The President’s Daughter and I Season 1 Episode 29


Remember how those bodyguards of Mirabel use to be mean to me? Now, I am like their boss. According to what Mirabel told me about some of the rules and policies in their home and to their workers; There shouldn’t be any form of relationship between every employees working together for the family. As in, a gateman can’t go out with a maid, like that. Or they will be punished accordingly and might even lose their jobs.

*** RECALL ***

There was a day when Mirabel and I went to a shopping mall to purchase some stuffs with the guards. We got to her place quite late after the shopping. On getting home, she dropped the stuffs that she got for herself; then told the guards to watch the house that she’d be leaving with me to my apartment. They tried to object but she overruled their objections.

She followed me to the car which is my range rover sport. I drove out of the gate from the building before she told me to stop…

Mirabel: Oppss! I forget my PJ’s please turn around honey

Me: Ohhhh…! Sweetheart but I told U to keep some at my place

Mirabel: I know, thats why I bought three pairs from our shopping earlier. Please please please turn back honeyyy…

Me: Ok, alright! but I don’t need to turn around, we haven’t gone far na, so… we should walk back.

Mirabel: Fine, lets go We alighted from the car headed back to the building. On walking briskly into the house, we heard splashes of water from the pool.

Mirabel: I thought Lola isn’t home? Who is swimming in my pool??

Me: It could be Cynthia

Mirabel: Cynthia doesn’t swim that much, besides she don’t like swimming alone unless people are there to make it fun.

Me: So… No one else is allowed to swim there?

Mirabel: No other people swim there. There are two other pool where they swim.

Me: Lets check it out sweetheart to stop your worry. We got closer to the pool. Lo and Behold we saw two naked humans kissing and romancing at an angle of the pool.

Mirabel: Frank?! Jummy??!! It was her guards…

Frank: Ma? Sorry Ma we can explain I swear Ma They immediately rushed out from the pool. The female one Jummy quickly grabbed a towel to cover herself.

Mirabel: So this is what U guys do when I’m not around?

Frank: Its not what U think Ma

Mirabel: Don’t be stupid! Answer me!! Is this what U guys do when I’m not around??!

Me: Relax sweetheart, take it easy By then, I didn’t understand why she was so mad at them.

Mirabel: Stay out of this Victor! Answer me now! Jummy?

Jummy: Ma, Actually…. we.. we… we..

Mirabel: We we what?! Are U guys dating right under my nose? **Silence**
I didn’t say anything again, she just shouted at me and I’m not cool with it.

Mirabel: Huh?! Are U guys dating??

Frank: Yes Ma

Mirabel: Since when?

Frank: Ma?

Mirabel: Since when have U guys been dating?!

Jummy: For five months now Ma

Mirabel: What?! That long??

Jummy: I’m s… we are sorry Ma

Mirabel: U don’t have to apologize to me, do that to my father tomorrow They both went down on their knees to beg

Frank: Ahhh Ma… please Ma. We would get into trouble if U do that

Mirabel: U should’ve thought about that before U started what U’re doing now

Jummy: It just happened Ma, we’re very sorry Ma please don’t tell your father I beg U

Mirabel: **calmed** so U guys love each other?

Jummy: **Uncomfortable** Yes ma

Mirabel: Hhmmmm…

Frank: We will do anything U want us to do anytime, anywhere Ma

Mirabel: Oh really?

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Frank: Yes Ma

Mirabel: OK. Is not that I’m gonna make a deal with U guys ‘coz U guys are answerable to me and its your obligation to do whatever I say.

Frank/Jummy: Yes Ma

Mirabel: Now lemme make something clear to U guys,,,, Victor here and I are dating. And U must respect that Ok?

Frank: Absolutely Ma

Mirabel: Never question my moves especially when I don’t want U guys to follow me,,, Is that clear?

Frank: Yes Ma

Mirabel: U guys are also answerable to my boyfriend Victor Ok?

Frank: What?

Mirabel: Got a problem with that?

Frank: Not at all Ma,,,, all clear

Mirabel: Good!

Frank: Yes Ma

Mirabel: **Smiling** Well, looking at U,,, I’m happy for U guys

Frank/Jummy: Thanks Ma **shyly**

Mirabel: Alright, just came back to pick up something. Enjoy yourselves! She went in, got her PJ’s, then we got out to the car heading to my place. I was so silent in the ride. She tried to make a conversation but I didn’t give in till we got to my place.

We got inside.

Mirabel: Alright, I understand,,,  Sorry I yelled at U earlier it wasn’t intentional

I didn’t say anything.

Mirabel: C’mon sweetheart… don’t be like that **Hugging me from behind**  U know I wouldn’t do anything that would hurt U

Me: But U did

Mirabel: And I’m so sorry about it. It would never happen again I promise… honey pleaseeee….

Me: OK, I’ve heard U

Mirabel: Not enough dear

Me: What do U want me to do?

Mirabel: Do U love me?

Me: U know the answer to that

Mirabel: Just answer it please,,, do U love me?

Me: Yes I do

Mirabel: U do what?

Me: Love U of course

Mirabel: Alright Kiss me I no dey form for that kinda thing at all…

I smiled on hearing that, I slowly turned around to face her.

Mirabel: So? Are U gonna keep staring at me or….??

I drew her head closer, we kissed and did other stuffs except s£x and we cool with it for the main time.

*** NOW ***

One week more to round up our exams. We didn’t slack up our reading sessions. Promise got to know my new place as she visited and even cook alongside Mirabel.

The first time she visited, she took her time in surveying the environment and then did some questioning.

Promise: Nice place U got here

Me: Thanks,,,, Promzy

Promise: She tried

Me: Yea

Promise: This is something you’ve always wanted. Living by yourself in a beautiful house with all U need.

Me: ***laughs*** yea, thats true

Promise: Is this the reason why u’re dating her?

Me: What do U mean?

Promise: Do U love her?

Me: Of course I do, I love her very much
Promise: For who she is? Or for what she is??

Me: What’s all this about Promzy?

Promise: I dunno,,, I feel like she’s buying U over

Me: How do U mean?

Promise: U always happily accepts whatever that she give to U. Look at you Victor… look around…. U want this, every other guy would love this as well… why should I believe that U are different from other guys when U accept everything from her?

Me: U just have to believe me,,, I thought U trust me?

Promise: I did,,, but…

Me: But what?

Promise: I dunno what to think anymore
Me: Its Ok,,, I want to assure U that I really do love her and that’s all that matters

Promise: Before U fell in love with Mirabel, did U have anyone in mind that U would’ve love to date?

Me: Uhhmmmm… I don’t think so. See Promzy, U have to trust me… I’m a good guy

Promise: Its not about trusting you Victor

Me: Then tell me what it is

Promise: Or never mind, its cool

Me: U were going to say something

Promise: Nope, its nothing…

Me: Are U sure?

Promise: Yea, I’m sure. Why not go in and offer me something to drink?

Me: This way please **ushering her in**

But when Lola came to my place by herself…. the story was different. ☆☆☆