The President's Daughter And I Season 2 Episode 42


​Sincerely, if there’s a way i could help her, I would’ve tried. But what she did was too big to be granted a Presidential pardon. 
She killed the speaker of the house of Assembly’s daughter (Lola), She killed Marcus (A well-known billionaire’s son) even though he was disowned by his Father, She is a cultist and an accomplice to the kidnapped of the President’s daughter, she also broke criminals out of prison which is a serious offense. So what can I do to help her? Seriously there is nothing i can do about it. She committed a lot of crimes. 
Even in School, Lecturers spoke on how Dorothy and her gang threatened them and their family just to do something for her, to give her and her friends good grades and other things.
The President can’t pardon her, how can he do that? What will the people say?? Where is the justice??? Guys think about it.
I thought and thought about it then concluded that it can’t be possible, nothing can be done.
So it shouldn’t look as if i didn’t try, I decided to talk to Mirabel and Vincent about it. Mirabel felt irritated about it at first and then told me it can’t be possible, not just because Dorothy killed her best friend, but the way things are all what she did. Vincent told me even if they have forgiven her as a Christian they are, the law have to take it’s course on this one, and that his Father – the president can’t do anything about it.
Dorothy’s mother even went to our family house to plead with my Parents. My Parents called me to tell me about it and i told them how it is, that nothing can be done.
Mirabel and I went to our Family house on a two-day journey to officially present my wife to-be to my Parents and they gave us their blessing. For the first time, I went to the Presidential villa (Aso Rock) to officially present myself to Mirabel’s family and they also gave us their blessings. We discussed on so many things i.e Mirabel, her Parent and I in a closed door meeting. 
The First lady said; Mirabel and I don’t need to do our NYSC after we graduate but to start our dreams immediately, and The President agreed with her. The President suggested we get married after School, then go on Business training in the U.S before we can start our own establishment. My heart was beating happiness all through, their suggestions were all good to me. Who would have thought I’d be sitting with the President discussing like this… God is great! It’s was like a dream I never dreamt of, My life is extremely favoured truly.
The President had to leave the discussion for a meeting. Mirabel and I had a video chat with Ike afterwards to break the news to him and he was very happy. Mirabel called her sisters abroad and broke the news to them. I also introduced her to my elder sister; Joy whom i barely call. Of course she was so curious to know why i called her, so I introduced Mirabel to her and she congratulated us. Joy screamed out loud when she heard that Mirabel is the President’s daughter. I didn’t feel embarrassed at all, it’s normal to feel that way.
 Mirabel later showed me the pictures of her sisters and many of their family pictures; i couldn’t look them all because they were so many. We left that same day not spending the night there.
On our way back to school, I confessed to her how nice her Parents are, that she was right about them.
Dorothy’s sentence pushed through as she died nine days after.
Her other gang members were caught and imprisoned. I felt sorry for her and her mother. Her definition of love was way out of the dictionary of love. Too bad she ended that way.
Cynthia had no choice but to be born-again; she changed totally after the death of Lola. So Cynthia and Promise joined Mirabel in her lodge.
Our examination time-table came out earlier than expected and it was because of the forth coming general elections. We had to vacate School before the elections take place.
We made a decision to get wedded two weeks after the elections, and we were pretty sure that Mirabel’s father will win. So… we’ll be preparing for the marriage and the elections. I started practicing how to fall flat on the ground… you know how it is to marry a Yoruba girl Lolx.
Things started going smoothly and peacefully, the first lady recruited my mother to be working with her in the office of the first lady. So my mother will be traveling, campaigning and also accompany the first lady to meetings as my mother became part of her official entourage.
 My dad had to give her the go ahead as we don’t have any little child to take care of, and dad also travels a lot. Securities from the first lady were provided for our house. As it is, Nancy is the one that’d take over our father’s accountancy company as it’s getting bigger day after day flocking with many employees. Just thanking God for everything. My dad who started from nothing, became something bigger suddenly.
 Our family was no longer in the middle class in the list of rich people, for we became very very rich. I earn a lot on my own, no longer receiving a naira from my Parent as i made my source of income known to them, my mother also earns on her own part, and dad kept his millions coming. I took Nancy’s responsibility, so they have no child to train except for charity. My parents don’t fail to give out to the poor and less privileged, that’s how blessings kept flowing in our family. The secret of wealth is giving and helping people, not by only fasting and prayer.
Our examination started before we knew it, we were well prepared for it though, for it’s our final exams period in the university. Something started bothering me as time passes by, I couldn’t take it anymore so I decided to talk with the person whom it concerns. And the following conversation ensued with her.
Promise: So what is it you want to talk to me about?
