The Prognosticator Episode 2


Immediately i wake, i was down with headache coupled with body pain, i don’t seems to get myself any longer . . Oh Dear lord! please safe me from iya alakara o, i prayed. I checked the time and it was 1:05am. Gbam! I couldn’t sleep again till day break.

Early in the morning i headed to iya alakara room to greet and apologizes for my wrong deed. . I prostrated for her .

Me: Ekaaro ma ( Good morning ma) . Iya Alakara: Omo mi kaaro, bawo ni? (Morning my son, how are you?) .

Me: Dada ni ma, mowa lati wa be’yin wipe ki ema binu ana ( Fine ma, i came to apologize, not to be angry with what i did wrong yesterday) .

Iya Alakara: omo mi nie, mi kole binu sio, mofi origin o, sugbon mase san iru aso bee soro mo ( You are my son, am not angry with you, you are forgiven, but don’t try such attitude again) .

Me: Ese ma, olorun yoo je ki epe fun wa ( Thank you ma, may your day be long for us) . *** May your day be long kwa? For where? I wanted death for her*** .

Since then i dare talk to iya alakara anyhow, if she called me once guess what? I will answer thrice .

***** BACK TO PRESENT*****

“But Iya alakara has forgiven me nah, she might not be behind my problem oooo, What makes me fight her in the first place”? Who have i offended, Imaging at age of 23 i had no girlfriend” .

I was lost in thought when i heard knock on my door, I opened my door, standing before me was “Mujeeb” i do called him “CNN” CNN is my main man, tall and dark with big head like that of oke iragbiji hill, sometime i do called him #headward, Don’t let him hear o, unless you want him to get mad at you.

CNN is even faster than Sahara reporter in breaking news, only God know where he do gets his breaking news from, CNN is the first person to break the news of death of stepen keshi to us, samething with shaibu Amodu and heneritta Kosoko. Dam CNN (mujeeb) is something else. . EEWO!!! I haven’t introduced myself since morning and you guyz don’t even remind me, you guyz are so wicked ooo. Well,. .


My name is kunle but most people know me as #pesman funny name indeed, you want to know what’s behind that name? Let me quickly tell you, I love “PES” game, i preferred it than any food, if i see PES game my problem is solved. One day i went to a Game center to play betting, i bet with my school fee and i won the guy i played it with a margin of 5-1. Since then i was crowned king of PES because the guy i won was also a professional in the game. .

I’m the third child in the family of four and i’m the only boy amidst of them, i had two elder sister and one junior sister. Our elder sister (kemi) got married years back and relocated to lagos with her husband. Likewise the second one ( mayor ) she has also married and followed her husband to kaduna, left papa, mama, i and my junior sister in our house, but now i’m a big boy, am not living with them anymore. I had secured one single room in the next three street to our family house . Enough about myself. Back to main story .

Me: CNN how are you?

CNN: guy i dey o, my house is boring to me, that’s why i am here for you to keep my company, but guy you don’t seems well to me what is the matter? .

Me: you are like brother to me we are more than friends, something is bothering my mind.

CNN: pesman whatever bothering your mind, feel free to tell me you are safe with me, you know problem share is problem solved? .

Me: But i am scared of you .

CNN: *** shocked*** sacred of me? Why? .

Me: Because of your talk talk, if i share my problem with you now i know you will surely tell another people, you king of breaking news. .

CNN: God forbid, the news i used to spread is the news of international people not local guy like you, how many people know you self? .

*** This gut is crazy oo, me local guy?*** .

Me: You know what? In the next three months to this time i will be celebrating my 24th birthday. .

CNN: congrats and so? Are you the first person to reached 24th in your family? .

Me: The most painful things of it is that i had no girlfriend, all the girls i approached used to turned me down, despite how handsome i am. .

CNN : Ugly you, see pesman you are my pal and i will help you out what are friends for? .

*** My heart leap with joy on hearing “i will help you out” *** .

Me: Thank you my man, i don’t regrets having you as a friend.

CNN : You welcome .

Me: Oya tell me what to do .

CNN : *** clear throat*** you know what? . *** Thank God CNN wants to arranged “Tope” for me, because two of them are very close friend, I love Tope no be small*** .

Me: What? .

CNN : i will take you to “IFAYEMI” the king of babalawo ( Herbalist) of our community, baba will help you out . Me: What babalawo??? .

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To be continued