The President’s Daughter And I Season 1 Episode 7


Resting on my bed listening to some old school hip-hop after a stressful day at school. We wrote two tests (Ofcoz i wrote well), a group presentation (i was the group leader, while Mirabel and Promise was also the group leader of theirs). The scores of the previous test we wrote was announced.

Tests are 20/20 while other Lecturers set theirs 30/30. I scored 30 in English, 20 in introduction to business and 22/30 in maths. Promise scored 28 in English, 19 in introduction to business and 27/30 in maths. While Mirabel scored 22 in English, 20 in introduction to business and 27/30 in maths. She didn’t do well in English, but not enough to be her limit. *Phone rings*

Me: Hello

Esther: Hi, how u doing?

Me: Fine but stressed out

Esther: School abi?

Me: Yea, how u?

Esther: I’m fine ooo…. as u don’t even call again

Me: No vex, many tinz just dey for me to do (vex o)

Esther: Ok oo, I feel bored, should i come over? *knocks on the door* Titus and two guys walked in after i told them to come in

Me: *On phone* I have visitors maybe some other time

Esther: Who are they? Me: (Ah ah since when that one start) My friends, talk to u later.

Esther: Ok *Hangs up*

Titus: Guy hwfa

Me: I dey o (shakes hand with them)

Titus: Off this your 2Pac put P.S for person jare (video game)

Me: Na una i buy ‘am for na They have been coming to my place since i bought and told them about it. I just set it for them then took a walk out, not in the mood for video game that moment.

Walking on the street along the school road checking out the environment. Then i heard someone calling my name with an unfamiliar voice. I looked at the side where the voice was coming from, i saw two recognizable eve-like creatures waving at me from a car or their car.

My course mates, I went closer to them while they fold their arms and lean on their car.

Cynthia: Victor cant even hear his name again

Tola: Did she break your heart?

Me: She who? my heart fit break? *Both laughs*

Tola: Hwfa

Me: I’m ok. How was school today?

Tola: Guy, we thank God o… u try wella for the presentation.

Me: Thanks

Cynthia: Too bad i no dey una group

Me: Mirabel did well for una na

Cynthia: True but… hmmm not bad sha

Tola: U live around here?

Me: Yea, that block there *pointing*

Tola: OK we go check on u make u put us through on that Accounting abeg, u know the exam is near now

Cynthia: Yes o… we didn’t do well in the test.

Me: That won’t be a problem, lets just set a date and time then we’d meet in class

Tola: At school?

Cynthia: What about your room? Or your roommate won’t allow it??

Me: (Hhmmm… Oh Lord! save me from temptations. What are they thinking) I stay alone but my guys always come around. I think the class will be ok for learning.

Cynthia: That class sef, the noise and distractions emanating from those students would be a hindrance. U should come to our place

Tola: Yea, come to our place

Me: Hhmmm

Tola: Don’t worry, we’d treat u well
Me: (Sh!t! No!!) Where is this your place?

Cynthia: At VIPI 2C iv Woah! This girls must be very rich to be living there. VIPI – VIP INN 2C – SECOND CLASS WING iv – ROOM NUMBER

Me: Thats where u guys live?

Tola: Yep

Me: Oh i see, aright then

Tola: So… when will be convenient for u?

Me: Anytime is fine by me

Tola: Ok then… u should give us your number so we’d contact u

Me: Alright, 070********

Tola: Ok

Cynthia: See u around then

Me: Alright. They both gave me a hug with that they zoomed off leaving me with my thoughts. ☆☆☆

To Be Continued