The President’s Daughter And I Season 2 Episode 4



About my family in brief…

Igala by tribe, my parents has three children and I’m the only male and second child. My older sister Joy, who got married last year to her Pilot lover and she’s currently pregnant with her first issue. She lives in Kano and has not visited the family since she got married.

My younger sister Nancy is a jambite, she stays at home and also helps momma in the shop. I’m suspecting her of having a boyfriend, iffa catch any guy near my sister eh…

U all know about me already, i’m the boyfriend of our President’s lovely Daughter,,, sweet description for me Lolz

My Momma is still young and pretty that one useless guy abi man tried to toast her, person mama wey don born finish *imagine*. He got the most suitable insults he could ever get from any woman, its a good thing i wasn’t around by that time, That was when i was in custody and being tortured by that wicked soldier woman and her colleagues *tear drop* Momma owns a big provision store.

My Father is a Chartered Accountant and he travels a lot. I do suspect him a lot that he’s still sexually active and i hope i’m wrong. He is the kind of father that children would want to be around, he always bring goodies from his trip. He is nice and very cool. He doesn’t shout out of anger, he provides every needs of the family.

☆☆☆ ☆ Continues ☆ ☆☆☆

Momma: *Coughs*

Me: Errmm… Mummy u are back

Mum: Yes, hmmmm and I guess you’re fine now

Me: Yes ma, the Doctor have discharged me already

Mum: What did he say?

Me: He said i’m fine now that i can go home

Mum: No, I mean what did he said about the bills?

Me: Its being taken care of

Mum: By who?

Me: Her **smiling**

Mum: U did? **Referring to Mirabel**

Mirabel: Yes ma

Mum: Thank u my daughter, God bless u

Mirabel: Thank u ma,,, where is Nancy?

Mum: I sent her ahead, to start preparing dinner

Mirabel: Ok ma,,, so let’s be going

Mum: Put on your shirt Victor let’s go home

I put on my shirt, Mirabel supported me to stand up. I saw how my Momma was smiling when looking at us, i pretended not seeing her.

We got outside, there was two cars. One for my momma and the other for Mirabel. I had to go with my mum’s
She quietly spoke to me not letting my momma hear.

Mirabel: Excuse me lemme call the guards to go and lodge in a hotel, I will be going with you and your mum

Me: Ok

Buh, is she planning on staying over? Hhmmm…We arrived at our house.

Mum: Go and rest on the big chair (couch) lemme join Nancy in the kitchen

Me: Ok ma

Mum: Mirabel make yourself comfortable Ok? I’m coming

Mirabel: Ok ma

**She went into the kitchen**

A loud awkward silence just emanated from within. I saw her smiling whenever i take a glance at her.

Me: What’s up with the smiling?

Mirabel: *laughs* Nothing… U look cuter when you’re sick

Me: Go ahead, keep teasing me

Mirabel: *laughs* No i’m not teasing u, u are cute

Me: Ok thank u. Mirabel, we need to talk

Mirabel: Why? U want to break up with me?

Me: Of course not! why did u say that?

Mirabel: Well uhmmm… that’s something i learnt from Hollywood movies

Me: What did u learn?

Mirabel: That’s ermm… whenever a guy or a girl tells his partner that ‘we need to talk’ its probably about break up.

Me: Hhmmm…

Mirabel: So what do u want to talk about?

Me: About the situation at hand.

Mirabel: Okay yea, but not now

Me: Why? Aren’t u worried at all??

Mirabel: Why are u worried? are u a shame of me??

Me: Are u kidding? Why should i be ashamed of u??

Mirabel: Then why are u so worried?

Me: Mirabel u should understand the situation

Mirabel: What situation?

Me: I could get into trouble, how do u think the President would feel seeing me kissing his daughter on campus? His image? Status? Responsibility? Don’t u think it’d be scandalous and can lead to controversies of his administration by his adversaries??

Mirabel: U dunno know anything about my father and i told u already that its been taken care of

Me: But how?

**My mum just showed up**

Mum: What is this that i just heard? President? Daughter? Father? And who is kissing the President’s daughter??

Me: Mummy… U

Mum: Alu we de! (Close your mouth!) I’m asking u Mirabel, are u the President’s daughter? Because i clearly overheard that part

My sister Nancy brought herself  into the sitting room as well

Nancy: What’s going on mummy? *confused*

Mummy: Myself don’t understand, I’m trying to understand

Nancy: But i heard your voice

Mummy: I’m trying to get answers that hasn’t been provided,,, yet.

Nancy: Senior Bro, Aunty Mirabel what’s this about?

Mirabel: Okay, Alright I’m gonna clear the air by telling u guys the truth

Me: Mirabel…

Mirabel: Its okay,,, lemme do this

Mummy: Go ahead i’m listening

Mirabel: Uhmmm,,, okay its like this, I’m the President’s Daughter

Mummy: Ehn?!

Nancy: Whoa…..

☆☆☆  To Be Continued. ☆☆☆