The Prognosticator Episode 22


I don’t understand the kind of life am living
and about to be living, I remember when
I was glamorous for girlfriend, am now
with enough women already, having 3
women in my custody isn’t a problem, the
main problem is how to understand, cope
and having intimacy with them without
raising any suspicious from any angles.
That’s also a simple problem, the main
problem at hand now is all about unruly
PROGNOSTICATOR (Dupe), firstly Christabel
didn’t know where am living, and if she
asked I would just tell her am living with my
friend (Cnn).
Secondly madam hadiza isn’t type of a
woman that has time for stupid love like
those teenage girls, she cannot demand to
know where am staying, even if she does,
she cannot visit me like beseeching girls, her
own case is quite different and easy to deal
But now I can see myself as most inanimate
guy on earth, to me “Fayemi” is the most
potency herbalist man on earth, come to
think of it with sense of humor, instead of
going for women ritual, I supposed go for
money ritual then, I would have become a
millionaire by now.
I think I have to visit “Fayemi” again, this
time around to show my gratitude not for
money ritual.
Cnn: What are you thinking
Me: we are a week far from Edo election
Cnn: And so? Your father is contesting
Me: Yes from Kowa party
Cnn: F–k nigga
Me: Photocopy
Cnn: So when are we going?
Me: Where?
Cnn: Christabel side
Me: I think we should be on our way now
Cnn: That’s my guy, oya let’s go. And from
there to where?
Me: I reckon we should visit abbey in
Cnn: Good idea, after I filled my tommy we’ll
head to his ward
We left Cnn room for Christabel abode to
filled our Tommy with what she prepared,
unknown food or so I thought.
I knocked on the door with full smile on my
face, Christabel also didn’t hesitate to
opened the door for me, I made my way
into her room , but before I could carry two
steps I was blocked with extraordinary kiss
from my charming Christabel.
The kiss was unexpected which makes me
felt chill as the sanitation of her warmth
mouth send signaled to my cord, if your
girlfriend haven’t been treating you the way
Christabel is doing to me, I think you have to
consult “Fayemi” The man behind my
women market
Christabel: Welcome my love
Me: Am here
Christabel: Guess what pesman
Me: The food you cooked got burnt
Christabel: Not that, try more
Me: Better tell me, am not pastor T.B Josua
Christabel: I think you aren’t coming again
Me: You think very low of me, I don’t
promise and failed
Christabel: That’s excellent of you
Me: You don’t even greet my brother
Cnn: No need for that, assuming am a single
maybe I would commit suicide today
Christabel: Haaaaa not up to that my in-law,
am very sorry just that I miss pesman too
Cnn: Not that you miss pesman too much, it
is because I too small here
Christabel: ***Kneeling down*** Am very
sorry sir, please don’t be offended
Cnn: Am not ***Faced me*** pesman lets
go where you said we’re going
Me: Where?
Cnn: Your girlfriend you said we’re visiting
Me: Here we are
Cnn: And your wife to be is behaving like
this to me?
Me: Sorry brother, Christabel is a wonderful
woman that you will not want to leave again
as time goes on, she’s not rude and robust
girl, she was truly carried away by me, on
behalf of her am deeply sorry brother
Christabel: Am very sorry sir, please forgive
Cnn Before I can forgive you you’ll do
something for me
Christabel: Am ready to do anything for you
Cnn: Good give me something to corrode
Christabel: OK sir ***she went into kitchen
to serve us, she came back after five minutes
with big Tray in her hand, inside Tray was
four(4) wrapped of semo with another
plates which was covered, she placed the
tray on a small stool in front of urs, I was
curious to know what’s inside the covered
plates, as I opened the first plate starring me
was well roasted Egusi soup, the scent
coming from the soup can make one break
his/her fasting at 6:10pm almost 40minutes
to breaking hours, I opened the second
plate I was surprised to see a lots of pieces
of meat, I counted like 10 meats in the plate
Cnn: ***In low voice*** omo this your
girlfriend too sure ooo
Me: All thanks to my creator
Cnn: Your creator, or Fayemi?
Me: Fayemi, who’s Fayemi in front of God?
Fayemi issues is just a coincidence, abeg mo
eat ***We ate in silence without talking to
each other, Christabel came with soft drinks
(Chill exotic) I was shocked when I looked
into the plate of semo and found none
because I retired after eating one wrap of
semo, Cnn ate the reaming three.
Thank God his father wasn’t president
Buhari maybe he would have been eating
our budget or presidential villa by now, who
can tell
Cnn: Woow what a sweet meal, my wife
you’re endowed, you’re a chef, I guess you
inherit it from our in-laws
Christabel: ***sit beside me*** whose of
your in-laws if I may ask?
Cnn: Your progenitor
Me: Lolzzzz
Christabel: If you say so, and thanks for
managing my meal, I know it is not worth to
be eating but thanks for consuming it
Cnn: I must confess the food is super and
yummy, I personally enjoyed it
Me: Me too, I love the food
Christabel: Thank you love ***Turned to
cnn*** now that you have eaten can you tell
me more about yourself
Cnn: Yes I can
Christabel: Your name, you hobby, your life
style, your education career
Cnn: One question at a time
Christabel: OK your name
Cnn: Cnn
Christabel: funny cnn? Tell me more about it
Cnn: Just a nickname nothing more
Christabel: If you say so ***faced me***
where are you going from here
Me: Cnn and I want to visit abbey at the
Christabel: why are you so selfish like this?
Me: ***Astonished*** what’s my offense
Christabel: You always like to sideline
me, you don’t usually carry me along. Am I
not beautiful enough for you to take along
to the hospital?
Me: See your life, you don’t allow me to
finished my statement before you jumped
into conclusion, what i wanted to say is CNN
and i with you will be going to
hospital to greet abbey, woman be calm.
Cnn: Even if he wants to sideline you I will
never agree with him, so my dear we are
going together
Christabel: Thank you jare Baba oko mi (my
in-law) I know you’ll be by my side
Cnn: Sure, money first woman followed
Me/christabel: laughed .
Me: ***Faced cnn*** when are we going
Cnn: I think we should be on our way now
Christabel: No, you just eat and you need to
rest a bit before we can be going (Piercing
pimples on my face)
On our way to hospital, the three of us
engaged in chatting like old pals, we were
discussing random topics, we were about to
reached hospital gate when cnn phone rang
he picked the call and talked like 1min, he
faced us after the call
Cnn: we’ll not stay too long in this
hospital o
Me: What happened
Cnn: Tola called me
Me: Haaa its been long I saw her
Cnn: she said she is on her way to my house
Christabel: Hmmm who’s tola ooo
Cnn: My little Mum
Christabel: Woow can’t wait to meet her
Me: Sure you’ll very soon
Cnn: Don’t worry you shall know each other
We walked into abbey ward to meet his
absence, one of the nurse told us that he
had been discharged.
The nurse kept starring at me and smile at
the same time, before I knew it she
squeezed pieces of paper in to my hand
without raising any suspicious from
Christabel/Cnn, I quietly collected the paper
and put it inside my pocket, my aim was to
check what was in it when I reached house,
without knowing that another trouble await
To be continued