back home, now you’re at home and I don’t see your call .

Me: Yankuri (sorry) I forgot and I don’t have much airtime on my phone please forgive .

Jameelah: No problem, but pesman please I want to see you .

Me: No problem about that .

Jameelah: Time has gone now what of tomorrow? .

Me: Am going nowhere tomorrow .

Jameelah: What time .

Me: Time is belong to almighty Allah, let leave everything for him to decide, what I believe is we shall see tomorrow .

Jameelah: No problem, Take good care of yourself for me .

Me: Karianih (It is a lie) why you? What of my Bae .

Jameelah: Pesman don’t hurt me with your words bye

***hangs up*** .

This Jameelah of a girl is so funny, she wanted to see me, what for? All I have to do now is to be waiting patiently for tomorrow to come, when she visits tomorrow I will know what she wants to discussed with me. Sms tone of my phone brought my thinking to halt, The content of message was “7235234……. MTN airtime please manage it for me pesman thanks Jameelah care”

I loaded the card, I was surprised to see “The recharge card of 1,500 was successful, in no time I dialed her number .

Me: Hello queen .

Jameelah: You called .

Me: Yeah, I saw your text .

Jameelah: Is that why you’re calling .

Me: Yeah just want to be grateful, thanks a lot .

Jameelah: It’s nothing man, and It’s no need to be calling for, don’t waste the airtime please bye she hangs up. Wonder shall never end my life is now meaningful, free food and p—y from Christabel, free airtime from Jameelah, I should be expecting something like Milo and milk from Dupe and free treatment from the nurse I met today, thought I don’t know her name yet, that shouldn’t be a problem I will call her before I sleep tonight .

Later in the evening A knock sounded on my door when am about to doze off, yes come in I said, I wasn’t surprised to see Dupe I knew she would definitely come, she walked in with fire in her eye she seated on my bed and faced me .

Dupe: What were you doing in madam hadiza house in the afternoon? .

Me: Is that your greeting, you just walked in without even saying simple hello to me .

Dupe: I demand explanation not silly prank of yours .

Me: Explanation on what I know nothing about .

Dupe: Pesman you know a lot about this, tell me now or I end this relationship .

Me: What do you want me to tell you? .

Dupe: What you’re doing in madam hadiza’s house? .

Me: You mean your boss .

Dupe: Yes my Boss .

Me: Listen to me baby, you are the one telling me about her, you are the one who knows her, I don’t know your Boss, I haven’t set my eye on her before (I lied) .

Dupe: You don’t know madam hadiza the owner of supermarket am working .

Me: Yes I don’t know her .

Dupe: Hmmmm OK where are you this morning at exactly 11am .

Me: ***Lying cannot save me here o, I have to come up with something confusing*** Brother Joseph plumber and I went to one woman house, the woman called him to come and fixed something in her toilet, since I was doing nothing at home I use the opportunity to follow him .

Dupe: What is the name of that woman .

Me: How would I know, only if I call brother Joseph ***brought out my phone, acting like I want to call him*** .

Dupe: No need for that, I know I never failed if I see something .

Me: What do you see? .

Dupe: I slept in the store this morning when I saw you in my dream, you’re with madam hadiza in her sitting room playing love game. One of our supplier woke me he asked me to go and called madam hadiza for her, I was happy because I knew I would catch you red handed there, but I was extremely surprised to meet your absence, that’s why I sent you text in the afternoon. But pesman tell me are you with her or not because my instincts never failed me .

“I was totally pinned to thigh Corner, lying to her could make this matter worse, I closed my eyes as I prayed for God knowledge to answer Dupe cumbersome questions .

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To be continued