Me: I have no choice but to talk to you about this thing that has been bothering me long before now
Promise: Which is?
Me: I have never seen you get involved with any guy, why is that?
Promise: *Laughs*
Me: It wasn’t supposed to be funny
Promise: Sorry… it just sounded somehow to me because it was only yesterday Cynthia asked me the same question and Mirabel has asked me long before.
Me: So… mind talking to me about it?
Promise: Vickie, there’s nothing to talk about… I just haven’t met who i can trust and love that can replace the only guy i have ever loved.
Me: You have loved someone before? Who is he?? What happened???
Promise: He is with another person and they’re happy together
Me: Oh… I get it now, your kept your heart wide open for that someone and that’s why you can’t let another person walk in. Promzy there are many good guys existing, you have to close your heart from that someone you love and open it for another person, try to give someone else the chance to prove himself worthy. You could even find someone better
Promise: I doubt that
Me: Stop that, how could you say such? Have you lost your faith or something?? What’s wrong with you???
Promise: **Tears dripping from her eyes**
Me: Hey why are you crying?
Promise: **Stood up and ran away**
Me: Promise?!
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I ran after her and caught up on her…
Me: What’s wrong with you? Why are you behaving like this?! Why can’t you talk to me all of a sudden?
Promise: Trust me when I say there’s no point, let’s just go meet the girls and go home
Me: Ok… but this discussion is not over
Promise: It is o… i’m not mourning my singleness and i’m fine without a boyfriend, final. **walks away**
We joined the other girls and left school. I got home and started working on my website. Then i thought of something and decided to call Ike.
Me: Afternoon young boss
Ike: Afternoon future boss
**We both laughed**
Ike: How’s the exams?
Me: Good, how’s your business?
Ike: Flourishing… **we both laughed** hope you guys are preparing well for the upcoming events?
Me:Sure, that’s why i call to seek for something
Ike: What is it?
Me: How ’bout Mirabel and I go to you in the U.S for training in technology and other things that we would need to know and arrange before we setting up our Business empire. We need to start the preparations and also get connected to big business companies in different countries. I dunno if you understand where i’m driving at
Ike: Yea I understand and it’s a good idea, you will need all the knowledge you can get to set up your business and for it to be successful. It’s no problem, both of you will follow my jet immediately after the wedding, you’ll use a week for your honeymoon and then get to business.
Me: Yea… I’ll talk to Mirabel about it
Ike: Alright… how’s the website going?
Me: Very well
Ike: Good… talk to you later
Me: Ok thanks
**hangs up**
I worked a little more before i took a nap. I woke up in the evening, took my books and two hollandia yogurt and went to the library to read. I checked on my phone and saw some calls i missed. I missed a call from Joy (my senior sister) and an unknown number. Joy started calling me since i introduced Mirabel to her. She has always seen me as a bad boy. She refused to believe that i will change sooner than she had expected, that’s why we don’t get along at all. So i called her back, we talked a little, she kept on saying that she thank God for life bla bla bla…. she told me to give Mirabel her number to call her. I texted her number to Mirabel after the call, with a message that it’s Joy my sister.
After that i called the unknown number and the person picked up.
Female voice: Hi Victor
Me: Hi, sorry who’s this?
Voice: It’s Norah
Me: The millitary nurse?
Norah: Yea
Me: Okay…. how are you doing?
Norah: I’m fine… it’s been a while
Me: Yea… how’s work?
Norah: Work is fine, just feel like seeing your face again
Me: Any problem?
Norah: Not at all, why’d you ask that? Or are we not friends?
Me: Well… not that we’re enemies **laughing**
Norah: How’s your girlfriend?
Me: She’s fine, and your boyfriend?
Norah: Can we see?
**She ignored my question to ask me that? To see when it’s already getting late? No way!**
Me: I don’t think we can, i’m very very busy
Norah: What are you doing?
Me: Studying for my exams
Norah: Oh you’ve started your exams?
Me: Yea…
Norah: But you can still hang out even at that
Me: No i can’t, it’s my final exams, so i’ll need all the concentration i can get. I need to make a better result
Norah: It’s okay… maybe after your exams, we’ll celebrate it
Me: Absolutely…
Norah: Ok then, bye
Me: Alright, thanks for calling
Norah: Just make sure you save my number
Me: Sure
Norah: Ok dear, bye
Me: Bye
**hangs up**
I saved her number and went to read my books.
**Phone rings: Mirabel**
Me: Hello bae
Mirabel: Honey I saw someone that looks like Marcus a minute ago **sounding terrified**
Me: That’s not possible, he was shot dead in front of us
Mirabel: Yea but i’m sure i saw him, i can’t understand…. honey i’m scared