The Prognosticator Episode 18


I rapidly brought out my phone and rang cnn he picked on second rings After all he was the architect of this saga He was the one took me to Fayemi “Babalawo” He was the one who created this problem and he must solve it .

Cnn :Hello who is this? .

Me: Guy forget that thing .

Cnn: I say who am i speaking with? .

Me: Abeg talk to me .

Cnn: So you still have my phone number? .

Me: Before nko? .

Cnn: I thought you had found a new friend no need of talking to me anymore .

Me: Guy it was only yesterday I didn’t hear from you .

Cnn: I thought you have deleted my digits out of your phone .

Me: Why would i do that? .

Cnn: Who knows .

Me: Let’s be serious .

Cnn: You called .

Me: Yeah boss, I need your help on one issue that keep bothering my mind .

Cnn: Am now your boss if you wants to talk to me, just come to my house hangs up .

Cnn must be mad o he said I should come over to his house before i can speak with him What would be his attitude if he became 9ja presido? Igara re ti poju (He form too much, Well not his fault am the seekers of advice I will unfriend him after he solved this problem .

The ringtone of my phone brought me back to live, I looked at the screen it was unsaved number .

Me: Hello who is this? .

Voice: Lady voice pesman how are you doing? .

Me: Am doing good, please who is this? .

Voice: Hmmm pesman that’s how we normally treats people who’s not important in our life .

Me: What do you mean? .

Voice: You forget me so soon .

Me: I am sorry ,please tell me more about yourself .

Voice: Jameelah .

Me: Jameelah am hearing that name for the first time .

Voice: Hmmm pesman, Jameelah the girl you met at Grace birthday yesterday .

Me: Remembered Oh Jameelah the princess of Zaria .

Jameelah: Laugh Funny you, Yah Yah (How are you ) .

Me: Lafia (Fine) .

Jameelah: why don’t you saved my number? .

Me: You saved it yourself yesternight .

Jameelah: Sorry I call with my other line .

Me: I don’t know when you left the party last night .

Jameelah: It because of what happened yesterday at the party, pesman I nearly ran into moving vehicle, I was so scared .

Me: Sorry dear .

Jameelah: Thanks, where are you? .

Me: “sense danger” With friends .

Jameelah: Early this morning .

Me: Abi nah Wetin man go do .

Jameelah: I think you are at home .

Me: nope .

Jameelah: When are you returning home? .

Me: Don’t know yet, am going somewhere .

Jameelah: We have to talk, i need to see you .

Me: Hope no problem? .

Jameelah: Not really, but i have something important to share with you .

Me: its patenic with money? .

Jameelah: Can’t you talk without involving money .

Me: Owo ni koko (Money is most important) .

Jameelah: Badamuh (No problem) so when are we seeing? .

Me: Anytime am available .

Jameelah: You will ? .

Me: Hollar at you .

Jameelah: Do i have your words? .

Me: Yes you do .

Jameelah: Later then bye, hmm before you hang up don’t forget to save this number ooo .

Me: Sure I will .

Jameelah: Bye .

Me: Bye Hangs up .

Another delima Jameelah again What she has to say? Seems she had falling victims of my woman ritual cream I just rubbed this cream twice And I had two girls in my custody Dupe and Christabel, Jameelah wants to join the race I think it’s right time to stop using this cream If care isn’t taking, I would have more than Dozens girls around, No girlfriend no problem, The higher you have the higher your problems .

My phone rang for the second time in 30minutes, I looked at the screen it was Christabel .

Me: Hello bae .

Christabel: Peslove, how are you? .

Me: I am fine and you .

Christabel: Also fine, Where are you .

Me: On my way to where i told you .

Christabel: Success is urs dear, you shall be favored .

Me: Amen thanks .

Christabel: Just to check on you .

Me: Woow, wonderful you, you are the best dear .

Christabel: When are you coming back .

Me: Don’t know yet .

Christabel: Kindly branch at my house when coming .

