The President's Daughter And I Season 2 Episode 31


After staring at ourselves for a couple of minutes, I ushered them into the house to talk more on the situation at hand.
Vincent: We need to start planning on how to get the girls back in peace
Frank: I dunno but do you guys think we should leave it for the President to tackle? Of course he’ll do everything to get back his daughter and the others won’t be left out.
Me: Marcus knows that before he abducted them which means he had this planned all along and it won’t be easy for the President to get them
Vincent: What’s the plan guys?
Frank: First and foremost; I suggest we vacate this house at once for the main time, it’s not save. Victor you know Marcus will come back for you right?
Me: I guess
Vincent: You guess? Have you forgotten how you kicked his a-s when he attacked you which landed him in jail in the process? He’s not through with you bro; I suggest you come stay with me
Me: Alright; lemme go grabbed some things **I went into the room and arranged some clothes and other important stuffs that I needed.
We vacated the environment that moment to Vincent’s apartment. He was living in a simple self-contain apartment with nothing special about it. He was indeed on a low level. After settling for a moment, an idea popped into my head. I picked my phone and dialed Ike’s line.
Me: I need your help bro
Ike: What’s up mahn?
**I told him everything**
Ike: Who’s that crazy dude? He really got guts! What can we do to nail that b@stard?!
Me: We will be going ahead of the President to get the girls back
Ike: How do you intend to do that? Do you have any lead on how to reach them?
Me: Not really…that’s why I need your help
Ike: What do you want me to do?
Me: I’ll need some tracking devices from you and other necessary technological devices that will be used to reach them
Ike: That can be arranged
Me: Like how soon can it get here?
Ike: I’ll go to the plant as soon as I drop this call and fix up everything that’d be needed. I will make sure I ship the supplies in two days’ time
Me: Please bro…We need to act fast
Ike: We’ll surely get the girls in one piece
I told Vincent and Frank about my discussion with Ike and they agreed that it’s a good idea.
I called the First lady; she wept on phone. I comforted her that nothing bad will happen to Mirabel and I’ll do everything I could to get her back. She thanked me then I ended the call.
Now I dunno how to tell my Parents that Nancy has been kidnapped, especially my mother. I decided not to tell them about it.
I told promise about it; she was shocked. She promised to pray fervently for their save return.
Cynthia, Lola and Dax called me that they heard about the abduction when they returned back from where they went to. They promised to do everything they could to rescue them.
Frank later went to the house and planted some security cam all around the environment to see if Marcus would come around.
I went to the School the following day not to receive lectures but to meet with all my departmental lecturers to let them know what’s going on and that I won’t be attending their lectures till I return from my quest. They all approved easily because they know me and Mirabel as well.
I went back to Vincent’s house and had a chat with Ike. He told me he is seriously working on the devices that they’d be shipped anything tomorrow.
Frank: Come check this out Victor
I walked to him where he was seated
Me: What is it?
Frank: My hunch was right; Marcus and his gangs visited the house early this morning. He wouldn’t have hesitated in killing you
I watched in Frank’s laptop how Marcus and his boys find their way into the house in search of me before they left a couple of minutes later.
I still have a purpose to fulfill here on earth; I won’t die!
Vincent: You should remain indoors bro…they might be monitoring your movements. You going to the school today was extremely dangerous. What if they had spotted you?
Frank: I heard the other guys that were broken out from prison were convicted criminals. They were freed to work for Marcus. As it is right now, the President still in Dakar Senegal has instructed the information and communication Minister to make a public announcement about the kidnap of his daughter and her friends and who is behind it.
Me: Will that be necessary?
Frank: Well…he’d be needing the public cooperation in. search of the girls just in case they see something as the government don’t have any lead on how to find the girls yet
Vincent: I’ll talk to my father to make sure every border is to be secured so Marcus won’t succeed smuggling them out
Frank: The orders are already taking effect. There are thorough check points on every part of the road and Marcus will be regarded as a terrorist.
*This time I know that my mother will definitely hear the news.*
The Information & Communication Minister came online live on TV exactly in a press conference to do the announcement. He called on the general public to be an ambassador of peace and security. He announced the act of terrorism being portrayed by Marcus and his group. He said a lot before ending the speech that “Marcus is the most wanted man in Nigeria”.
**I got a call from an unknown caller some few minutes later after the announcement**
I picked the call and put it on loud speaker but hesitated to speak up
Caller: How you holding up Victor?
Me: Sorry…who is this?
Caller: I’m the new crowned most wanted man of the Nation mahn **Laughing out**
Me: Marcus!
Marcus: What’s up?
Me: What have you done to them?! Why are you keeping them? Wh…
Marcus: **Cuts in** easy there mahn…one question at a time. You’re already weeping; I thought you’re strong? I paid you a harmless visit today but you weren’t around. Are you hiding from me?
Me: What is it that you want?
Marcus: Good question! But the question is; can you give me what I want?
Me: What is it?
Marcus: Can we meet?
Me: I thought you’re smarter than this; you know there’s no way that’s ever gonna happen
Marcus: Why? You can’t do that for the safety of Mirabel?
Me: I know you’r not going to hurt her
Marcus: Is that so? Can you say the same for the other two?? **Laughs** reason why I took them as extra; they are of no use to me and I’m sure you wouldn’t want anything to happen to your sis
Me: How’d you know that she’s my sister?
Marcus: Lemme say…I did my homework
Me: What exactly do you want from me?
Marcus: Maybe you think I’d gun you down; nah…I made an agreement with my partner not to harm you and I wouldn’t want to breach our agreement. So I’m not goin’ to kill ya
Me: And who is this your partner?
Marcus: You will meet her soon
Me: Your partner is a lady?
Marcus: I will call you back in the next 15hours to hear your response. You know how to keep simple instructions right? Better don’t be a snitching a$$ ba$tard. Mirabel might be save but your sister is not! **Hangs up**
Me: Guys…?
Frank: I don’t believe him, it’s a trap
Me: We’re not sure about that
Vincent: Then what? You will give a thought to what he said?
Me: I dunno…he sounded sincere
Frank: How can he be sincere? Which lady would spare you from him?
Me: I need to speak with Ike
**I dialed his line and told him everything**
Ike: Is that so?
Me: Yea…
Ike: We shall play a risky game with him
Me: How?
Ike: I will be in Nigeria tomorrow with experts and the devices; then we’ll make a master plan.