The President's Daughter And I Season 2 Episode 54


​I quickly dashed to the kitchen and turned off the gas cooker, from there to the room where I met Mirabel picking her stuffs.
Me: Mirabel what are you doing?
Mirabel: **picking her stuffs ignoring me**
I went to her and stopped her from taking her things…
Mirabel: Let me go
Me: Look… I know how you feel, believe me… but you’re taking this thing too far, trust me I have absolute nothing to do with her
Mirabel: Can you say the same for her? She confessed her undying love for you in that diary, all this while I saw both of you as just friends, not knowing something like this has been going on
Me: Nothing has been going on, why can’t you believe me? You’re the only woman I love and who I want to spend the rest of my life with… Please don’t stop the wedding I beg you
Mirabel: The wedding can only push through on one condition
Me: Which is?
Mirabel: Promise has to leave
Me: What?
Mirabel: Yes! Let her go away from our lives and forget about the love she claim to have for you
Me: Mirabel…
Mirabel: That’s the only way, it’s either she leaves or I leave…
Me: It doesn’t have to be like this
Mirabel: Is she leaving or not?!
Me: **Speechless**
Mirabel: I’ll take that as a yes **walks out of the room**
I watched her stormed out of the room while I sat down on the bed hitting my head so hard. What’s going on? How did it come to this?? What can I do???
I can’t turn my back on Promise and I can’t let Mirabel leave… what a dilemma.
Before I knew what was happening, Mirabel had Promise leave the house and I couldn’t do anything because I want to save my relationship with Mirabel. I stood and watched Promise leaving the house in tears; she was looking at me but I couldn’t do or say anything till she left. Mirabel warned that Promise must not attend her wedding.
When Nancy arrived and I told her what happened earlier while we both sat at the veranda, she got so surprised and shocked for how things turned out in such a little time; she wasn’t cool with Mirabel’s action though.
Nancy: So I’ll be living here alone or what’s going to happen?
Me: Well… you can bring a friend to stay with you
Nancy: Promise is much better to live with
Me: But you can’t live with her anymore, you know what happened
Nancy: Where will she go to now? I don’t think she has any place to stay in Abuja
Me: I really dunno what got into Mirabel to go to that extent
Nancy: Let’s ask Vincent to talk to her
Me: No, he can’t know about this
Nancy: Why?
Me: I don’t want to raise any issue, if letting Promise go will make our relationship work without any squabble, then I have no option.
Nancy: Senior bro that’s not cool, you can’t possibly let Promise go like that na, she’s a good person
Me: Nancy you don’t understand, you think it’s easy for me? I just want my relationship to go back to how it used to be and even better when we get married
Nancy: Is there no other way this can go without anyone getting hurt? What do you think Promise will be feeling right now?
Me: I’m just so confused right now, I dunno what to do
Nancy: Please do something about Promise; she must be very hurt about this
Me: I’ll talk to her
Nancy: Ermmm…. Do you like have any uhmmm… feelings for her?
Me: Nancy, stop that
Nancy: Sorry… just being curious
Me: It’s okay…
Nancy: Lemme go and prepare something since you guys couldn’t eat this afternoon
Me: Seriously, that food I expected to eat comfortably just got burnt
Nancy: I dunno you’ll still be hungry after everything that happened today
Me: Are you trying to mock me?
Nancy: Ah! Noooo…
She went back into the house while I remained outside cogitating and worried. Talking about having feelings for Promise, I think I truly have something hidden deep in my heart for her.
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A lot has happen…
The President won the election victoriously and remained in office; He appointed my father minister of finance and my mother kept rolling with the first lady.
I got my result and I graduated with second class upper; I couldn’t get first class because of many distractions that took place then and the running of my website. It was Nancy that graduated with first class… because she wasn’t distracted na.
Mirabel and I got married then travelled to the U.S as we planned. We learnt everything we needed to learn in order to build the Vames Empire and it all went well. I started my company with Mirabel by my side, with Ike’s partnership and his support technically and financially, and investors that invested in my Company. I got business connections worldwide, but I’m yet to achieve to my dream, which is building a very big business empire… although I’m getting there, it’s all about time.
Nancy and Vincent are yet to get married, they’ve been fighting for their love because… there have been some kind of disagreement about their relationship from some family members due to the fact that Mirabel and I are already married.
I have a Daughter with Mirabel, I named her Vanessa, and now Mirabel is heavily pregnant carrying my second child. Our plan was to rush our children so she can join me in running the Empire while the children are already growing up.
I lost contact with Promise immediately she left the house that day; I tried to call her two days after she left when I went back to our Family house, I couldn’t find her number in my phone, and all the text messages and WhatsApp conversation we had were all gone. I knew Mirabel did it because she alone knows my phone password as part of our agreement not to hide anything from each other, so she has access to my phone and I also have access to hers. After the discovery, I immediately called Nancy to give Promise’ number of which she did, but the number didn’t go through till today.
I planned on visiting Nigeria only when my office building there would be completed and ready for operations, so now I have about two months to return back to Nigeria, that’s the time my contractor assured me of completing everything, and it’s the same time Mirabel is expected to deliver our baby.
I came back to my house after I’ve been away for five days on a business trip; I so much missed my wife and my daughter. I stepped into the house, the next thing I saw was my wife falling down from the stairs. I immediately rushed to get her but she didn’t respond; I had to rush her to the hospital.
The Doctor said that she’s in a critical condition; the fall affected the pregnancy so bad that she will have to undergo a premature delivery, and she has lost so much blood. So… she’d need a blood transfusion. The worst thing was that, her blood group is very rare.


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  2. Please I would like u send me new post via my email… I really enjoy reading your stories …thumps uo