Me: OK dear, I will .

Christabel: What was your favorite meal .

Me: You wanna prepare for me .

Christabel: Yeah love .

Me: But I don’t drop any money behind .

Christabel: You shouldn’t worry about that it’s my responsibility to take good care of you .

Me: Hmmmm .

Christabel: You don’t know your position in my heart, I love you pesman .

Me: Woow Love you more dear, just cook anything you want .

Christabel: OK dear Can’t wait to see your handsome face .

Me: Missing your beautiful face already .

Christabel: Pesman you are the best .

Me: Likewise you, bye .

Christabel: Bye Hanged up .

Seems Christabel wants to be more caring than Dupe, Dupe hasn’t for once cooked for me but Christabel is going to cook for me now I will visit her later in the day Seems am in love with her All thanks to fayemi The man behind my women markets

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I sipped out of viju milk he was drinking, he was seated on his bed playing game on his phone, with full smile on his face, I see you today pesman he said to me without looking my direction. .

Me: Guy no be only yesterday we don’t see .

Cnn: Where went you yesterday? .

Me: Grace birthday .

Cnn: Oh! That bae birthday .

Me: Sorry for not calling you along .

Cnn: No need for that, I wasn’t at home yesterday too .

Me: Where you slept .

Cnn: Tola’s house .

Me: Program season .

Cnn: I enjoyed that thing erh

Me: Good of you .

Cnn: I see you any problem .

Me: Not really just need to consult you before running into one .

Cnn: I am listening .

Me: First of all, I have found out who peslady was .

Cnn: Tell me who is she please .

Me: Actually I haven’t meet her in person, but she called me to come to her office this morning .

Cnn: Good news, what are you waiting for go then .

Me: There’s a problem .

Cnn: What happened .

Me: Dupe told me last two days that she was offered a job of sale girl in one big supermarket that just opened in town .

Cnn: Go straight to the point .

Me: Guy listen, that’s where the problem is. The same woman that offered Dupe a job was the Same woman that has been disturbing me for so long .

Cnn: Surprised you mean peslady was the one offered Dupe a job? .

Me: Yes .

Cnn: Tell me it’s a lie .

Me: I am serious .

Cnn: Ahhh pesman you have to be careful with two of them .

Me: Now Dupe called me this morning, she told me she will resume work in that supermarket this morning and she has gone .

Cnn: You mean Dupe has started working under that woman .

Me: Yes she has .

Cnn: Oga ooo .

Me: The main problem now is that Madam hadiza invited me to meet her in her supermarket this morning by 10am and Dupe is there in the supermarket, you know if i go Dupe will surely suspect me. That’s the area I need your help .

Cnn: And you are panic? .

Me: it worth it Bro .

Cnn: It very simple .

Me: What do I do .

Cnn: Firstly she was the one invited you, she loves you already, just call her now and tell her you can only meet in her house not in the supermarket, because people may not let her have fully attention for you .

Me: And you think it will work out .

Cnn: Act like a man, Don’t disrespect yourself in front of a woman, be bold .

Me: OK Bro, I will call her right now .

Cnn: According to my perspective, that woman is ready to do anything for you, just be playing along with her .

Me: I will not disappoint you .

Cnn: Better, and you should act busy when with her, so she wouldn’t think low of you .

Me: Hmmmm .

Cnn: Keep telling her you are going somewhere, so she can see you as responsible man

Me: OK Boss .

Cnn: And one more thing .

Me: I am listening sir .

Cnn: To be on saver side, you know only safe way is the right way .

Me: Yes sir .

Cnn: Set your phone on recording while convers with her .

Me: Because? .

Cnn: For security reason pesman, and you should keep your phone secured for reference purpose, and you should not let her know you were recording her voice .

Me: Brilliant you Bro, I will act as directed sir My phone rang that moment it was Dupe, I looked at Cnn, should I pick or not? The prognosticator had found out again .

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To be continued