The President’s Daughter And I Season 1 Episode 34


Me: And I got the torture of my life. I was kept in their quarter guard for five days and I get to eat once on each day.

Mirabel: That’s cruel

Me: U have no idea,,,, My breakfast was 25 strokes of their whip. And my dinner was 20 strokes. I only ate in the afternoon like a pig

Mirabel: Geez!

Me: I wish that was all

Mirabel: What else did they do to u?

Me: Hhmmm…. God is great

Mirabel: I know He’s great, but what else happened to u?

Me: They tied me to a rope naked,,, Christina’s mother brought in one of her colleague. A young soldier girl to to to to,,, gosh!

Mirabel: To what?!

Me: To caress little vame so it will rise up

Mirabel: Why?

Me: Just listen… it was difficult for them to make it rise because of the tension. Unfortunately, little vame gave up when it couldn’t take it anymore.

Mirabel: What happened next?

Me: Hhmmm… God is great

Mirabel: Tell me nah…

Me: As soon as it rose up, She inserted a needle into it

Mirabel: Oh my God!

Me: That was what i screamed too but got a thunderous slap to shut me up. I got a mighty slap whenever i screamed or even opened my mouth in pain.

Mirabel: Oh my poor baby.… that was horrible

Me: I hated life when they finally released me… I felt like dying. I was so traumatized…

Mirabel: I’m really sorry dear,,, u went through a lot

Me: Yes dear,,,, a lot

Mirabel: Well, that’s in the past now but it might happen again if u try to do something stupid to me

Me: What?

Mirabel: I was just kidding **laughs**

Me: It better be

Mirabel: But it won’t be a joke if u break my heart

Me: U know i will never do that, i’m even scared of losing u

Mirabel: Really?

Me: Of course dear,,,, u can’t imagine how happy i am whenever i’m with u

Mirabel: Ok hold it there,,, u want to make me forget all what u did huh? @

Me: But they’re all in the past na

Mirabel: Yea i know, but i want to know about it…. so who became your next victim?

Me: Victim? Are u kidding??

Mirabel: **Laughing** What…?

Me: Of course there wasn’t any victim again. That was how i got delivered from my bad ways. Then the Church completed the remaining process of transforming me into a better person. And the deliverance was a good one that i started to be afraid of girls, until i found u.

Mirabel: Well, God has his ways for arresting bad people. I would never have believed if someone had told me about your past. U know, I’m really impressed u gathered the courage to tell me all these. I believe u, and u’ve  earned more of my trust…. from 97% to 99.9%

Me: What about the remaining percentage na?

Mirabel: U don’t worry about that.

Me: Hhmmm…. mouth closed

Mirabel: So,,, How do u feel being the boyfriend of the president’s daughter?

Me: I feel great,,, its a great opportunity. Whenever the thought of dating the President’s Daughter occur to me, I feel like i’m imagining the impossible. I always say “wow” over and over whenever i thought about u. U know, its amazing, i feel blessed and favoured by God. And I’m very happy, not just because u are the President’s Daughter but because of who u are. U are very sweet and loving

Mirabel: Hhmmm…

Me: Adorable…

Mirabel: Hhmmm…

Me: Stunning…

Mirabel: Hhmmm…

Me: Gorgeous…

Mirabel: Hhmmm…

Me: Good mannered, sweet and cool

Mirabel: Hhmmm…

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Me: Cute smiles and naturally filtered soft spoken voice…

Mirabel: **Laughs** Hhmmm…

Me: Amazingly hot…

Mirabel: Hhmmm…

Me: Super succulent lips…

Mirabel: Hhmmm…

Me: And extremely BEAUTIFUL!

Mirabel: Hhm hmmmm…. wow! U are so sweet honey… i believe and trust u. I so much love u

Me: I love u more sweetheart

**We Kissed** **Kissed** **Kissed** **Kissed** **Kissed** And **Kissed**

Me: Seems I won’t be leaving here tonight, its 11:16pm already

Mirabel: I thought u will try to leave na, i would have called my guard Frank to press u

Me: U can’t even try it

Mirabel: Why do u think so?

Me: I know u wouldn’t like to see me get hurt

Mirabel: Hhmmm… quite true,,,  lets go in jare

Me: I will need yoghurt o,,, hope u still have hollandia yoghurt in the fridge?

Mirabel: Of course! I got them all for u

Me: Thanks sweetheart

Mirabel: Alright, lemme rush to have a quick shower. I got myself a chilled hollandia yoghurt, took my time to finish it before joining her in the bedroom.

Me: U are done already

Mirabel: Yeap

She laid on the bed with her night gown, pressing her iphone. She dropped it when i joined her in the bed.

Mirabel: Dear, don’t u think, uhmmm drinking too much yoghurt more often might affect u?

Me: How so?

Mirabel: U dunno?

Me: No I don’t, I love yoghurts especially that of hollandia.

Mirabel: It might affect your s-x performance, low sperm count and even quick ejaculation.

Me: Serious?

Mirabel: Yea, u can do your research,,, Google is there for u

Me: Hhmmm,,, but i can’t stop drinking it

Mirabel: Well u can adjust,,, u drink it too much,,, please adjust

Me: Ok dear, I will try **Silence**

Mirabel: Are u sleeping already?

Me: Nop She drew close, resting her head on my chest.

Mirabel: Talk to me **sleepy tone**

Me: About what?

Mirabel: Anything from u

Me: OK uhmmm….

Mirabel: **sighed**

Me: U know,,, the first day i saw u, that morning in front of the lecture hall, my heart shifted to an impossible position. My brain instantly saved your image to a secure folder in my heart. Your voice started ringing in my brain. Although, I thought u were an arrogant snub at first. But then, my heart later objected to the thought and started a serious argument with my mind. But my heart prevailed and won my mind to its side. That’s how my heart and my mind focused on u

Mirabel. U are my first love, my heart point, my heart beat, my heart warmer, my thinking focus, my source of joy and happiness. Like files & folders,,,, U are the only girl saved in my heart folder. And I love u so much.

There’s something I want to u about your friend Lola, she’s been tempting me to sleep with her,,, and i can’t do such, please do something about it, talk to her. **Silence**

Me: Will u? **Silence**

Me: Are u sleeping already? **Silence**

Me: Mirabel? **Silence**

Me: Mirabel…? Mirabel: Ummmm (sleeping)

Me: Oh, sorry for disturbing u,,,, please continue sleeping.

Chai! She didn’t hear me oh… I really need to tell her. She needs to know ‘coz i really don’t want to lose her for anything stupid.


Mirabel: Honey wake up!

Me: **sleepy tone** Why na? Its still early and exam is 12 pm

Mirabel: But we need to go to school early to study with Promise

Me: I know but….

Mirabel: But what? Stand up breakfast is served,,, fried plantain, egg and custard

Me: Really?

Mirabel: Yes

Me: Alright, let’s go We ate, before we prepared for school. Promise even called to remind us of coming early. We drove in my car headed to school.

Mirabel: Sweetheart…

Me: Yes babe

Mirabel: I dunno if it was a dream but it so sounded real

Me: What is it dear?

Mirabel: I heard u saying sweet things last night and i was smiling and blushing in my heart. Then i later heard u said something horrible, i couldn’t grab it though but it sounded horrible,,,, what did u say love?? My heart kicked up that moment like an ignited generator.

SO,,,, Should I tell her again? What would be her reaction? Would she believe me? Or did she actually heard me and pretended not to hear? What should I do??? ☆☆☆



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