The Prognosticator Episode 21


I felt like crying after listened to madam hadiza’s story, that’s how life treating us most of time. .

Me: Am sorry for everything .

Madam hadiza: It is nothing dear, Thank God have overcome it, lets forget about it .

Me: OK dear .

Madam hadiza: So what are You planning to do now? .

Me: I don’t understand .

Madam hadiza: I mean as in, what are your plans now .

Me: ***Still not understand*** To do with what .

Madam hadiza: Your life of course .

Me: Oh! OK, am planning to register for coming jamb, and starting my admission into higher institutions .

Madam hadiza: That’s brilliant idea, I love it, so have you registered? .

Me: Nope, I’m yet to, but I will soon .

Madam hadiza: Why ? Hope it’s not about money .

Me: Actually its not, My mum had paid for it .

Madam hadiza: You should register on time dear. .

Me: Sure I’ll .

Madam hadiza: I wish you best of luck .

Me: Amen ***Remembered Cnn advice, “Pesman act busy in front of her*** I have to start going now see you later .

Madam hadiza: So soon .

Me: Am going somewhere .

Madam hadiza: Thought you said we have a lots to talk when you called .

Me: yes, I think we are done .

Madam hadiza: Nope we haven’t, we still have some other important things to discuss, only God knows when next am seeing you .

Me: Very soon ***Standing up like I was ready to leave*** .

Madam hadiza: sit down dear .

Me: ***Sat down*** .

Madam hadiza: Concerning the issue of manager I discussed with you earlier .

Me: chio, I think you have to start going to your supermarket now, in other to monitor your goods .

Madam hadiza: Forget about that dear, you’re very precious to me than any other things .

Me: That’s amazing But you should not hinder your sales because of me .

Madam hadiza: pesman let me be .

Me: OK ooo .

Madam hadiza: can you be managing the supermarket please .

Me: ***Happy, can’t wait to become her Supermarket manager, but my joy was cut short when I remembered Dupe was also her worker*** That won’t be possible, I want to pursue my education carrier first, it is advisable to employ someone who is ready to be working, not someone like me, because if I eventually gain admission into higher institution, I will leave your store, so please try to understand me and employ another person .

Madam hadiza: No problem dear, but if you still find another trustworthy person like you that can work as manager don’t hesitate to tell me .

Me: No problem dear. It’s time to go home I will call you immediately I reach home .

Madam hadiza: OK ***She dipped her hand in her purse, counted 10,000naira and gave it to me*** .

Me: Thanks dear, but am not in need of money at the moment .

Madam hadiza: use it as transport fee .

Me: No need for that, beside am not taking any transport to here ***I valiantly rejected the money*** .

Madam hadiza: Or it’s too small? .

Me: No dear, just that am not in need of cash

***Walked out of her sitting room*** .

As soon as I stepped out of her house, random thought being run through my mind “Am going to face Dupe predicament tonight” “Dupe is going to tear me apart” “How will I face her” “I think CNN should be of help”

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I met him in his room he was sited on the bed, while playing with his phone, only God knows what he was doing on his phone that made him hide it when I walked in, I concluded he was watching p–n, because I could see bulge in his trouser .

Cnn: You’re back .

Me: No o am still on my way coming (foolish quy) .

Cnn: so, how it went .

Me: It went flawlessly Bro .

Cnn: you act as directed .

Me: Don’t you reliance your guy anymore .

Cnn: Sure I am, oya where is it? .

Me: ***Brought out my phone from inner pocket, gave it to him*** here is it .

Cnn: Where do you saved it? .

Me: ***Collected the phone from him, and played it for him*** .

Cnn: ***listening carefully to my conversations with madam hadiza *** ogbeni (mr) pesman you did a wonderful job here, and you acted mature for declining the money she offered you .

Me: I will not lie you Ooo, I regrets the money I declined, I suppose to collect the money .

Cnn: It will earn you pride in front of her you might not know .

Me: How do you mean? .

Cnn: She will see you as responsible man not a gold digger, she will also thinks very high of you, she will trust you .

Me: Really .

Cnn: yeah, just continue playing along with my scripts because have written it to end .

Me: Why writing it to end it’s your business? .

Cnn: it’s not, but as far as you are in this, am also automatically in it with you .

Me: So what Will be the next step to take now .

Cnn: Call her in the night tell her you have agreed to be doing her wish .

Me: That would makes me her officially concubine .

Cnn: It’s not concubine, two of you are not in any marriage, concubine is for two married couples that secretly cheated on their marriages, you’re cheating on Dupe while madam hadiza is cheating on her late husband, so it’s not concubine .

Me: But what do we called this? .

Cnn: Just see your self as her errands boy, and act like one so people will not suspect of anything .

Me: OK sir, where are you planning to go now? .

Cnn: Am going nowhere any problem .

Me: I want you to accompany me to my bae house .

Cnn: You wants to go and meet Dupe at work .

Me: Nope, not Dupe .

Cnn: What are you trying to figure out then .

Me: Christabel asked me to come to her house .

Cnn: To do what .

Me: To have lunch with her ***on hearing “To have lunch with her” Cnn ear raised like that of rabbits*** .

Cnn: And am feeling hungry right now, when are we going .

Me: What says the time .

Cnn: Some minutes to 1pm .

Me: OK lemme .

Cnn: ***cuts in*** let you do what? abeg let’s go jare .

Me: We cannot go just like that, let me ring her first ***Dialing her number she picked on third rings*** .

Christabel: Hi boo .

Me: cool, where have you keep your phone since? .

Christabel: Am in kitchen .

Me: Owk dear .

Christabel: Where are you now .

Me: About to leave where I am .

Christabel: Are you still coming here because your food is almost ready .

Me: I will be there with you in the next 30minutes ***30minutes is too much nah, Cnn whispered to me*** .

Christabel: I will be expecting you dear .

Me: Am coming soon .

Christabel: Bye .

Me: Bye ***Hang up*** .

Cnn: You fumble Walahi .

Me: Kini mo se (What have I do) .

Cnn: Why 30minutes .

Me: 30minutes is not too much .

Cnn: You suppose to tell her we are on our way .

Me: We’ll soon be on our way OK! .

Cnn: What she’s gonna cooking .

Me: How would I know .

Cnn: Think she told you .

Me: Nope, she doesn’t .

Me: That’s reminds me .

Cnn: Remind you of what .

Me: Madam hadiza discussed issues of her supermarket manager with me, who do you suggest he’s capable of that post .

Cnn: I cannot talk now .

Me: Because? .

Cnn: Am hungry, I can only talk when I filled my Tommy .

Me: So, after eating, who would you still suggest? .

Cnn: Myself .

How would you not suggested yourself omo ale (B—–d) .

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To be continued