The President’s Daughter And I Season 2 Episode 20



A week later after resuming school, Nancy came in and We made her stay in my place as planned without her knowledge at first untill we explained to her how I got to be living in that huge house. She had no choice but to concur to the arrangement we made.

She thought I was staying in a single room with room mates thats why she wanted to stay with Mirabel. We told her that, both Mirabel and I don’t have room mates. She asked why but no explanation was provided for her. She concluded on already having a place to stay when She starts schooling with us. And as for me,,, I now have a cook for two to three months. Even though Dad will return home before then, still he won’t be stable so there’s no need for Nancy to be going and coming. She will only go home when Momma arrives.

I later spoke with my Sister Joy on phone to talk to her and also congratulate her for giving birth safely,,, Her Husband wasn’t even around, He flew to Cape Town, South Africa. He was a Pilot.

On a Tuesday afternoon after school, Mirabel and Promise went to their places while I left for mine,,, I got a call from Dorothy before I entered the house and the following conversation ensued…

Dorothy: I want to come stay with You even for a week

Me: Why?

Dorothy: Because I miss You and I’d also like to know the School that I’d be going as from next year

Me: You applied for the University?

Dorothy: Yes, I didn’t tell You?

Me: I don’t think so

Dorothy: Its okay… hope I can come?

Me: No You can’t come,,, If You really want to know about the school, You should look for a girl to stay with or better still, wait for the post UTME Exams

Dorothy: Are You refusing me again?

Me: Look D’thy, I’m in a relationship, a serious one and I won’t jeopardize that ok?

Dorothy: Oh! I see… I should have known, now I get it,,, so this is what all this is all about? abandoning me for some cheap s–t?

Me: D’thy You have to calm down

Dorothy: Calm down? I should calm down?? After everything You did to me and all what I went through for You, this is what I get?

Me: We’ve talked about this before, I asked for Your forgiveness and You forgave me so why are You like this?

Dorothy: I might have tried to forgive You, but never to forget! and besides, I told You I only forgave You partially not fully

Me: Come on,,, You were pulling my legs by then

Dorothy: No I wasn’t! I was serious about it and I made it pretty clear to You

Me: Then what should I do to get Your full forgiveness?

Dorothy: You know what to do

Me: I don’t know

Dorothy: Yes You do

Me: No I don’t

Dorothy: Text me Your address so we can talk face to face

Me: I can’t do that, You can’t come over here D’thy, We can talk on phone

Dorothy: Okay,,, I want You to get rid of that s–t You call Your girlfriend so We can be together

Me: No way, that’s never gonna happen, I mean… it won’t work

Dorothy: It will happen, No girl can have You if I don’t. Even if You turn gay, no guy will have You still. You are for me

Me: I have always known that You’re not smart, but I didn’t realized that You’re this stup!d,,, can You listen to Youself?

Dorothy: I have told You, its either me or no other

**Hangs Up**

I just laughed to Her stupidity and went inside the house. Nancy served me a good meal which I ate and drank a cool yoghurt, then I went to sleep while Nancy has been using my wireless modem all day. I woke up later in the evening around 4 or 5pm (Nigerian time) I checked my phone and saw some missed calls from Momma and also from Mirabel whom I saved as ‘Love Mi’ of which the Yoruba can translate to My Love but I actually abbreviated her name to ‘Mi’ – Love Mirabel so it became of two sides either ‘Love Mirabel’ or ‘My Love’ and I also missed a call from Dorothy too.

First of all, I dialled Momma’s number,,, we just exchanged pleasantries, asked about our wellbeing and all of that bla bla bla. Before I dialled Mirabel, She picked the call in no time.

Me: Hei Sweetheart

Mirabel: Hi, where have You been that I’ve been calling You?

Me: I was sleeping, I had to rest from the hot lectures we had today

Mirabel: I thought as much because I know You can’t just refuse to pick my call, but even at that, you should’ve known that I was the one calling and You should’ve woken up to pick

Me: How?

Mirabel: From Your dream na

Me: Very funny

Mirabel: Yeah,,, It was meant to be joke and t…

What I heard was “Your call credit has been exausted and Your call terminated” and You know what that means. I didn’t even get a warning like “You have one minute remaining”.
She called me back in less than 10 seconds and I picked up immediately
Me: Hello

Mirabel: Don’t tell me it was Your call that finished

Me: What else do You expect it to look like? Or I just hanged up on You?

Mirabel: I was only teasing, You don’t have to answer me that way

Me: **Laughing** I was teasing You as well,,, So what’s up?

Mirabel: I’m home watching a cool movie, So I won’t be coming around today

Me: Okay,,, and what movie is that captivated You like that?

Mirabel: Its a Korean

Me: You watch it too?

Mirabel: Yeah… just started it recently,,, with the influence of Lola and Cynthia

Me: I see,,, If such a movie could hinder You from coming here, then I think its very interesting

Mirabel: It is very interesting

Me: Okay,,, You should bring that particular one You’re watching to me tomorrow

Mirabel: Ok I will

Me: Alright continue Your movie, we’ll talk later in the night before I sleep

Mirabel: Ok dear, love you… Nnmuah

Me: I love You too sweetheart, bye

Mirabel: Byeeee…

**Hangs Up**

I refused to call Dorothy, I might even block Her again. I checked my unread messages and I saw two messages from Mirabel which read “Where are you and why are you not picking up my calls?” and the second one “Are You there??” I supposed It was when I was sleeping and missed Her calls. I saw a message from First Bank then I recalled when Momma said She’ll back up some money in my account. I opened it quickly and saw that my account has been credited but it wasn’t from my Mum nor from the Boss because I know their account number. I relaxed to think for a moment…

*Could it be Mirabel?

*And why would She send me money after all what Mum had told Her about not giving Me Her money?

*Or Mirabel did it so I won’t know that its from Her?

*But who else can send Me money?

My thought got to my Engineer Uncle, but He doesn’t send me money just like that, untill I call or something

*Or was it a wrong transfer?

*Should I contact the Bank?

I called Momma but She said She didn’t send the money, I called the Boss,,, thinking He’d asked if I have I gotten the money but He didn’t, which means He wasn’t the one. I called and asked Mirabel but She denied responsibility.
Then who is responsible for crediting my account??

And what should I do??

It could be a wrong transfer.