The President’s Daughter And I Season 1 Episode 26


I woke up the following morning feeling happy, at peace and filled with joy. I love to love and love to be loved. The kind of happiness one derives from love is very special and sweet to the extreme. Seriously, when you are in love with someone,,,, your smiles will be different, your heart will turn soft and be beating “love” “love” “love”. Whenever U see who U love,,, Chai! U will know, the excitement and all that. I’m not a love doctor, I dunno if any of the above has happened to U before, so it may not be accurate buh as for me, I’m experiencing it now.

I got up from the bed looking around buh Mirabel wasn’t on the bed with me. I dunno what to guess, I tried calling her buh I got no response.

I check the bathroom/toilet buh she wasn’t there. I didn’t get worried as they do in the movies, I brushed my teeth with the available toothbrush I found. I went to the living room calling her name in the normal way but got no response.

I perceived something nice, I walked briskly to the kitchen and found her focused on preparing an aromatic meal for the morning. I tip-toed towards her and grab her from the back.

Me: I’ve been looking for U all over the world not knowing U were closer than I thought

Mirabel: **Smiles** U’ve started this morning. I woke up early to prepare what we’d eat before studying. Morning honey…

Me: Nice! Morning love. How was ur night?

Mirabel: Loving, yours?

Me: It was one of my best nights ever.

Mirabel: Hhmmm…. Sweet

Me: So what are U preparing?

Mirabel: Plantain with egg sauce

Me: Hhmmm…. can’t wait to have a taste of those

Mirabel: U better. It will be ready in 6 minutes

Me: Alright

Mirabel: I left my notes on the dining, U can go through it before I join U

Me: Good Idea,,, don’t take too long Ok…?

Mirabel: Promise

I left her in the kitchen for the dining. Our hand- writing were almost alike buh I think mine was better *Winkz*

She joined me about 13 minutes later. We ate the meal with orange juice, we studied, we had our baths together followed with a hot romance, then got ourselves prepared to hit the road leading to my house from there to school

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We sat down at the back of the class gisting as we were waiting for a Lecturer to come in. We talked about lot of things about our lives, family, hobbies, likes & dislikes and lots more.

Mirabel: Promise, come over here I raised my head up to see Promise entering the class. She came over as Mirabel invited her.

Promise: Hi Mirabel

Mirabel: Hi Promise how U doing?

Promise: I’m well, how about U? (Looking surprised)

Mirabel: Great!

Me: S’up Promzy

Promise: Oga Vickie

Me: How today?

Promise: Not bad so far

Mirabel: Sit Promise,,, join us lets chat. U are the only friend of Victor I know of

Me: Yea,,, She’s my only friend here in school

Promise: Hhmmm… Ok oh…

She sat down to join the conversation. They were great talkatives. I knew Promise was very good in talking buh Mirabel eh… Very fast and fluent. They just kept me in the middle like I don’t even exist. I slowly and silently stood up to leave thinking I would hear… “Victor where are U going to” buh I didn’t hear anything till I left the class.

I met the girl that gave me her number the other day, Beatrice.

Beatrice: Hi Victor

Me: Hi uhmmm….

Beatrice: Beatrice

Me: Yea Beatrice, how U doing?

Beatrice: Not bad. I have been expecting your call since that day buh U didn’t call

Me: I apologize for that Beatrice, I actually misplaced the number.

Beatrice: Would U have called me?
Me: I dunno,,,, I guess

Beatrice: Ok, U give me your number so I’d call U

Me: But U and I don’t talk much face to face… so uhmmm U know, is it necessary?

Beatrice: I have the chance and space for face to face conversation. I dunno about U

Me: I’m quite a busy person to be sincere. I don’t stay out much.

Beatrice: U can tell me where U live so I can visit U

Oooh…. what does this girl want from me??

Me: That won’t be necessary, we’d just see in school

Beatrice: Its Ok

Me: Yea, I have to go now…

Beatrice: Can we meet today again?

Me: **walking away** we’d see about that. That’s how I left her oh… I don’t want any problem. I went to sit in a corner, as Mirabel don snatch my friend and Promise got the attention of my girlfriend.

After wondering about one thing or the other, then I reminisced about last night.

*** LAST NIGHT ***

While lieing flat on the bed, she climbed on me with a smile on her face. We kissed as I followed her lead. I got turned on, I start caressing her body all over till I took charge and switched our position as I got to stay on top.

The romance got hot, getting hotter and we were breathing like crazy. We could hear the sound of our own kisses and our breathing as well. I slowly pulled off the towel she was putting on remaining her thong underwear. I didn’t know she’d wear anything inside.

We continued the romance until I tried to remove the thongs. I slowly and stylishly began pulling it down until she held my hand Mirabel: Victor,,,,,, noo….

Me: What?

Mirabel: I’m tired already

Me: Buh we haven’t done anything yet

Mirabel: I’m not strong enough to romance intensely for almost an hour then have s*x later, no.

Me: So,,, nothing will follow?

Mirabel: I’m weak Victor,,,

U should’ve thought about that long before now I remembered when one of her friends said she’s afraid of s*x. I wouldn’t want her to be afraid of me, so I’d just let be. I’m not desperate anyway, buh my current activation needed to be deactivated.

My phone ringtone brought me back to reality.

*** NOW ***

Me: Hello

Mirabel: Where are U? I’ve been calling but U weren’t picking up

Me: Sorry dear, I was lost in thought. Is the Lecturer there?

Mirabel: No, I don’t think she’s coming

Me: Ok, Still in the class?

Mirabel: Yes, where are U?

Me: I will be with U shortly.

I went back into the class to meet them only to meet her.

Me: Where is Promise?

Mirabel: She went to do some photocopy, we’d meet her there to pick her up before heading home

Me: Alright, lets go

We met Promise in one of the business center. We waited for her till she finish then we left the school. We drove to my place after dropping Promise off. ———————————-
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We got to my place, alighted from the car to my entrance door.

Mirabel: What about your car?

Me: Well uhmmm… I parked it at that building with fence (Pointing at Mr. Abuh’s house) To be secured

Mirabel: Why didn’t U come with it yesterday?

Me: I just didn’t feel like

Mirabel: Well its your business, do as it pleases U

Me: What’s that?

Mirabel: **smiles** She dipped her hands into her bag and brought out some papers, handing it to me

Me: **Collecting** What’s this?

Mirabel: Read it

I read it, it was the car’s papers. And it contains my name as the owner of the car.

Me: I don’t understand this Mirabel, what does this imply?

Mirabel: Don’t be a dummy my love,,, the car is for U **laughing**

Me: What! Woah!!

Mirabel: Yeah…

Me: Uhmmm… buh I’m sorry Mirabel, I can’t accept this

Mirabel: What? Why??

Me: Its too big na,,, seriously I can’t accept it. I love the car though buh,,, not now. Besides its not save with me here. I can’t be parking it at that man’s place all the time… its just not right

Mirabel: More reason why U need to leave this place

Me: What are U talking about?

Mirabel: Come live with me Victor

Me: Huh?? ☆☆☆

To Be Continued.